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Episode 5
What are you doing? Like a thief.
That's not it. I had to look for something.
Do you expect me to believe that?
When there is nobody but us home,
you suddenly had something to find?
No. Really.
Are they busy?
Seems like they're sleeping.
Why are you like this?
What do you mean why am I like this?
Didn't you come in here wanting this?
So what?
We're the only ones in the house.
Seung Jo, why are you like this?
Seung Jo ssi!
...let's soundly date.
When was that word ever used?
Oh. You came.
What the...
What's wrong with Oh Ha Ni?
Her face is really red.
I wonder what's wrong.
Stupid jerk.
Always playing around with me.
Am I really dumb?
After this (the love letter being graded)...
Doongi ah.
Is it supposed to be like this?
My heart... isn't doing what I want it to do.
- Hey, what about Oh Ha Ni? - She must not be on here.
- Did Oh Ha Ni's grades drop?
- What happened? Why isn't she on here?
So it was because of Baek Seung Jo's help.
After going to the Special Study Hall, I found out it wasn't that great.
The kids there are weird too.
Out of all those colleges, isn't there one we can go to?
There will be one. A college that will accept you... There will be one.
Let's try for a special circumstance admission.
A special circumstance admission?
In truth, for an exceptional admission you need to have many letters of recommendation and awards or trophies as well.
Anyway, you have to be really good at something.
Even though one may not be doing that well now, they choose those who they think will do well in the future.
Ah! Latent potential!
That's right!
Here, let's look for a place that'll match us.
By any chance, was your grandfather a patriot?
It's okay if it's the grandfather on the mother's side.
Ha Ni.
Your grandfather (maternal)...
...was a shutter man (opens and closes the shop shutter, i.e., while his wife works, he plays).
Ah, he was ahead of his time...
Okay. Uhhh...
Was your father a special agent?
Special missions?
There is something special in making noodles.
Ha Ni, it will work if you're the female householder.
Ha Ni...
Your dad...
Should I just move out?
It's unlikely...
...but you're not from a multicultural heritage, are you?
Multicultural heritage?
Think about it, Dad.
Did Mom possibly speak Thai or anything like that?
She didn't do that?
Tom Yam Koong! (a kind of Thai food called sour soup)
Does this mean that there's not a single one out of all of these?
I'm worrying! Stop doing that!
Blood donation?
You can have it. There's a lot at home.
Do you donate a lot of blood?
Once every two months.
I donate more through money.
You should have said something earlier!
It says that giving blood once equals ten hours of service!
Then, if it's ten times... 100 hours?!
I found it.
The "Giving Back to the Community" option.
Social Science.
Parang University?
Min Ah, you're also going to Parang University, right?
Yeah, as an animation major.
Our teacher said to try it once.
Wow, then are you both going to Parang University?
If we get in that is.
Even if the application goes through, I heard the interview process is very picky.
I have a skill examination as well.
How come our teacher didn't say anything to me about Parang University?
What are you doing?!
Look at you. Stop eating.
I'm getting angry so give it to me.
Ju Ri.
I was wondering why we hadn't seen you around, especially since Oh Ha Ni is here.
Did you put some kind of tracker on her?
How did you just pop out of nowhere like a ghost?
You guys still don't know?
Ha Ni is my life's navigation system.
She tells me where I need to go, location, direction, speed.
Navigation my butt.
Hey, where are all your little friends and why did you come alone?
They went to an audition.
They practice for auditions after all.
Oh my, I thought they were audition applicants since they go to auditions all the time.
What are you saying, girl?
What? What?
Isn't that Baek Seung Jo?
I think you should go to a school with lots of history and tradition...
...a university that has produced many great scholars.
Or the American Ivy Leagues...
Who's the guy in front of him?
What are they talking about?
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[Student Personal Information Form]
Special skill?
Specialty?! Specialty?!
You're working hard.
Of course.
Do you think I'm a teacher who plays around like a certain someone?
When...have I ever played around that makes you say that?
Vice principal.
Please give me what you told me about a while ago.
What was it?
Ah! The Principal's recommendation?
How can I do that?!
How can I give a Principal's recommendation to the bottom ranked students?
Oh Ha Ni went up from the bottom ranks to the top fifty in one week.
If that's not potential, then what is?
The special case admissions look at potential.
Yes, that is so.
Look at the kids who got into college last year.
70% were ranked 1st, 2nd, or 3rd class.
Just because a person has passion, does that make them a good teacher?
They have to be able to teach the kids about looking into reality properly.
If Oh Ha Ni gets into Parang University...
...then I am Teacher Song's child.
Always passionate...
Excuse me...
It's vitamin C.
You should dissolve it in water.
This is the first time,
you seem like a person.
You're head over heels for me, aren't you?!
It's done!
Uh... Self introduction.
I was born August 11th...
Okay, so now...
I just have to register...
What's wrong with this? Why isn't it opening?!
Error Report? "Please click here."
"What you were working on..."
"...will be lost."
Is it going well?
Why did you have so many useless tabs open?
I didn't!
What do I do? What do I do?!
What to do?!
It's going to be okay, Ha Ni. It couldn't have all been erased.
In a little bit, it will close.
Urgh, shut up!
I can't think straight.
It's fixed!
What about the written application?
It's there!
Really? It's not gone?
Yes, he found it!
Oh, thank you.
Stop fooling around and quickly get the receipt.
Oh, it's a relief.
Hurry and go downstairs to have dinner.
Let's go, Eun Jo.
Let's go down.
What's wrong?
Thank you.
Parang University undergraduate course?
Actually, there aren't a lot of possibilities for me.
My grades are really bad.
You went that crazy when you don't even really have a chance?
Still, I have to try doing what I can.
Why are you going to college?
Why do you ask? Well, to study and...
Having nothing you're good at, nor a field you're interested in...
...why are you still doing this?
If not to study, then I can find my purpose in life.
Find out about what I like or what I'm good at.
How would you know if you like something?
Of course you would know!
Your heart starts beating fast.
If you find something you like,
it'll beat fast here.
My dad... When he smells noodles drying, his heart still beats fast.
I'd like to experience it too,
that kind of feeling.
Ah, hurry!
I wonder why I'm going to college?
I've never worried about it before.
After all, geniuses must have their own worries.
Did he show me a little of his feelings?
[Acceptance Letter]
[Acceptance Letter]
Did you have to print them out?
It feels good.
Well, there are always those one or two mysteries.
Yes, there are. But, please, it would be nice if they weren't from Class 7.
Then, if you pass the interview you can go to Parang University?
They said they chose a lot.
The competition isn't a joke.
They only picked a multiple of five.
But, what will they ask at the interviews?
I'm not really good with speaking.
I still have the skills exam too.
There is no way my Ha Ni can fail that interview.
Even if she does fail, at least she got it.
My Ha Ni is really good, isn't she?!
Ha Ni sunbae, do you have some kind of backing?
Yeah. The heavens must've helped me.
The 11th typhoon, "La Na Nim", is blowing through Korea.
Ha Ni!
Dad! What is this?!
The subway is going to be safe.
Ha Ni, will you be okay?
Of course! After all, it's just raining.
It's not just raining! There's a typhoon out there.
Just don't...
How about giving up the interview?
You think I don't have a chance of getting in?
You don't believe in me, Dad?!
Th...that's not it!
Just look at the weather!
This is the only place that will accept me despite my grades.
Even if it's only because I'm grateful, I have to go.
Dad, don't worry.
I'll be going now!
Right! Right!
- Be careful! - I'll see you later.
- But just wait. - I don't wanna!
Nothing's going easily.
You're right. A typhoon coming so suddenly.
Because the tracks are filled with water, the subway will not continue to run.
All passengers are asked to leave the train at the next stop, and find other means of transportation to reach their destinations.
Seoul, Kyung Gi schools have already closed today because of the typhoon.
Typhoon warning: Schools in the central district of Seoul will be closed.
All companies will open late. Forecast for Seoul: there will be heavy rain from today until tomorrow.
High winds expected with major flooding.
[Social Sciences Interview] [Parang University]
Student, you didn't have a lot of trouble getting here?
My house is nearby.
That's a relief.
You can leave this way.
Only a small number of students have arrived.
Excuse me...
Many students were not able to make it.
Wouldn't it be best if we postpone the interviews?
How many typhoons will come in one's lifetime?
Whenever that happens, should we postpone and end it here?
Send in the next one.
Next student, please come in.
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Eun Jo, what are you doing?
Alright! I'm not going to school because of the typhoon.
Aigoo, Ha Ni going to an interview in this kind of weather...
I hope the results are good.
This is interesting.
Well then, what are you most interested in?
Oh, that. It's Baek Seung Jo!
Um, what I meant to say was...
...a person.
Oh, you have an interest in people?
Yes! That's right, people!
Recently, I've been thinking...
...if we were to get to know other people,
how much time would it take to get to know them?
In our lifetime, could we fully understand...
...even one person?
I don't think I could ever understand Baek Seung Jo.
Why must we choose you?
Excuse me?
Your teacher's letter of recommendation... almost at the level of a pledge in blood.
Even so...
In a week, you were able to raise your grades from the 90th place to the 50th.
However, on the very next test, you dropped back down again.
And since last year, every two months...'ve donated blood.
That is all. How could you possibly have passed the first round?
She got a high score for her personal introduction.
Her confidence is high and her community service is amazing.
We're not picking just any miscellaneous writer.
If there is any reason why we must choose you, Oh Ha Ni, then please do tell!
There's one minute left.
Uh. That...
Okay. If you don't have any, you don't have to say anything.
Nice job.
Next participant.
Excuse me.
You were right. You saw through me.
I really don't have anything that I do well.
Passing the first round was a miracle for me.
So, in truth, I'm really thankful.
However, I think I could say this...
If it's not me,
and you picked another student with good grades and lots of awards...
Anyway, if you picked such a stellar student,
but if that student is lazy, and doesn't work hard!
When it's rainy and windy, he gives up.
So, then if you guys think that person isn't right for your college,
if that happens, then choose me!
I'm slower than other people,
but I never give up.
I always do everything till the end.
That's why my nickname is "Noah's Snail."
Try having a snail as a pet.
I don't think I'm going to make it.
I knew...
Ah well, the results haven't come yet.
Yeah, that's right. You can study and go together with Seung Jo.
I'm not going to take the exam.
I'm saying that I don't want to take the exam.
I'm not going to college.
Yeah, but why?
Because there isn't anything I want to do.
And I don't want to go anywhere either.
Huh. Then, what will you do after graduating?
Well, I could work part time.
Baek Seung Jo!
Is your life a joke!?
Do you live life however you feel like living it?
Well, then do you want to do business with your mom?
What about running an internet shopping mall?
Then, how am I supposed to live?
Because I don't know how to live... why I say I won't go.
Because I don't want to live like other people, without any motives.
How should I live?
Aye... Tec... That's...
You can study and take over your father's company.
You know that I'm selfish, right?
A business that doesn't fit my liking...
I don't have any plans of working there.
Don't expect anything from me.
Baek Seung Jo!
I'm done eating.
Really... That punk...
He's only saying that; it's not like he won't take it. Don't worry.
Y-y-yeah, right.
No matter what he does, he can do it with ease, that must be why he doesn't feel any motivation.
He has to find a field of interest soon.
I'd really like to experience it too. That feeling.
Min Ah's.
- We'll enjoy the meal! - We'll enjoy the meal!
Here... I made these for you guys on such a special occasion.
The name is Bul Nak porridge.
Bul Nak porridge?
It's written right here. Bul means "not," Nak means "fail". Never fail.
- Ahhh. - It's really written.
What did you write this with?
You don't know? They're sesame seeds.
So, it means that if you eat this, you guys will never fail.
Oh really!? Then I'll just have to eat everything here.
Hey, Jung Ju Ri. Stop it. Is this all yours?
What? "Ah, is this all yours?" Is he speaking Japanese?
Jung Ju Ri, just stop it. Are all these yours?
Yeah. She's right right right!
Yes, eat up.
Ha Ni, you aren't eating?
I'm eating.
Ha Ni. What? Are you getting nervous?
There's no need!
Just eat up all this that your dad made for you.
Then just walk down proudly! Right?
Yeah, you too.
Ah. Father.
This recipe is just killer!
Is this octopus?
Aigoo, you know well.
Father, I told you last time.
My taste buds are really sensitive.
I can't let it go.
Well, eat a lot! And do well on the test tomorrow.
Like the octopus, stick to (get into) a college.
Could you pack one more of this porridge?
Are you sleeping?
Baek Seung Jo.
You're going to take that test tomorrow, right?
Everyone is worried about you.
Especially your father.
He keeps worrying about you and he doesn't laugh very often.
First you could take the test, then later you can make a decision on college.
If you don't take the test,
but suddenly you figure out what you want to do, then what will you do?
Open the door for a moment.
You can do anything.
So, you have to use your head for the sake of other people.
I believe that people who have a lot need to share what they have.
Even though I want to share everything, I don't have anything, so I can't.
This... I'll just leave it here.
Eat it before it cools.
See you tomorrow.
[Good luck on the test! Baek Seung Jo is the best!]
[Day of the exam]
Is it a cold? Do you have a cold?
I... I have medicine.
Just a sec...
This one is very effective. It's the best!
Here's some water!
Thank you.
This doesn't cause drowsiness, right?
"Do not use in case of driving or activities that require concentration."
Oh! It causes drowsiness!!
What to do?! Spit it out.
Hey, what are you doing?! Everything you do is like this anyway.
It'll be alright, since you're strong!
You guys have to take your packed lunches.
Filled with nutritious food I have...
...especially made "Exam Pass" lunches.
Thank you very much.
Thanks, Dad!
Thanks, man. When did you prepare something like this?
That's right... Thank you very much.
Oh, it was no sweat.
Wise choice. Good luck!
You thought well. Everyone likes it (the decision to take the test).
Nice boy.
Stop joking around.
Ah, fork...
Do you think I'm you? Why would I spear a random answer?
Ah, that's right. I measured your corn by my own bushel.
- How far are you going to follow me!? - Huh?
You're that way.
That's right... It's the opposite direction...
Go ahead.
I see... So our paths separate here.
Yeah... Baek Seung Jo needs to go on his own path.
Good luck on your test! FIGHTING!
Aigoo, even so he went.
He's not my son, he's really a godsend... A godsend!
Up until yesterday, he was being stubborn and saying he wouldn't take it...
...why all of the sudden...?
I feel uneasy...
Something just makes me uneasy.
There are only fifteen minutes left.
You haven't marked anything yet.
I took some cold medicine this morning...
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It was totally scary! The people didn't even smile.
"Why must we accept you?"
Ahh... She was like a witch.
Did you do well on the exam?
- I don't know... I just took it. - Aigoo.
I think I screwed up the entrance exam...
What do I do!
Ha Ni, exams are already over so why are you complaining? We don't even have class!
What have you been doing right now?
You were putting on makeup?
Don't I totally look like Ga-In? (Brown Eyed Girls member)
Ireoda naega michyeo yeoriyeori chak... (singing Brown Eyed Girls' hit song, "Abracadabra")
Oh, here...
You even have fake eyelashes?
Would you like me to put them on for you?
Sit down! Sit down!
Ha Ni, even though you don't have double eyelids, your eyes are really big.
Close your eyes.
If you put some eyelashes on like this...
Wow! You look very pretty! Here, look in the mirror.
Jackpot. Hey, Dok Go Min Ah, look. Her eyes look ten times bigger, don't they?
If they were ten times bigger, she would be a monster.
Should I put it on the other side too?
Here. Close your eyes.
Like this.
Are you putting on makeup?
It's not makeup...
You have the guts to put on makeup after ruining someone else's life?
I heard you gave Seung Jo Oppa sleeping pills on the morning of the college entrance exam.
What do you mean?
I heard you gave him cold medicine this morning.
After taking those, he fell asleep and had to fill in all the answers right before the test was over.
What are you going to do about it? How are you going to take responsibility for what you've done?
Hey, Hong Jang Mi!!
Because of that, he might not be able to go to college, but you seem to only care about yourself.
Even like that, you still dare to say that you like him?
I'm asking you!
It's okay, right?
You did well, right?
You're the Baek Seung Jo.
No way... Just because of the medicine?
Tell me it isn't so, please. That there was nothing wrong.
Jae Eun Jung.
Kim Su Ahn.
We still have time. Be strong.
Kids, in the next four days your scores will be out.
Wherever you go, make sure you have your phones.
Bong Joon Gu!
Don't have that sad look on your face, okay?
I already have something planned for my life.
So, Ha Ni, even if your scores don't come out that good...don't worry.
I'll take care of you forever.
Bong Joon Gu, that's enough.
She has Baek Seung Jo.
What did you say? Who did you say she has?
That cowardly guy can't make a girl happy.
Then what about you? What can you do for Ha Ni?
An axe comb?
What did you just say? An axe comb?
Ah, be quiet! That's enough.
Ha Ni...
Be strong!
After seeing this, I'm wondering if I really am a genius.
What's wrong, Seung Jo? You're scaring me.
You still have the interview, so you just have to do that.
Ah, should we drop the curtains for you? For getting into Tae San University with the highest score?
But honestly, with your skills, going to Tae San University seems like a waste.
You should be going to some place like Harvard.
Anyway, you did well! Seung Jo, great job!
He did it!
Oh Ha Ni,
even after getting those scores, you say "hurray"?
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But how do I stop myself from being so happy!?
Baek Seung Jo HURRAY! Korea HURRAY!
Ring... Ring...
Please... Ring...
It will ring. It will ring.
Please, help me.
It will ring.
This isn't the roast duck restaurant.
The number is 0292, but...
...this isn't the roast duck place.
Yes, I am Oh Ha Ni.
Oh my!
Parang University?!
Is it right?
Wow, thank you!
Thank you.
I applied for the social sciences major.
Not the apple department?
Apple department?
There's something like that...
Baek Eun Jo!
Oh Ha Ni dummy!
Baek Seung Jo is going to Tae San University with the highest score...
What am I going to do if I don't get into college at all?
Oh, Min Ah.
I got into Parang University.
Did they call you?
Just now.
Wow, congratulations!
And you, Ha Ni?
Not yet.
The call will come.
Thank you.
Just wait. Let's hang up.
Okay. Ah, Min Ah.
Once again, super super congratulations.
You did well.
Someone like me doesn't have the right to eat.
Eat, eat!
Everything will be alright.
It's over.
Today's the last day for acceptances to be revealed.
It's already 10:00.
I already knew I wouldn't make it.
That witch...
No, that scary professor has no reason to accept me.
But, I was still thinking I could possibly get in.
Hey, you can still go with the SATs.
You can still get into a couple of places with that.
My scores aren't that good.
Yes, it is me.
Parang University?
Hey, this...
It's you again, Baek Eun Jo!
Why did you call my name?
Oh my!
Yes, it is me.
I'm sorry, I thought it was a prank call.
Just now, another person gave up their enrollment.
Student Oh Ha Ni, you passed as an additional acceptance.
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! I will go, I will go, I will go!
Ah, hurray!
I think I really have good luck.
Because of the typhoon, kids couldn't go. That's why I got the chance.
What would I have done if the typhoon hadn't come?
That's not it! It's because of my Bul Nak porridge.
That's right. Correct.
Here's a present.
Ahjusshi (Seung Jo's father) picked it out.
It's nothing big.
It's really beautiful.
Thank you!
Thank you.
For what?
And this is my present.
There's another one?
These are musical tickets.
I've never seen a musical before.
It's this Saturday. Let's meet in front of the theater at 2:30.
You hold on to the tickets.
You can't forget.
What do you mean forget?
Thank you.
Where are you?
Oh Ha Ni, you're in front of the theater, right?
What should I do? There's so much traffic.
There's no traffic!
Because it's Saturday...
Why don't you go on ahead
and leave one ticket at the booth.
Yes, I'll do that.
Could I leave one ticket with you?
Ah... Yes.
The idol of every Korean girl, the Crown Prince...
Together with him, a new dream world of the 21st century opens up to you now!
So, 1996.
Ah, really!
I'm sorry.
I don't remember from when it was.
When I started to keep thinking about you.
Twice, the thoughts would come.
They kept getting bigger and I was a little surprised.
I kept thinking it could be nothing.
That it could be irrelevant feelings.
I'll keep you (keep you)
It was awkward when I talked to you. hurts.
Why? You want me to pinch them for you?
But, how did you come?
How do you think I came?
Eun Jo, your mom is a really good actress, huh?
You heard me on the phone right? "I'm in front of the theater, and I got stood up."
I have no one to see it with.
So, he said he got it and would come, that great Baek Seung Jo.
Should I just be an actress?
Was it really...
...just because of your acting?
Excuse me.
You're going to do the interview for Tae San University, right?
Why are you being like that too?
I don't get why people keep saying college, college, college.
You're smart because you have something to offer.
It has to be that way.
Well, if I say "find your dream," it sounds huge, but...
...just have fun living.
Have fun.
My grandma used to say that all the time.
"Ha Ni, have fun living, fun."
"You have fun and make others happy."
She said it'd be fine as long as I live like that.
If you come to Parang University, I'll make it fun for you.
Oh, it's so nervewracking.
Just a bit more.
No, no. This way, this way. To the left.
Just a bit, just a bit. Straight.
It's good, it's good!
You got it! You got it!
You got it!
Aren't you going to take it?
Would I have gotten it so I could play with it?
Ha Ni! Ha Ni!
Come here! Come here!
What are you doing?
You guys went to a musical?
Think I'll go crazy.
Ha Ni, did he make a move on you?
Make a move?
I mean like while you guys were eating popcorn, doing hand motions like this or...
When watching a musical, you don't eat popcorn.
Oh, really? Then what do you eat?
Did you buy a doll? Wow, it even talks.
This... Seung Jo got it for me, from that doll vending machine.
He gave it to me as a congratulatory gift for getting into college.
Congratulatory gift?
He gave you such cheap trash? Hey, Baek Seung Jo, are you making fun of Ha Ni?
What's wrong with this? And he got it himself.
Hey! You know how difficult doll vending machines are.
Ha Ni, what's hard about that?
Stuff like that, anyone can do it.
This was my first time seeing it.
Hey! Hey, did you see it!? It was totally cool!
Here... Here... Watch this.
You saw that?
Hey! Where are you going?
Look at this! Look at this!
Urgh really! Such a bother.
Here. Look, look, look, look!
Let me go, let me go, let me go.
Hey look! That's not how it's done.
Is this what I see a lot in movies?
Look at me.
Look in my eyes. In my eyes and in my heart, there is only you.
I can't have both feelings in my heart.
Then I have no choice. Whether it's by using love or using strength,
I have to make you love me.
Leave her alone.
No, please don't.
If you do, I will be scared for you.
A coward can die many times, but a real man can only die once.
If I die for you, that is not my death... is love.
Un Deux, Un Deux, Un Deux (One, Two).
Son, do well! Fighting!
Even if someone is rude to you, just let it be. your best.
Good luck, Hyung. Fighting!
After making me upset over going and not going, it's all over now.
Ah, this is so sad! Why must they go through all of this at such a beautiful age?
You got married at that age.
Why are they going on and on about college? I just don't get it.
Ha Ni!
Where are you going?
This isn't going to work. My heart won't stop racing. I'll just keep an eye on him until he goes into the exam hall.
This is worrisome.
Hey, did you see that? That car totally hit someone!
It looks like it hit a girl.
She's waking up.
Ha Ni!
Aigoo! My daughter! Aigoo!
Where is this place?
It's the hospital.
You were in a traffic accident. Don't you remember?
You pooong...
I remember.
What about Seung Jo?
He went to take the test, of course.
That's a relief.
You came?
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Is Ha Ni still being like that?
Are you running away?
Then, bye.
Please take me in, Father!
Can you please teach me? Please, Father...
It was fun. What could happen today...
Baek Seung Jo?!
Oh Ha Ni, come here.
That brat. He's going to make noodles. Why do you like someone like that?
Oh Ha Ni!
You come here.
That hurts!
When I go to college I'll find someone else...
Then try to forget me.