Alejandro & Diego - 002 (English Subs)

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We're starting class.
"Tristan and Isolda"
This is the first text we're going to study. It's a story about love; Tragic and impossible.
The list of what we're going to study is published in the academy's website.
Okay, okay, c'mon Mauricio, get yourself a life, no?
Sorry guys, don't be green with envy, but the most intelligent and the most handsome is MY boyfriend.
That's enough guys, let's pay attention.
Ms. Miranda, Mauricio even reads the newspaper, I bet you that by the end of the week he'll be your favorite student.
I forgot something, I'll be right back.
So, Mau, are you going to give me my kiss?
What's up with you, Mauricio. Did you find someone else during the summer or what?
Okay, so I got it for you from Madrid. It's Your birthday Present. -Thank you. I'll open later at home.
Hey, Li, Eli, Eli. Tell me everything. (In a Spaniard accent) How were the Spanish guys dudette?
Total hotties or what? Is it really true that they don't shower every day?
(Nora:) Any luck? -Neither Sebastián nor Rodrigo are picking up.
My, Ale, it's very strange that they haven't come. And what if something happened to them?
Gonzalo, this is your share of what I got paid for the music.
Hell yeah! It's so tight that others organize parties and we are the ones making big bucks.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, they are only $300 (227€), they aren't going to make you rich. But I guess you can buy yourself something, Right?
For you it may not be a lot man, but for me, it's a fortune. And you don't know that best of it.
I don't have to see the Gringo's face who my mom married. I don't ask him for money.
And that hickey/lovebite? Who gave it to you? Which one?
That one.
We're resuming class.
Ok, we will be looking at this text, Tristan and Isolda, a story that started with a lie.
And like everything that starts with lies, it ended in tragedy.
When Tristan met Isolda, he made the worst mistake of his life. That was presenting himself with a false name.
Ms. Miranda, a man that is not a liar is a woman.
Or is either sleeping in a cemetery.
Ms. Miranda. I imagine Tristan had a reason for doing it, or not? Or was he a degenrate, a bad guy, a man without emotions.
He was because he lied to her. Because of him, he left her devastated. It was so much her anguish that the only way out she found was death.
I bet you that he lied to her because he didn't want to lose her. -He lost her because he lied to her.
He did it with out thinking. He didn't care about anything. And that was the most important thing for him.
And what purpose did that serve? if he later make her commit a crime. A crime? What are you talking about?
All of this is because of your lies Mauricio.
Ms. Miranda, you just made a mistake, Instead of saying "Tristan," you said my name.
My apologies. I'm passionate about this story.
Ms. Miranda. So true that I don't even like to read twitter, you know what? I'm going to buy myself that movie. What a fuckin' good story.
Watch your language inside the classroom please.
Ms. Miranda, there are no more lover like that. Today's men are not like Tristone.
Tristan. -Whatever that liar's name is.
That story reminds me a bit of Romeo and Juliette Ms. Cruz. Were Tristan and Isolda also young?
Yes, they were also young, with the exception that Tristan never lied to Isolda about his age.
Oh, well Mauricio can't be Tristan Ms. Cruz. Mauricio is always lying about his age.
He looks so much older that no one ever believe us when we say we're twins.
Okay, I'm going to ask you all to make an analysis of the first act on Tristan and Isolda,
and a reflection on deception and betrayal. Thank you.
I can't take it anymore with the stress. I'm about to go to Rodrigo's during the lunch break. Can you come with me? -Yeah, of course.
Ms. Miranda. May a have a word with you, please?
Tell me the truth now. What happened the other night that you disappeared then you reappeared naked in the bathtub. And you have a hickey/lovebite on the neck. Who did you hook up with.
To be honest, I don't remember ANYTHING. -As long as it wasn't with Sofia, I don't give a fuck.
Did you lose the blondie at some point? -Don't even say it as a joke, or I'll rip it off right now that you're urinating.
Oh, well of course not. Look, the only thing I remember is that I was with Rodrigo and his pal.
We took some dope that I had never tried before. and from there on, my hard drive got erased, my friend.
And was it so much like that that you guys took that had Rodrigo miss school?
Look, I tried them as well, and here I am. Safe, saund... and handsome. When I see him around, I'll ask him and see if he remembers. Let's go..
The periodic table organizes and distributes the elements according to their properties and characteristics.
The most important element that molds all the elements is water. Known to all of you by the formula that you all have heard in many occasions of your lives. That is H2O.
Can you hand me over that device young man? Give me that device!
What's up Ms. Paty? Did you lose the periodic (table) or what?
I'm not going to allow this kind of disrespect. -Excuse me, Ms. Paty, but I have a doubt.
If I learn all the elements that your teaching us, can I make my own rophies.
Eh, What do you mean by... What are the rophies? -Some little pills that make you lose control of your will and memory.
That's why they call them the sex drugs, or the rape ones. -Out of here. Out of here right now to detention.
Ms. Paty. I'm warning you that to move me from here, you'll need ten of you. No one moves me from here.
What's up Gonzalo, What did your mom tell you? You became so pale. -Take my backpack.
What? -Take my backpack, and get lost dude. Get lost!
What's the police doing here?
How did they find out? -What are you talking about?
This way.
Ganzalo, these men would like to have a word with you? -I didn't do anything.
We just came from talking with Sebastián Aragón, and we need to clarify some things. -And what's it to me what Sebastian did?
Whoa, whoa, I think it's best that we talk in my office. This way.
Did you hear what the cops were saying? -Something happened to Rodrigo and Sebastian.
One, two. One, two. Speed. Sit ups. Stop.
Students, please, I need for all of you to pay attention. I have to tell you something that... That is really terrible.
The school psychologist will be available to anyone whom may need him.
This will be a hard situation for everyone, especially for you Nora.
Did something happen to Rodrigo? Is that why the police was here this morning?
We were just informed that Rodrigo committed suicide... This morning.
My brother liked you a lot Mauricio. He would always tell me that you would let him copy off your tests when he had not studied.
He was the most liked in class. He was our school mascot(?).
It's not fair. What happened is not okay. -Death is never okay.
You know something. After my brother's death. I think there are many things I want to do before I die.
You're right. We could die any minute, and there will always be things left to do.
I need to do something before I die. I have to do it right now.
Mau, Mau.
Did he leave a card for me? A message? Something that states why he did it?
No, No, I haven't seen anything. Later I'll check his twitter, facebook, e-mail, everything.
Sebas, I don't know if it's the right time, but this morning I over heard Gonzalo telling Máximo that they had taken drugs. and...
And what? he gave some to my brother too, right?
Yeah. He said that he gave him one and another one for Oswaldo.
So my suspicions were right. It's his fault that my brother is dead.
Sebas, Sebas. Calm down. Here comes Gonzalo.