Wayne's World (5/10) Movie CLIP - Garth Likes to Play (1992) HD

Uploaded by movieclips on 09.10.2011

Wow. '64 fender stratocaster in classic white
With triple single coil pickups and a whammy bar.
Pre-cbs fender corporate buy-out.
I'd raise the bridge, file down the nut,
And take the buzz out of the low "e."
God, I love this woman.
[chimes clang]
Hi, garth. Where's the clerk?
I know. I'll use the "may I help you" riff.
[heavy metal riff]
May I help you?
Yes, my good man.
I'd like to look at this fender stratocaster, please.
Oh, really? Again?
No stairway.
You're... Amazing, dude.
I like to play.
Excuse me. Wayne.
Can I put the fender back now, please?
Not today, my good man. I'm feeling saucy.
I think I'm going to buy it.
Do you accept... Cash? Cha-ching.