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What if my dad died?
My dad... my dad can't die.
How's my dad?
I'm sorry.
Are they allowed to take these X-rays? These people...
- Miss. - Why are you here?
It's a relief that there were no internal injuries.
But it's still dangerous to go without emergency care for the bleeding.
There's a risk of infection.
Are you really okay?
It's just a scratch.
Then why are you in the hospital?
He hurt his back a little when he fell.
We have to wait for the test results, but they said he should be fine.
These doctor guys are taking my perfect back and making it
seem like it makes noises whenever I move.
Chairman, be careful.
Why did you go and let her know about all of this?
- She answered her phone and I didn't know what to do. - So you weren't going to tell me?
Oh man. What a voice!
Oh, my back. My back hurts.
How long do you have to stay here?
At least until the tests are done.
Tests, my foot.
All I need is to get some sleep and a good stretch.
Still, chairman. This is a very renowned spinal clinic.
Rest for a few days and get some physical therapy done.
Look, if word gets out that I'm in the hospital,
do you know how many people are going to break out the champagne?
I can't stand those guys.
Look here...
Take it easy! It hurts!
That's because you kept moving.
Oh, my back. What am I going to do?
Why I ought to...
If you're busy, you can leave.
There's nothing you can do here anyway.
Is it okay?
- Miss. - Can we talk for a minute?
There's something I want to ask you.
Do you think I will believe that he fell?
I'm sorry.
It's all my fault.
I don't want to hear that. Just tell me the truth!
I've already told you.
Do you think I'm a fool?
I'll take you home.
It's alright.
I'll stay with my dad tonight.
I'll never forgive anyone who dares to hurt my dad, got it?
Me too.
Mr. Jang?
Miss Shin...
Did something happen?
I couldn't get a hold of you.
I'm so sorry.
Something kind of happened.
Something urgent must of have come up.
Oh... Well...
My friend's father passed away.
I see.
I was going to call you earlier...
I understand. If you were at a funeral...
I'm so...
Anyway, I'm sorry.
What are we going to do about the music concert?
It's no big deal. As long as you're okay.
I was really worried.
About me?
Well, we don't have to go to the music concert.
Can I take you to a movie?
I'll take you tomorrow.
You don't really have to.
What time will you be here?
Oh, well...
9 o'clock?
No, in the morning.
Yes. Is it too early?
What time do movies start playing?
I've eaten already. What time is it now?
I know, mom.
Homeroom teachers can't get any vacation.
Yes, good night.
What's wrong with this waist? Sometimes it hurts, and sometimes it doesn't.
Man, it hurts again.
I've told you many times not to treat me like an old man.
- Let me go. - Then you need to lay down.
Am I a white vegetable? Planting my root at the same place all the time?
- Why don't you read while laying down. - Am I a student?
Do I still go to school? Really...
What was that?
Is this yours?
My car!
You're crying?
Is this something to cry over? Stop crying?
What is it? What's wrong?
Who did it?
That man.
Don't cry. It'll hurt more if you cry.
Excuse me, sir.
Did you make him cry?
Miss, we accidentally broke his toy.
We'll compensate you.
Why did you make him cry?
Look, miss. Kids always cry. That's what makes them kids.
Stop crying, kid.
Also, what's the big deal if he cries?
He... it's serious if he gets upset!
Hee Kang, I've yelled at him already.
Don't cry anymore.
Don't cry.
Why are you here again?
How can a patient drink?
Min Sakang
I'm sorry. My dad is like that. He's kind of different.
You're just like him.
Are you kidding?
Ah, is your little brother okay?
He's sleeping now.
How long has he been here?
He's been back and forth. A long time.
Is he...really sick?
It's digestive epilepsy.
He'll be fine usually, but sometimes his stomach will go nuts.
People nearby end up losing their appetite.
And your parents?
My mom works in Yeosu.
It's hard to look at her.
It's hard for me to look at my dad, too.
Even if I can't see his face, I'd rather he didn't make things harder.
Your dad makes things hard for you?
There are people who leave after giving you their debts.
Even if they're not your real father...
Want one?
Hey, how can the sister of a patient smoke?
You... sometimes remind me of Hee Kang.
You know how fruit in the summer that hasn't had much sunlight is kind of sour?
You want something sour?
There are kids who look perfectly fine, but are actually sour.
"Give me some sun. I'm hungry."
That's what they say.
Man, I hate this.
I hate the smell of hospitals.
You're home.
This fragrance...
This... I'm sorry.
It's the smell of food, right?
How stingy! Only eat by yourself.
Is there any left over?
Of course, there are some for you.
Then I'm going to take a shower first.
Would you like a drink?
I'm sorry about the other night.
It's alright.
From now on, you need to stay by her side.
Don't let miss go outside by herself.
From now on?
No exception, got it?
but... I have a very important appointment today.
If you find anyone suspicious around the house,
or see something strange, call me right away.
Did something happen at the hospital?
Let me tell you 3 things that you shouldn't do.
Speak, act on your own...
and ask question.
All you need to say is ...
Mr. Jang
You're here already?
You have to go to the funeral again?
Yes. I think there are more deaths as the weather gets hotter.
I'm sorry, what should I do now? I don't know what to say.
It's alright.
It's not your fault.
We can go watch a movie some other time.
Who died?
Make something for me to eat.
Where are you going?
I need to buy some stuff.
You... you can't go out.
You're telling me what to do now?
If you need to buy that, then you should have said so.
You really have no brain.
Do you these those two guys over there?
Don't turn your head.
Who are they?
I don't know either.
You were fooled, right?
Is that funny?
Manager Kim said you're not to go out by yourself.
Just because... I'm bored.
If you're bored, then do you want me to take you to somewhere fun?
Okay... So...
My dad hopes that I can become a strong person.
We don't know at anytime and anywhere, anything can happen.
Aren't you strong enough already?
Though I pretend to be strong, when things like that happen,
I can't think right and suddenly become a coward.
Are you worried about your dad?
You are living in danger too.
No I'm not.
Isn't this place nice or what?
Would it be noisy if I cry?
If that will make you feel better, then go ahead and cry.
It may be noisy to us, but it could be romantic to them.
Don't you think the word romantic is a bit too much?
To nature, it's something that they love to hear.
That's why crying is romantic.
Crickets cry... birds cry... That's what they do.
Then what about wolves cry?
They cry because of loneliness.
I don't think it's like that.
That's the truth.
Have you ever heard a wolf's cry?
It cries?
I don't care. I'm getting hungry now.
How about us making wonton soup?
Wonton soup?
With weather like this, wouldn't be great to drink soju and eat a hot bowl of wonton soup?
It's raining.
Run! Run!
Hee Kang isn't here?
I think he went up stairs for some fresh air.
I think that will be good for him.
With the injection and the proper medication, why is his condition getting worse each day?
Maybe because of his surroundings...
like stress as an example.
You two are not living with your parents, right?
Even though we're observing Hee Kang's condition now,
his brain will be greatly affected if he goes through any tremendous relapses.
Even the injections won't be able to help?
The injections are just to temporary calm him down.
If you want, you can try the operation route.
Will he be cured completely if he has the operation?
The successful rate is about 60% to 80%
He will need to have a checkup first to see if he can have the operation.
How much is it?
It's average from 2 weeks to 1 month.
No... money?
Hey, just choose quickly!
This is not bad.
Just choose one quickly.
Geez... you're a man right?
Once a man sees something that he likes,
he'll say out loud "I like this one".
That's what a man would do.
Even if there are bad guys around, you shouldn't be afraid, got it?
Don't regret it, ok?
You chose this one. Don't regret it, ok?
This kid! If you get to choose, might as well choose a big one.
Let's go!
Why don't you know anything? Give it here.
You added too much water.
Just add more flour.
Don't carry the whole bowl. Do this.
Watch me. Just mix it like this.
Be careful.
Who is going to clean up this mess when we finish?
Be careful!
Why should I?
I know... I know. I will help you clean up.
It's best if you don't help.
Between teacher and student, how can you not have any faith in me at all?
Between teacher and student?
Since when did you see me as your teacher?
What? I wouldn't dare, teacher!
Alright, today I will take care of you like a teacher would do for his student.
Did you wash your hands yet?
You shouldn't wash your hand when you're making this.
Oh, really...
Just see how delicious it'll turn out when we're done cooking.
You've never done something like this back home, right?
Making these small dumplings.
Just wait a bit longer, I'll make a delicious meal for you.
I've eaten this when I was a child.
My mom made it for me.
If you have a question, then ask me.
Didn't you see on my record that I don't have a mother?
Well... when did she die?
When I was 5.
How did she die?
She was sick.
She was in the hospital for about 1 year.
From now on, I will cook a lot of delicious meals for you.
Of course, it's not going to taste as good as your mom's cooking.
My mom's cooking wasn't delicious.
That's why I never finished all of my food.
Why? You should have eaten all of it.
You're right.
I should have lied and said it was good.
I can lie to other people, but I never lied to her once.
How about next time I'll cook a sweet meat meal for you?
Yes, I think that will be delicious. What do you think?
Just do well on this meal first.
Why can't you be polite to your teacher?
Hee Kang, are you alright?
Why did you do that to a kid?
Hey, let's shoot him.
He's dead.
We won!
We won!
What are you doing?
Why are you in ahjussi's room?
He asked me to come in here.
He asked you to come and you came?
I told you already.
You can't run.
Do you want to get sick again?
Where did you get this?
ahjussi bought it for me.
He bought lots of toys for me. He even bought a fire truck for me too.
Did you buy all of these toys for him?
These toys are not much. You don't have to feel bad.
Did you ask him to buy these for you?
Although I'm very thankful,
but please don't do this again.
He will get spoiled.
Those toys only cost a few pennies.
I'm sorry
for getting mad over just a few pennies.
but... I have to work very hard in order to earn those few pennies.
- Let's go. - I don't want to.
- Hurry. - I don't want to.
I said go! Hurry!
- Hee Kang. - Go get the doctor.
Hee Kang, wake up!
- Hee Kang, it's my fault. - Hee Kang, wake up!
Usually it's not a problem.
But when there's a serious relapse, the brain is affected.
Shouldn't there be a cure for this illness already?
Medicine can react differently to each person.
Don't make it so complicated for me. Just tell me yes or no, that's all.
In this case, the kid will have a better chance of survival if he gets an operation.
Then just do the operation, why let a child suffer like that?
Where are his parents?
His sister seems to be the kid's guardian.
His mother had to work far away in order to earn some money.
Seems like they're not in a very good situation right now.
How much is it for that operation?
How much is it?
I want a glass too.
A student...
can drink this only.
I've been wanting to ask you this for a while now.
What is it?
Why me?
No, your family has a lot of money...
If you want to study, you can go to a much better school than this one.
and you can have a better teacher than me.
What type of teacher is better than you?
Well... more talent, better character
You're cute also.
Do you want me to get mad?
That... do you like sour fruits?
The kind of fruit that didn't get much sunlight and became sour?
I like sour fruits.
Sour fruits are the best.
Is that right?
I think so too.
Here, drink one more glass.
I can't drink anymore.
It's okay.
Mister, why are you still sleeping?
We're late!
Hurry and wake up!
If you don't wake up, I'm going to leave without you.
- Hello. - Oh, good morning.
Good morning!
It's so obvious that you're disappointed.
Was the date a success?
Did you go to the music concert?
Something kind of came up.
But thanks for the tickets.
Oh, too bad. Everything was on a silver platter.
Excuse me...
- Mr. Ji. - Yes.
Can you not bother yourself with my personal life?
I'm not bothering myself.
Why do you keep following me?
Who's following you?
Mr. Jang.
Oh, Miss Shin.
You must be tired from staying up all night.
Oh, no. Not at all. I'm sorry about yesterday.
Wasn't the music concert on Saturday?
Do you smell alcohol somewhere?
You must have drank a lot at the funeral.
Oh, yes.
I knew you'd be late.
How could you pass out after one bottle?
Do you even remember what you said yesterday?
Eun Byul, you should greet your teacher properly.
Oh, hello.
Mr. Jang!
The head teacher wants to see you.
Yes, some detective is here because of Moo Shin.
What is it?
Why is that detective here again?
Why are you scowling instead of talking?
Chae Moo Shin, where were you on the night of Thursday the 28th?
I don't remember.
Be polite.
Do you think you can get away with this again this time?
Do you want to meet our witness?
Good for you.
You're good at creating something out of nothing.
Mr. Jang, what are you doing? Get over here!
What is it?
You know detective Park Dongbo, right?
He should. He's been coming here once a month since the beginning of the semester.
Why would his nickname be "Magic Park"?
What brings you here this time?
A case of theft.
A few kids burglarized a motorcycle shop and hurt a bystander.
You should've just stolen stuff. Why'd you have to hurt someone?
Was the person hurt badly?
Mr. Jang, that's not important right now.
He did it. Him!
Did they see my face?
He has been attending late night study halls without fail.
Where were you last Thursday?
Thursday night? I saw him.
At 11:00 p.m.?
I think it was at midnight?
Hurry up and give me an alibi for your whereabouts at 11:00!
He was with me.
I said he was with me.
Who are you?
She's my student as well. Her name is Yoo Eun Byul.
A male and female student together at night?
Is that illegal?
What were you doing?
We were on a date.
It's not like you're some kind of cheeseburger set.
You were together? Good job.
Things in that homeroom just keep getting more interesting.
That's a likely story.
Do you think I'm going to buy that?
If you don't, then get a warrant and start investigating.
But all you'll find is that we were enjoying each other's company.
Let's go, Moo Shin.
They're all in on this together.
Their minds are full of crap.
Detective Park, you're not exactly wrong.
but that's not very nice to hear.
Keep an eye on your students, alright?
If they keep skipping school,
and I have no choice but to go after them with the law!
Hey, kids with crap in your heads.
Keep it up.
Detective, feces is also a precious thing.
What's so wrong with crap?
Isn't it the crystal of metabolism? It's an imperative part of life.
If you attack it just because it stinks,
how would that make your feces feel?
Some is foul, some smells like roses. That's just how it goes.
Mr. Jang, that's enough.
Detective, he's not usually like this. I don't know what's gotten into him.
Now I know why the kids act like this.
With a homeroom teacher like you, of course they'd act like they do!
Detective, what I mean is...
Oh, Detective Park!
You came all this way. Come to my office and have some tea.
Come this way.
Did something happen? You don't look too good.
These kids are sure a piece of work.
You must be under a lot of stress because of these rotten kids.
They can't be as bad as the people you come across at work.
Piece of work?
This was mad expensive.
He doesn't know quality when he sees it.
So he called us crap?
We need to properly introduce ourselves.
You seem to know a lot.
So we're even now, right?
So what are you going to do?
Rumors that we're going out will probably spread.
Yeah, well...
I don't really care.
Hee Kang's surgery fee?
The surgery, tests, and hospitalization fees have all been covered.
All of it?
But it's so out of the blue.
Who's helping us?
I'm not sure.
It was taken care of in the finance department, so I'm not sure.
I see.
Thank you!
Thank you so much!
I took care of that business for you.
Your daughter will be happy about this.
Don't tell her anything about this, got it?
She doesn't like me butting into her affairs.
But still...
Even her friends are rough around the edges, just like her.
She seemed very responsible.
Your daughter takes after you and knows how to pick her friends.
- Miss Hong. - Yes.
This is the first time since elementary school
that my little girl has had a friend, isn't it?
Don't you have any friends?
If you do, bring them by. Friends are good, right?
It's andrea-scented basil.
It calms your nerves and makes you more active.
Isn't the aroma nice?
Could you leave?
I think I know why you like him.
Mr. Jang.
It took about 0.2 seconds to realize that a teacher like that
would've made me like school more.
I don't care about what happened earlier.
He seems to be an okay teacher, but not an okay guy.
Mr. Ji, could you not come to the art room anymore?
I'll leave the oil bottle here.
But he didn't look like a liar.
Don't you think it's a good idea to hear the full story, though?
If you keep it all pent up inside, even aromatherapy won't work.
How could you make the appointment without asking me?
Don't forget to study for the mock exams the day after tomorrow.
- What are you doing? - 6
What is this?
I've only paid 2 installments!
What's with this car?
How is the Ying Dong Po side?
It seems like they're pretending not to know anything.
That Jang Seo Dong. He's quite the unsavory character.
The knifeman was hired from outside of his group.
So I don't think we'll get any concrete answers.
Call up Prosecutor Choe.
Tell him that I've changed my mind.
If you testify, the media won't leave you alone.
Neither will Jang Seo Dong.
One stab wound is enough.
He should never have messed with Yoo Jae.
I'll take care of things with Seo Dong.
How are you going to do that?
Are you going to resort to a knife too?
Do you think I listed my company to keep doing this gang work?
So Kim Woo Jin gets scared too?
Not at all.
But your daughter could be put in danger.
I know.
I know.
My Eun Byul can't get hurt.
You're leaving early.
Miss Shin, I have something to say about yesterday.
It's not that I wanted to lie to you.
How can I say this? I don't know.
Actually, I wasn't at funeral.
The father of one of my students was in the hospital, so I went...
You know Eun Byul in my homeroom, right?
You were visiting him for 2 days?
Mr. Jang.
Me thinking of you...
Thinking of you fondly,
was because I thought you were an honest person.
But ...
I'm not sure anymore.
I'll tell you everything today.
Actually, I wanted to tell you earlier.
What happened was...
Yes, dad?
Don't worry.
I'll go on that blind date today.
The number you dialed cannot be reached, we will connect you to the voicemail...
So Yi.
Where have you been?
Why didn't you answer your phone?
Come inside first.
I'll tell you inside.
Why didn't you answer your phone?
And why are you all wet?
You think I'll be fooled by you acting all down like that?
Mister, what's wrong?
What should I do?
Mister, get up!
Mister, can you hear me?
Wake up!