[MBLAQ][ENG SUB] Seungho - Midterm Check Of Real Man Project @ Idol Manager Ep.08

Uploaded by wasser00000 on 05.10.2012

[ Arrived at fitness center ]
Jab, Jab, one, two [ First, Seungho warms up with boxing ]
[ Strong weight on his punch ]
[ Agile and light-footed Step ]
I heard Seungho used his punch in the past.
Does he have a heavier punch than others?
Although he has worked out only a week, he is a genious level.
After two weeks working out more, fight with other idols!
(Joking) Bring a tooth one by one as an evidence!
Submit it!
[ Start high-intensity circuit training for Seungho ]
I feel as if I'm on mineral spring (of mountain)* (*Many Koreans workout like this near mineral spring)
[ Seungho's efforts for masterpiece ABS ]
Oh, my abs is sick
[ 15Kg lifting for improving muscle tone of his upper body ]
Cheer up! [ 15Kg lifting for improving muscle tone of his upper body ]
You're doing well! [ 15Kg lifting in order to improve muscle tone of his upper body ]
[ Seungho is sweating like beads in order to become real man ]
Seungho looks like feeling great joy at exercise.
Because he works out so hard like this, he must have better body.
(Inbody measurement) [ The time to check the result of his past efforts ]
( 4 weeks ago ) [ The most visceral fat, Yang-leader! ]
[ How about, now?? ]
We're checking now how the result changed in two weeks.
Weight 70.3 Kg -> 66.8 Kg (loss)
That is all, right?
Wait a moment
Body fat 13 Kg -> 11.4 Kg (Also, loss)
The value of fisceral fat is surely decreased so much (Max. loss drop) Visceral Fat Area (VFA) 87.8 cm^2 -> 59.7 cm^2 (loss)
His face color is changed a bit, right? [ Really encouraging effect ]
His color improved, but it's darker under her eyes.
I think I have the first (body) improvement and my mind's changes occur.
Therefore, I have endured so hard. Please keep watching out for me.
The appearance to make my efforts is important.
But, I live with the thought that the result is also important.
In the end, my goal is to show great appearance after its completion.
I hope you'll keep watching me.
I hope you'll keep watching me. Fighting!