Annoying Orange - Saw: Animated!

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[thunder crackling]
[light bulb buzzes]
-Whoa, where am I?
What is this thing I'm hooked up to?
Ew, who's that?
-Hello, Orange.
I want to play a game.
-A game? Okay. Let's play Go Fish!
-What? No.
-How 'bout Chutes and Ladders?
-No, you don't get to pick the game.
-Why not? -That's not how this works.
-Why? -Because! Now just listen.
-Why? -Because I said so!
-Okay, geez. Who crapped in your corn flakes?
-[groans] All right.
Now Orange, so far, you've made a living annoying people.
Society would call you a nuisance.
I would call you an abomination.
-Yeah, and I'd call you clown-face. [cackles]
-You look like somebody smeared mashed potatoes on a mime.
[laughs] -That's enough.
-You're kind of Emo, aren't you?
-No, I'm not Emo.
-You're an Emo clown. [laughs]
-[growls] Listen.
The device you are attached to is a deathtrap.
It's hooked up to a timer.
If you do not locate the key in time, you will--
-You mean this key right here?
-What the--? Where did you get that?
-I don't know.
-That's just great; you're totally ruining the game.
-Your game sucks. Let's play Yahtzee!
-I hate Yahtzee.
-Jenga? -No!
-You like backgammon? -Oh, my God, you're annoying!
[growls] I can't take it.
That's it. I'm moving on to Eggplant.
-Whoa, it's Barney!
-Uh yeah, dude, I'm not Barney.
-Hello, Eggplant. -Hey! Hey, Barney!
Can I teach you a song? -No!
-Hey, I'm not Barney.
Dude, is this part of the torture or what?
-Look, this is not how this usually happens.
-[singing tune of This Old Man]: I'm an orange
That's a key
There's an Emo clown on TV [Jigsaw growls]
-Do I look like a giant purple dinosaur?
I'm an eggplant.
-You look like a potato with bad circulation. [laughs]
-That's it!
I swear to God, I am so done with this crap!
Why did I think this was a good idea? [scoffs]
-Hey, hey... [singing]: I'm an orange
You're not me
Jigsaw has to take a pee [laughs]
-Oh, shut up!
-Hey, Potato! -What?
-Deathtrap. -Huh?
[shrieks in terror] [slice!]
-Aw, poor potato.
He never "saw" that one coming.
How do I get out of here?
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