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Hi my name is Brian and I saw the idea that you're about to see when i was
twenty two years old an going to college
i was working towards getting my degree really didn't know what i wanted to do
with that degree but a friend called me up and said hey there's something you have
absolutely GOT TO SEE.
and friend shared with me probably for the same reason your friend shared this
with you it's as simple as
they don't want to find out that your involved with something incredible from
somebody else i saw a way that i could travel have fun in people make money
And to me that was very intriguing
the let me back up to when i was actually going into school see my
expectation was once i graduate and get this really good degree
i'm giving a hundred thousand dollar-a-year job corner office and life
was going to be great
but come to find out i watch my friend's graduate they couldn't even get those
jobs they want
some of them were getting the master's degree
working sixty to seventy hours a week to make thirty to forty thousand dollars a
and not that there's anything wrong with that but it's certainly not what they expected
and that's definitely not what I wanted.
One of my friends got point out that his masters degree got a job and on his
facebook status he said
two weeks down
forty years ago
and i have no problem with working hard
but i don't want to do that forty forty forty plan that my parents' generation
Sit in a cubicle for forty hours a week for forty years
then try to retire and live off of forty percent of what you were making and the
last thing that i wanted was to go to work for a corporation
Get downsize and got nothing to show for it
or even worse be loyal to a company like i watched my dad do
then get attention cut by nearly ninety percent
well it was more important to me
with having a little bit more balance to be able to spend more time with my
friends my family
and i thought if i could create something with my career where i think
some for myself but also the fact others
now something that i could definitely excited about
still really what i saw was ninety or i could participate with something part
time while i was going to school
and what's happened for some of us has become financially independent early
twenties and have been able to live in incredible lifestyle and for others it
simply by the way to travel more meet new people can really give back
in at all that happened with the latter than i thought that absolutely be worth
itself let me show yet but i thought how is absolutely changed my life
world measures has created something specifically for our generation
going on
well i'll tell you more than five baby boomer generation our generation's
actually cater
their eight million supporting a candidate defeat five to eight sixteen
thirty one years old
and we think differently we work differently we talk definitely in the
want different things
and people are really started to take notice matter fact sixty minutes just to
the special
they said here's what our generation the more deals one
we want more fun anymore
freedom in fulfillment lot more balance in our lives we want to go out and
travel the world of love don't wanna wait for sixty five to be able to go out
and do it we're experts of social media and sharing experiences with friends and
family we want security in our life but we don't necessarily want to go out of
the same with my parents did
we liked working in teams we want to give back to make a difference
we won a few more things share more experiences
have more fun we want to do it right now
and world and to put a roadmap in places where you and i can take advantage of
the unique timing trends in the marketplace
and what's emerged from that is an idea called rat pack from what we are for a
group of young people that want more i like you want to get back we want to
make a difference we want to have a better life style
the idea brat pack has exploded all over the country in all
your vision and stuff from home magazine has passed a lie images prove that this
idea absolutely taking off
some what
so world it is is created something called for interest life and it's an
exclusive invitation only club
rate would go on for five searchers at two and three star prices because we
think messenger cosco idea of buying importantly simply apply that to travel
how does that work when i was younger my dad went to cosco
bottom membership then he was able to go out shop
when you go to target across the street shop three i didn't get it
but what costco and sam's a benefit leverage the bull by a concept
and they pass the savings along to the members they don't have to make money on
the products
is make money on the membership
similar concept here we just don't travel so when you become a member you
have access to some unbelievable trips
we do things like sixty nine dollar cruises a hundred and ninety nine
dollars themselves
is one down the south beach miami four days three nights only three hundred
thirty five dollars per person to be there
he stated that we hotel you get a junior suite per dollar spa credit
hundred-dollar room credit unbelievable trip
if you like to skiers snowboarders when democrats view colorado six days five
nights seven hundred fifty dollars a person that's more than nine hundred
dollars off three days lift ticket included with out on top of your
anyone now the coliseum in fifty days seven eighths evidencing nine dollars
persons more than ten thousand dollars off
all-inclusive meaning all u_p_i_ contrary so again just a moment with low
values so we do trips all over the world
we just got back to the truth can kill with about sixty of our friends in which
they came from the house
five days four nights
all you could be all you could drink there twenty four hour room service
jacuzzi is in the room we also have a three hundred seventy five dollars or
credit voucher per person
and we got to use that word zip lining swimming with dolphins other people got
manicures pedicures and massages
the state several hundred dollars just on that one trip begins just to get
their members so we do hundred address all around the world all different kinds
interest we ought to do things called ball into an interest
were for a few days ago down to the state of really nice resort
there for a few days ago on we help build the school's or an orphanage that
we get back part-time and that has been extremely popular too
so as a dream trips like number not only do you have access to the dream trip to
drink prices
but we've also got a booking engine frightened i'm trained for travel
flights hotels car rentals cruises vacation packages
when you go in terms of the trip to give something back called grow via bugs that
you can actually do stores free travel in the future and not only can you book
your own travel but you can tell other people about your website stable
trabalho also give the stroke of luck not only that we've got a discount
program for the things that you do on a daily basis when if you get five ten
twenty five to fifty percent off
on the things that you doing like going out to eat go into the movie is going to
conserve skinnier haircut junior oil change going snowboarding paintballing
all the different things at you like to do and state money on those things
you can now do you as a dream trip flight number
and if that wasn't enough we've got something called train trips and all of
you can shop online cash back on the purchase that you're making on the
the final piece of the package is something called a concierge service
nikon tears of really really cool because you can call not anytime
anyplace aspin's anything they can make nightlife reservations for yes
you got a homework question
concierge service
those texted driving directions email you whatever you needed song clip
because your dream trip like members so here's how it all rolled down
to become a member tour bus one time fifty five dollars per month in the idea
is simple is this going want received more than attached to become a member
and now that we've got to be the discount program
the values just that much more someone was saying
why wouldn't have become a member of that just makes sense and not only do it
what i like to do that i know some of the people that might like to do that to
police would use here start talking about where that if you're open to make
its money outside of what you're doing
that you can do that why you're going to school while you're working a part-time
job i've asked myself how the company didn't get this idea train trips like
out to the masses elite unit nutritional advertising like radio television
or are they kill it spreads bareilly
like what's going on the face book right now in my face and twitter and youtube
link google these companies actually exploding
and they're not doing traditional advertising who really don't face book
martin's october is time's person of the year he's worth over six
billion dollars but prove really go face book wasn't that you and i a posting our
social content are videos or pictures was in this us inviting our friends
yet we don't give it time off about two weeks
the world ventures model is no different except for some of them taking back all
the money just for themselves
they decided to pay the network of people that were not sure the idea of a
they created a way that we can monetize our social networks is to let me show
you how you and i can get paid for simply referring our friends to a good
all right
hahaa there are no guarantees regarding your income the success or failure and
independent rep just like any other business depends on your own skills and
personal after
however job a team of people around you have a vested interest in helping you
become successful and i love the idea that the more people i can help you come
to settle the more helps d become successful
in order to partner up with the company become a representative of two hundred
dollars one-time eleven dollars per month that gives you all the tools and
systems that you need to become successful
for every person that you personally introduced to the program
well let's just take a portion of those advertising dollars redirect them to you
and page a twenty dollars every single time that happens
once you refer this idea at the four other people that when we come members
but the company that is actually wager monthly dues
so you know that a free business on hands
so we got the direct bonuses but we've also got the teambuilding bonuses in a
way that it teambuilding bonuses worth
essentially the computer tracks your social networks forty and you have two
of them
every time he for three members on the left even three members into the club
underwriting the company pays you two hundred dollars every single time that
happens in the first sixty days
not only do they do that but every six people it should be for nearly thirty
eight times realistically get two hundred fifty dollar-plus
also for every three people that come in on the left hand three people come in my
writing whether i had the summer not they also think it's like a bonus of at
least a hundred dollars every single time never happens
so and although that together it's five hundred seventy dollars utilities at the
six people read next thirty days you've made all of your money back to the
program they got a free business on hand
and they've also started that there's something called the residual income
united even understand residuals my whole life event dot net you work
we get paid but when you don't work
you don't get paid
we talk about this idea residual whereas you put forward in africa overhear which
gets paid on
overcame over and over again
seniors are worth of world enters
when she had at least thirty members on the left team thirty members on the
right thing that's not you yourself you may have just introduced it before they
grew into thirty back thirty
they start katya apportion
of the monthly dues that members then every single month
to maintain the membership and i'm thinking to myself what effect team
seems to grow and continues to grow because more and more people are going
out there spread the word about the idea if the team to start to grow out of
thirty thirty maybe i could turn into nineteen ninety and what you have many
members of the latino gang members on the right team the company called you a
and according to the income disclosure statement on average is around twenty
one thousand dollars a year extra part time on the side and in real life
if you just want fifteen hundred dollars a month
in residual income coming every single month
you have to say about after taxes six hundred thousand dollars put in the
basic three percent
being that fifteen hundred dollars a month
everything a month
whether you're working on a
and as you continue to move up the ranks the compensation continues to increase
as well
the next ranges regional marketing director
where u_s_ thousand dollars per month to pick out whatever car you want to drive
national marketing director international marketing director at that
rate actually give yet
fifteen hundred dollars a month forty-four three thousand dollars a
month for example
there for me that sounded great that some of unbelievable
but even if i could add an extra three hundred dollars a month for the world
answers that they're not active definitely is at one point school
so let's say you were just making an extra three hundred dollars a month with
world than just what does that do helping out the student loans
the average student graduates with that of almost twenty three thousand dollars
if you just paid out lonavala for ten years of six point eight percent
u_n_ end up paying almost thirty two thousand dollars it back
verses if you just had an extra three hundred dollars a month liberal ventures
new applied it towards that that
instead of paying almost thirty two thousand dollars back and almost nine
thousand dollars in interest you end up paying only twenty six thousand dollars
about three thousand dollars in interest which would save you about five thousand
dollars just by thinking that simple concept nephew at seven dollars a month
and applying it towards that
so i happen to me was shortly after graduating from school
hit the director level
just seven months after that with the marketing director level according to
the incomes for the state has once again
on average is about five thousand dollars a month coming in
every single month
and again that's not up ridiculous amount of money but
it's created a unbelievable lifestyle read all have to worry about where the
next paycheck coming from
so i got involved if there were no part time in over the past
three years
it is actually may be financially
today my residual income is almost as large my grandpa
tension is social security
finally twenty-two start nineteen years old
can't wait to get started definitely editor in the
how i did have to have found
starting out i could benefit
five hundred lights
hillary beloved gathered for a if you want to become a dream for flight number
to a dollar's worth a fifty five dollars per month to gives you access to all the
incredible vacations
the discount something to do it every single day
to become a part of the business income rap two hundred dollars one-time eleven
dollars per month
and that gives you access to developing your business developing a residual
in creating unbelievable lifestyle so the beyond interview everything you can
pick one of the other do both
it's three hundred sixty six dollars one-time sixty six dollars per month
angie lowry procedures force other people it wager monthly do see it now
that a free displays
here's the deal you for sharing this with you you know eight of the overseas
here's senior saying
face but no thanks i like to travel alert to these people have to learn
state money in the things that i'm doing daily or even make a little bit of extra
and that's cool that's great this is for everybody
if you're being you've got some questions
make sure you get your questions answered because the thing is absolutely
rocking and rolling in the spring like you wouldn't even believe
if you're in a incise i thought himself this is a really the cost of three
hundred sixty six dollars the cost of what if this works think it's really
really big and i mean this out on it
i didn't want to take that risk for me personally
and because i didn't make that returned sixty six dollars is one of the twenty
two years old go to college
is now a lot of people in an incredible lifestyle of more fun freedom and
and if you do the exact same thing for you so simply let the first to know
whether a b_ or c_ what level you want to get started at
and we look forward to seeing you the next world interest rate has run the
next refit thank you will venture
thank you