Padal Proshlogodnij Sneg, w/ English subtitles (pt 2)

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I kind of feel sorry for him now.
Is this really the end?
No fins here.
Fins sleep with the fishes.
So, his wife didn't let him back into the house.
Sent him right back to the forest.
'Git!' says she,
'and don't come back without a tree!'
'But when you do get one,' says she,
'then come on back!'
What a messed-up forest!
Dang pine trees!
Where'd you all go?
You... you look startlingly familiar, lady.
Don't recall seeing you 'round these parts before, though...
No spitting!
Remember what they say about spitting into wells?
Well, no matter. You'll remember soon enough.
The lights are on - is anybody home?
Alrighty then.
What a madhouse.
Not enough!
Listen, quit touching all the stuff!
Did anyone invite you here?
Geez, shut your whiny face already.
Look at that now!
Just look at all this junk.
What a pile of crap.
What fine craftsmanship!..
I don't get it. What's happening?
Poor old girl, did you get chilled?
Sitting in the snow will do that.
Knowing the odds only gets you so far once the cards are in the air.
What grabby hands you have, Grandma!
Listen to them go! Clippety-cloppety...
And what a pokey nose, too!
Aw, what an adorable little rug!
Sure was.
And what insatiable eyes!
What's this, now?
Wood, I think.
Your noggin is wood.
And I say!..
The wand's magic.
Hey, watch it!
A bit on the greedy side, aren't you...
I don't get it.
Oh, you'll get it all right.
Hey, grow back in!
Grow back in I'm telling you!
And what kind of headgame is this now?
Quit it!
Save me!
I'm about to bite it, aren't I.
Oh Lordy, I wanna live!
Rerun. Seen it.
Shave all you want, you still don't make a good pine tree.
Lots of trees, lots of yous, and what are they good for?
Not enough!
Bet I can take any shape I want now, even without this stick.
A pleasant new flexibility has come over me!
Any shape except my own, that is.
When were you ever in shape?
That's it!
That's it, I don't want to play anymore!
Wait, how am I going to get home?
I don't even have legs.
And the wife's waiting at home. The wife!
Here wandy-wandy!
Come 'ere!
Nice lady, please let me go!
I know the magic word:
It's me again!
Now to get the hell out of here.
Hey, where did she go?
No, really, where'd she go?
Didn't a house used to stand here?
Well? Why aren't you saying anything?
Gone all quiet on me.
I'm sick of you, that's why!
I tell you, these dang fairy tales!
And their dang narrators!
And that's the end of the fairy tale.
From this point on, it's nothing but the truth.
He did go out for the tree a third time
and finally managed to get one
But by then it was already springtime
so he took it back.
Under Yesteryear's Snowfall
Screenplay Sergey Ivanov
Director Aleksandr Tatarskiy
Camera - Iosif Golomb Art director - Lyudmila Tanasenko
Music - Grigoriy Gladkov Arrangement - I. Kantyuk
Animators - Aleksandr Fedulov, Boris Savin, Aleksandr Tatarskiy, Vladlen Barbè
Artists - V. Khosareva, I. Romanov, I. Cherenkova
Artists - O. Pryanishnikova, O. Tkalenko, T. Kuzmina
Editor - Lyubov Georgiyeva Sound operator - Nelli Kudrina
Script editor - Alisa Feodoridi Production director - Z. Sarayeva
The End
The crew thanks actor Stanislav Sadalskiy
for lending his voice to the production.
"Ekran", Gosteleradio USSR, 1983