Psychic Reading - How To Get An Accurate Psychic Reading!!

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Hi! My name is psychic Tana Hoy. I’ve been a professional psychic for over nineteen years
and during that time, I’ve given over ninety thousand readings. You may have known me from
when I predicted the Oklahoma City Bombing ninety minutes before it happened in a national
radio show. You might have seen me on Psychic Detectives or you may have read about me in
Entertainment Weekly or Marie Claire. I’m going to talk to you about how to get a good
physic reading, because the wrong physic reading, and I say physic because most people misspell
it. When you’re looking for a physic reading, it’s important to know what to look for
because you can get ripped off and end up paying thousands of dollars of wasted money.
I’m going to talk about the gypsy scam, psychic phone lines, psychic fairs and psychic
book stores, where to find a good psychic and price.
The first thing I want to talk about is the gypsy scam. If you see a sign up front in
the street corner that says Madam Miss Palm Readings, run the other way. Professional
psychics do not advertise. Every single one of these people without exception are scammers
and con artists. Be warned. Psychic phone lines are places that anyone
can work for. They don’t screen people. A lot of times they use scripts that people
actually read and they also get a lot of beginners. Now I’m not going to say they all use scripts
but that is something they’ve done in the past. So because of that, I would say to avoid
them. You end up paying a lot of money that you could spend on a really good psychic and
get a lot of better information. Psychic fairs, same thing. Anyone can get
a booth in the psychic fair. They got a space, you pay your money, you get a booth. It has
no implication on how good the person is. Psychic fairs usually attract beginners, because
they go there to try to build their name, their reputation, their clientele.
Same with psychic bookstores. Psychic bookstores use psychics to draw you into their store
to buy things, and you can get a reading sometimes as cheap as five dollars. Again, they’re
beginners, probably someone who doesn’t have any clients or someone just beginning.
So avoid those, like the plague. When it comes to price with a good psychic,
you’re going to pay more. Good psychics have about a ninety three percent accuracy
rate. What puzzles me is how people can be cheap when it comes to psychic readings. It’s
like going to a doctor, and you’ve got cancer and you need surgery, and asking him to give
you a good deal or bargain price. You would never bargain with your life, you’d pay
whatever you could because you know you’re going to get help that’s going to save your
life. It’s the same with a psychic reading. When I meet with a psychic for example, I
can tell you not only exactly what happened. But if I see an outcome you don’t like,
I can tell you exactly what you need to do to change it into the outcome you desire and
a good psychic should be able to do that. That is invaluable. You’ve got a health
problem and they could save your life. If you’ve got financial problems and they could
show you how you can get a lot more money. If you’ve got a love problem or can’t
find your soulmate and a psychic can show you how to find a love that’ll last forever
and tell you exactly how to do these things, that’s priceless, and that’s not something
you bargain for. Good psychics don’t charge for their gift.
They charge for their time, because they’re very in demand because they’re good and
lots of people see value in that and seek them out, so you pay for their time.
How to find a good psychic? Youtube is a good place. Watch and see if they’ve got any
videos of them doing readings. Go to a website. Do research on a psychic. You want to make
sure that a psychic you’re looking to have a reading with has coverage, not on local
cable channels or local newspapers. You want somebody that’s had been on TV talk shows,
been on things like Psychic Detectives, someone that has been written in national magazines,
somebody that’s got coverage because the media loves good psychics and they’re going
to cover them. if they don’t have media coverage, you probably not got a very good
psychic, just someone charging you a high price. Please make sure to, if you like this
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