Relatively PC Part 3 of 4

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I know all about Internet Banking now. We got it all done.
Laura was a great help. I was so confused.
Well, it always helps to have someone teaching you.
They have a class in here.
You could go to that, Jack.
And have some spotty teenager make me look like an idiot?
Not at all. The boy that teaches is older than you!
Not necessary.
If you and Maureen can do it... How hard can it be?
No, no. I'm just saying...
I tell you what. If it's so easy...
...why not send me an email, telling me how well you're getting on with it?
Care to put a wee wager on it?
I might just do that.
Tommy - we saw this...
...and we thought it might be useful.
Och, you shouldn't have!
Nobody's saying you can't manage.
Look at it!
At least you won't lose it.
It's like something from "Land of the Giants".
But you were always saying you couldn't see the buttons...
...on your remote control without your reading glasses.
I'm using my glasses - not binoculars!
What's your problem with it?
And by the way - you're welcome.
It makes me look daft.
It does not.
You mean it makes you FEEL daft?
Aye, well...
There's a difference.
Like what?
You don't feel daft when you're wearing your reading glasses.
Of course not.
But you did.
Mind when you first had to wear them?
I'm getting old - fine.
It's just not the day to remind me... such a...
...a big way.
I'm feeling stupid enough as it is.
What's up with you?
I'm feeling...
I've been robbed.
And this is after you convinced me how safe the Internet Bank is!
I thought you'd been mugged.
Been mugged - no.
Been a mug - yes.
So, have you lost all the money in your account?
My bank account has some kind of insurance to cover all that.
"Identity Theft", they called it.
And was this when you were in the Internet Bank?
No - that's safe like I told you...
It was a fake letter from the bank... email.
And they got all your names and numbers from that?
I gave them all that stuff.
Well...'re insured. So at least you haven't really lost anything.
Except my bloody self-respect!
Email to Tommy...
Now then, I - em...
Here, what's it doing? Is that, erm...
Alright. No, that's OK. Now...
...what would it be?
Och, come on, come on! Tommy can do it!
I want to make an email, so...
No. Erm...
Oh - "View".
I can't write it without viewing it!
Right. Now remember the boy said to double-click things. So...
I double-click "View"...
Here! Where's it all gone?
Oh no - here we go!
Well I phoned about it yesterday...
...and they said to download a "stolen person" report.
Aye - "Identity Theft". That's the one.
Well I'm looking at it, but I can't open it
Well, yes - I've got the stuff to open it...
...but it says it's too old...
Just like everything else in this house.
Well can you not send me one my computer CAN use?
Or post it?
Remember the "post", son?
And what if I don't WANT to update my program?
What if I download a virus?
You're always on about that!
Aye, but what if...
Cheeky bugger!
"Help-desk" my arse!
Come on - it's here somewhere!
This is your basic model. Just over a gig of RAM...
120 gig harddrive, it has all the...
...can you see round here? Up there...
Excuse me - my phone's going.
Hello, Direct Computing?
Mr. Munro! Right...
How's it all going? Is everything...
Oh, right. I see...
OK. Are you in front of your computer?
If you go to "File"...
Right - that's not there?
OK - you want to find "View"...
OK - look to the top left...
No - of the computer screen. Right.
Click on that. No, no. Just once...
That's it. Now - do you see "File"?
Good man, click on "File"...
Yeah - top left. OK...
Now what you want to click on you see "New"?
That's it.
That's the one.
OK, all the best. Sorry about that...
Well it looks like I'm not going to get anything done...
...unless I update all this stuff. Here we go!
I can just download it...
"Warning! Back up your data before..."
Maybe we'll ty it later.
No, Tommy. If you don't do it, and Jack finds out...'ll never hear the end of it.
"Set default location".
Is that a fault?
What fault?
Does their "default" mean what it used to mean?
Here goes...
Now - wait...remember what the boy said.
It'll be either a wee picture, or a...
Aye - "wee" is the word alright!
Or it'll be in the "File" bit. So...
Picture, picture, picture...
There's nothing there that looks like anything.
Let's try "File"...
A-ha! There we go!
No! Don't go there!
Here we go...
I was going to phone you.
Well, tell me in a minute. I've got news for you.
I have done you an email.
Well done!
I haven't checked my emails yet. I've been too busy.
Och, I'll tell you later.
Right. Well the problem is...
Now I remember the boy saying not to just switch the computer off. But... do you do it again?
There's so much to take in. And I had a hell of a job just getting the email done.
Och that's easy.
At the bottom of the screen, there's a wee, grey bar...
And at the corner, there's a wee sign...
Beside the "Start" sign?
Aye - a "Start" sign.
I don't have one.
What - a "Start" sign?
No - a button beside the "Start" sign.
It's not beside the "Start" sign. It IS the "Start" sign.
No - I've got the computer on. It's the "Stop" button I need.
I know. That's what it is. Click the "Start" sign.
To switch it off?
Listen...what are you up to tomorrow?
Do you need a hand carrying your giant remote control?
Very funny!
I was going to pop round tomorrow to see how you're getting on with the new computer.
Maybe get a wee cuppa?
Come round about half-nine. Give me time to get things done.
Do you have any scones?
Get some for tomorrow, will you?