CAD-COLOR® Express Print for solvent printer/cutters

Uploaded by CADCUTDirect on 21.01.2010

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages I am pleased to present the best
digital media for t-shirts in the world...seriously!
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Hi I'm Josh Ellsworth with Stahls' CADCUT direct and welcome to the ExpressPrint show.
ExpressPrint is the best digital print media in the world for t-shirts as you heard me
mention in the open.
Five big reasons.
One, it's production friendly... meaning it's very fast and easy to cut, weed, mask and
heat apply.
We're gonna go through that, so that's one.
Two, it's very cost effective... it's one of the least expensive digital medias that's
on the market place.
Three, it's laboratory certified for safety.
Meaning it's safe to decorate garments for kids, we're gonna refer to that later.
It's laboratory certified for performance.
And it's laboratory certified for durability.
Those are the five big things, let's go through the process with ExpressPrint right now.
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ExpressPrint is the fastest, easiest to weed material on the market.
I would rank it 5 out of 5 stars.
Simply begin to peel up the excess material, and you can pull it very fast.
The next step is to mask the material.
Using heat transfer mask, medium tack.
Mask it, and it's very easy to release the backing.
You have a design that's ready to be heat applied to the garment.
We'll place it back to the mask backing for storage until we're ready to apply.
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To heat apply ExpressPrint, set your heat press at 320 degrees for 15 seconds.
Use a medium pressure or 4 to 6 on the Hotronix clam.
Preheat your garment to remove moisture and wrinkles.
Position you design and smash it on.
When you use ExpressPrint in conjunction with our Magic Mask you can hot peel immediately.
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And here it is our finished result utilizing ExpressPrint.
I'm telling you I love this material.
It's lab certified for the following.
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So you saw, safety, performance, durability.
Let's talk about safety.
This is the only material on the market right now that's C.P.S.I.A. certified in a CAD-COLOR
That means it's safe to sell to children twelve years of age and under.
And it's actually approved by the government for those markets.
This is something you need to get in your hands, you need to try ExpressPrint.
A material that's cost effective, extremely easy to use and lab certified.
What else would you expect from the inventors of CADCUT!