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It happened in the night of 28th April 201
after Non and I finished dinner, at around 10 pm
we went out for a cigarette 4 0:00:34,05 --> 0:00:36,11 It was in our own home 5 0:00:36,12 --> 0:00:39,03 we do it everyday
security problems were not something we worried about
But that night, something was odd
while we were having a cigarette
someone was trying to barge into our back garden
Even though I told them not to enter our property,
they forced their way in through a gap in the fence
The gap was about a meter wide
enough for one person to get through
I was curious when I heard something
I tried to ask Ply what’s going on,
but he didn’t reply
so, I walked around the back toilet
to see for myself what was actually happening
that’s when I saw that there were Caucasian men in our garden
In total, four men barged into our garden
one of them carrying a cricket bat
and surrounded us
Non was hemmed in by two of them,
and another one – a man with curly hair – was talking to me
The fourth was running around between Non and I
One of them was talking to us; behaving like a normal teenager
This being so, we tried to talk him out of the situation
without warning, the man that had been running around
went into our house through the back door
I walked right behind him
Suddenly, he grabbed a kitchen knife, our kitchen knife
I tried to tell him to put it down
Simultaneously, the rest of the gang forced Non inside the house as well
Another man also grabbed a kitchen knife
and we realised something bad was going to happen
I kept thinking, how am I going to get out of this?
I tried to go to the front door
It was unfortunate that the door was locked
the keys were’t there, where it should have been
At the end, we were trapped in our own home
After that, we were forced to go upstairs
we were forced to go to Non’s room
and were held at knifepoint
while the gang went through our stuff
They were looking for valuables
and took electronic goods including an iPod, laptops, and our mobile phones
They kept asking us how many phones we had and where were they,
how much money we had; that kind of stuff
Unfortunately for them, neither of us had any cash that day
in which they kept asking where we keep all our money
They went through out wallets looking for cash, nothing were found
They put all electronic goods they could find in a bag and took it
I still thought that they wouldn’t hurt us
I hoped that we’d given them everything they wanted, and they would just leave
after that they started to destroy the rest of the things
Literally everything; drawers, tables, bed frames
They even broke mirror and shelves in the bathroom
One of them grabbed Non and went downstairs with him
He asked for cigarette
I told him they were downstairs in the living room
the room adjacent to the back garden
He asked me to grab them for him,
then he took me downstairs with a knife in his hand
They were gone for only about a minute,
then the rest of the men forced me to go downstairs as well
The first thing I saw was Non being assaulted by two men
When one of them saw me arriving in the room,
he hit me with a guitar
I used my arm to protect myself
After that, everything came... a cricket bat..
a table
a printer
a bottle
Basically, anything they could find they were throwing it at us.
pan pot ... everything
They kept hitting us with things
The worst was the handle of the cricket bat,
which one of them shoved into my right eye socket
this is unbearable
All I can remember is
using my arm to protect myself from the blows
They mostly aimed at my head
and caught my face at an angle
At this point, the man who talked to us at the beginning
who was quite sober – was trying to make his accomplices stop
He told his friends that he didn’t want this to turn into murder,
because he didn’t want to be a murderer.
He checked our pulses and whether we were conscious and breathing
He then helped us to sit on chairs
Unfortunately, his friends didn’t stop,
and after we sat down the attack started again
Only this time I can’t remember what weapons they used;
all I can remember is that I was no longer capable of defending or protecting myself.
Actually, the attack didn’t take long at all,
but at the time it seemed like forever
I kept asking myself, “When will this end?”
They kept hitting us until they were tired, and when they were satisfied,
they left the same way they arrived
I tried to pull myself together and asked Non if he was OK.
I’m not, I replied
Then I wondered what we should do
The front door was locked and
we suspected that the intruders took the key for the back door
All I could think about at the time was to get out of the house and find help
I eventually climbed out of the living room window,
tripping on a bicycle,
and went out the same way as the intruders
I went to the nearby Thai restaurant for help
I just couldn’t move. My body hurt everywhere
I was lying down on the stairs
The staff at the restaurant were shocked and
called the police and ambulance for us
We managed to get back into the house to rescue Non
by using the keys of our housemate who worked at the restaurant
When they saw me I think they got the shock of their lives
I was bleeding everywhere
and suffering with bruises from blunt objects, cuts - all sorts of wounds
They were on my head, arms, body and legs
I could feel blood everywhere, though mainly on my face and arm
I couldn’t even imagine what I must have looked like
In all truth, I haven’t experienced anything like this kind of thing in my life
This situation changed our attitudes towards life in the UK
The country that we called “developed”
or where many people wanted to come
to study, to work, or for whatsoever reason...
We thought that people knew how they should behave in the UK,
that they knew to obey the law
something like this is just implausible to be happening to us
In the country that we thought was so safe,
something like this happened to us
We didn’t know our rights; we didn’t know the law
I thought that “self defence” must have existed,
but didn’t know at what level it could be applied
The outcome is so grave because we didn’t know
I would like people to be cautious in life,
but they shouldn’t have to be paranoid.
I would like this situation to be a case study
because I don’t want it to happen to anyone else,
particularly international students
who are thousands miles from home
You can never imagine how your family might feel
if they discovered that something like this had happened to a family member
Take all the precautions you can
Don’t ever think, “This will never happen to me”
or, “I don’t think there’s a chance I’ll ever be in that situation”
Life isn’t like that. Anything can happen to anyone
And if you’ve already been in the same situation,
then I would like you think of it as a life lesson
In my opinion, it didn’t take long to close this case
All the perpetrators were caught within a month
as a result of the cooperation and efforts of the authorities
The evidence collected wasn’t just for show,
but was actively used
and led to the arrest of three of the four criminals
I think this is very effective work and believe that
in the near future the remaining criminal will also be arrested
I would like to thank all the emergency service responders
and staff at the hospital
I am grateful for everything that you have done for us
For the case, I think it is very fast
I’m very happy with the result of their hard work
Personally, I’m going to be more careful about everything in life
What happened happened partly because of our negligence
It was also fate that we were there when these men walked past
This thing wouldn’t have happened without both of those component parts,
however, so my first line of defence would be to be more cautious
This applies to everything in life;
walking in the city, traveling, and living my life
I’m more aware and more cautious
We’ve learned many lessons from this situation
The first is to live your life cautiously and vigilantly
And the second is that life is valuable
You never know how long you’re going to live
Live like there is no tomorrow;
don’t live in vain