Double-Plus-Good or Ungood?

Uploaded by deathray32 on 12.09.2012

Are you Atheism Plus or an asshole atheist?
I reject your false dichotomy. Atheism is simply the lack of belief in a god or gods,
nothing more.
Oh, so you're one of those smug atheists who think you deserve brownie points just for
being an atheist.
No, I'm an atheist, period. That tells you nothing about my beliefs on political, social
or any other issues.
But if you're a freethinker, you must reject the patriarchy and become a feminist.
I wonder why you don't see the contradiction in that statement. Look, atheism is just a
recognition of the fact that there is no supernatural realm. Saying "I'm a feminist because I'm
an atheist" makes as much sense as saying, "I'm a feminist because I realize that the
world is round rather than flat."
You're either with us or against us.
Where have we heard that one before. Just from every religious leader in history up
to George Bush Junior. Look, the whole point of atheism is that I make my own decisions.
I value my right and my ability to think for myself, and I'm not going to surrender it
to some 57-year-old untenured professor in some cow college in East Jesus, Minnesota,
and have him dictate to me what I should think about any given issue.
Why do you hate women?
Don't be ridiculous. I would love to see more women being active in the movement, speaking
at conferences and so forth. But it's insulting and patronizing to tell women that they need
to be cocooned from the outside world so that they never encounter any disagreement with
their ideas, whether that disagreement is spoken or on a T-shirt.
I don't believe sexual harassment is particularly rampant in the atheism and skepticism community.
Any time you meet guys face to face, there will be some who are jerks and won't take
no for an answer, and in any online community, there will be people who take advantage of
anonymity to say things they would never dream of saying to your face. And if you react in
a butt-hurt way, you only encourage them.
And just because a guy says something nasty to you and you're a woman, that doesn't mean
he hates all women. I think you're only showing immaturity and insecurity by reacting in knee-jerk
fashion with cries of rape and misogyny when someone disagrees with you. That's the mistake
you radical feminists always make - turning the personal into the political. Your personal
experience is not every other woman's personal experience.
So you think it's okay to sexually harass women?
If you think sexual harassment is a huge problem at atheist conferences, then your first step
should be to back up that claim with hard data instead of rushing to make blanket condemnations
and impose draconian restrictions on the basis of selected anecdotes. Otherwise you have
no right to call yourself a skeptic, or skep-chick or whatever. It embarrasses me when some women
lose their shit when they see a standard piece of photographic equipment and jump to the
conclusion that its only purpose is to take pictures up their skirts. There's way too
much drama and hysteria going on.
I'm not saying that sexual harassment never happens, but when it does happen, it should
be dealt with appropriately in a calm, rational manner. And rape is a horrible crime, but
it's a real slap in the face to actual rape victims when someone who's been on the receiving
end of a clumsy pass compares herself to them, not to mention victims of female genital mutilation.
I think there are serious issues that need to be talked about, but they've become lost
in the tribalism and us-versus-them mentality. It saddens me to see some atheists wanting
to declare themselves the only "True Atheists" and cut themselves off from the rest, but
atheists are only human so I guess it's inevitable that some of them have to have their little
cliques based on a cult of personality.
You're a gender traitor who's parroting standard misogynist thought and upholding male privilege
and rape culture.
And you're a prima donna who wants to infantilize women and consign them to a state of being
eternal helpless victims. Have a nice day.