Gundarr - A Klingdarr Karol (#34)

Uploaded by MondoMedia on 16.12.2012

[Gundarr:] Now gather 'round, internet buddies.
Gundarr be sharing with you the magic of Klingdarr.
Every year at Klingdarr time,
All the good barbarian boys and girls gather 'round to decorate the grizzly bear.

And wait for Saint Nippleas to arrive and shower them with presents!
Saint Nippleas! Why you not be arriving!
[Toddy:] Ho ho ho.
Saint Nippleas is here to spread Klingdarr cheer.
Joy to the world, myeh meh meh.
Ah, what the crap am I doing here?
I hate Klingdarr!
[Gundarr:] Get merry, douchebag.
[Toddy:] Nyeheheh, oh, what a magical time of year!
Look here! Presents for all!
Here's one for you!
And one for you!
Here's one for you, too!
[Gundarr:] Aww. Horrible wizard truly be filled with the spirit of Klingdarr.
Now let's all sing our favorite royalty free public domain Klingdarr carols!
(Four different songs)

(Merry barbarian outtro)