Mahabharat - Episode 13

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In Kansa's dungeon...
Devaki is weeping for her eighth son
All around her is...
the darkness of Kansa's black deeds
The only ray of hope...
is across the Yamuna
The moon rises...
only when it has to
A cloud in the sky may hide it...
but it is there
The black clouds in Mathura's sky are hiding the moon...
but it can be seen in Nandgaon's clear sky
Devaki's moon-like son has risen in Yashoda's house...
and Yashoda is now singing him to sleep
O God! This is Yashoda's son!
Why are you eating mud?
No grandma!
Yashoda! Come here!
Your son is eating mud
Come out Yashoda!
Come son
Come! Come!
Yashoda your son is eating mud
Did you eat mud Kanha?
Tell me!
I had to tell you that Savitri has son
Here. Take care of your son
Did you eat mud?
Open your mouth
What's this Yashoda?
I am petting my son
Okay. Come here Kanha
I won't let him go
This is injustice. He is also my son
No. He is mine. Only mine
I'll steal him one day
I was only joking
I don't like such jokes
I cannot live without him for a minute
Do not be so attached to him
Why not?
Silly girl!
Trying to capture sunlight
Weeping does not solve any problems
It is easier said than done!
If you were a mother...
and had seen the death of six sons...
you would have never said...
that crying does not solve any problems
My tears are not searching for a solution
In fact, these are not tears
This is the milk...
that my sons were denied
This is my motherhood which is flowing
I know that my son is in Gokul...
being looked after by Yashoda
I know he is safe there
But how do I explain this to the mother in me?
I am a mother of eight sons...
but if anyone were to ask me...
how to look after them...
I would have to confess that I do not know
Do not worry my dear
Everything will be okay
I do not want to insult Yashoda by worrying...
... but allow me a mother's right to weep
Aren't you hungry Shreedhama? Let's eat butter
Of course, I am hungry Let's go
My stomach's full but my heart is not content
Let's go. There's no shortage of butter here
-Listen Paro -Yes mother
Take this milk
Yes mother
Close the door
You'll never know when Kanha will turn up
I don't understand you mother
You are uneasy if he comes and restless when he doesn't
You just close the door and fill the water
Yes mother
-Respects grandma -Come son
Where's Kanha today?
-He hasn't come -Why not?
How do I know?
Your cow gives a lot of milk grandma
This is nothing son!
It is only half of what she gave earlier
Is that so?
The cows were productive when Ugrasen was king
You could bathe in milk then
God knows what has happened now...
but the cows are not yielding as much
Now don't you cast an evil eye on my cows
O Kanha wait a minute
I'll take you to task today
Wait. Here I come!
This boy really harasses me
Kanha has let loose the cows
Doesn't your father own cows?
Why not free them too
But what have I done?
Why don't you allow the calves to drink milk?
First the calves will drink and then the children
What about Mathura?
There's no need to send milk to Mathura. Come
Respects grandma
O God. Give some sense to the boy
There's no point in telling Yashoda anything
Why are you sad?
I am thinking of Devaki
Go and see her tomorrow
Yes. I'll do that...
but you know that...
I cannot bear to see their condition
They haven't seen the Sun or Moon in many years...
and I am here in Nandgaon...
enjoying life to the fullest
Isn't it my duty to be with them...
and share their sorrow?
No. Your place is here
Your duty is to raise...
Do not torment yourself
Sleep and dream of the better days to come
Sleep now
What's it Devaki? Why aren't you sleeping?
It seems Kanha is still awake
Why do you feel so?
Because I cannot sleep
I hope he is not unwell
If that was so...
Rohini would have informed us
Do not worry about him
He is born to end all worries
It's late now. Go to sleep my dear
How can I sleep without a story?
Like Balram!
That's different
Don't be stubborn Kanha. You are harassing me
Don't you like my harassing you?
I like everything about you
Even my...
My mischief?
My stealing butter?
Yes my darling. Yes
Tell me a story mother
Once there was a king...
Which place?
Any place. Why does it matter?
How many times have I told you not to interrupt me
But you don't listen
He was the King of Ayodhya named Dashrath
What's it?
I know the story
He had three queens and four sons:
Ram, Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughen
Ram was the eldest but...
Bharat's mother Kaikeyi...
extracted a promise from the King
Ram honoured his father's promise
It's better to die than break a promise given
Ram was exiled while Bharat was crowned king
However, Bharat went to the forest to call back Ram
When Ram refused, Bharat started penance
Ram was at Panchvati...
with younger brother Laxman...
and wife Seeta
One day, a demon king...
disguised as a golden deer passed the cottage
Seeta told Ram that she wanted the deer
As he left the cottage Ram told...
Laxman to look after Seeta
This was a trick played by Ravan, King of Lanka
Moments later Seeta heard Ram scream
She asked Laxman to rush to his brother's help
Laxman drew a circle around the hut
But when Ravan, disguised as a Sage, came...
Seeta crossed the protective circle...
and Ravan kidnapped her
Seeta called out to her lord...
Laxman where's my bow?
Where's my arrow?
What's wrong son?
What are you doing? Go to sleep
What's it Yashoda?
Why's Kanha shouting?
God knows!
He was pretending to be Ram and wanted his bow
I was afraid. Sleep now
Hide the butter
Yashoda's son wiII be here soon
Hide the butter...
Okay mother. You go now
Hand it up in a pot
Okay mother
Going home!
Listen Kanha!
What are you doing here?
Waiting for our friends so that we can pIay
Without eating my butter?
Mother wiII scoId me
It is my butter...
why shouId Yashoda scoId you?
Paro has hung up the butter in a pot
She was saying that...
she wiII not give you the butter...
however much you insist
But I am teIIing you to go there and eat
Forgive us
We are Iate
Let's go and pIay
Let's eat butter first
Paro's mother has caIIed us
That's good news. Let's go
Come on!
No Kanha! No butter today
Don't Iie. I can smell it!
Listen to me Kanha!
Remove the covering
Bring down the pot
Don't eat the butter Kanha
What should I do? Wear it?
Mother will scold me. Why don't you listen Kanha
We are all going to eat this butter
But my mother will scold me
So what? Can't you bear that for my sake
Come Shamsakha. You also eat
-Did Kanha come? -Yes mother
Did he eat the butter?
I don't understand you mother
First you tell me to hide the butter and then...
when he comes you are uneasy...
and when he doesn't you are restless
You won't understand
The day he doesn't steal the butter...
the cows don't give milk
Don't pay any attention to me
Feed Kanha whenever he comes
Okay mother
Eat to your heart's content my son
That's difficult mother
Look. Do whatever mischief you want at home but...
there should be no complaints
There's butter here
But my friends don't get butter
Tell father that the children have a right...
to the butter
Don't talk like an adult
What's going on between mother and son?
Kanha is already talking...
about rights
Is it?
Now, why don't you tell your father?
Want some butter?
Let's go
Stay here Shamsakha
Caught you!
Back so soon from the wall?
Now I'll get you to fill the water
What's this aunty?
Don't you dare call me that!
What kind of an aunt are you?
I haven't seen an aunt are you?
An aunt would give me butter...
and insist that I have more
You have had enough butter
You should be punished
I'll complain to Yashoda
Why don't you take your friends to your house?
Yashoda thinks you do not steal butter
Today I'll prove it to her
Wait here. I'll fetch Yashoda...
and ask her whether...
she believes me or not
O Yashoda
O Nandrani
O Kanha's mother
What's it Malati? Come in
I have not come visiting
I am here to fetch you
To my house...
... where I have tied up the butter thief
See with your own eyes and decide...
whether your son steals butter or not
What are you saying?
He is a mischievous boy but not a thief
We have enough butter so why should he steal?
So, come along and see for yourself
Why should I? I know where he is
I am not going to listen to you today
I have caught him Red-handed
Come in for a minute
There is Kanha
O my God!
My respects aunty
I told you not to call me that!
When did you tell me?
But how's it possible?
The Lord's charm destroys...
Ego and Arrogance
The Lord's Smile entices...
... the World of Illusion