100805 SHINee @ SSTP Part 3/7 (ENG)

Uploaded by sequinstilettos on 07.08.2010

7950 said: "Up and Down" is daebak.
I wrote the lyrics for "Up and Down" too.
7012: Why is SHINee so simple-minded?
Is it unexpected?
Yes, Thank you.
The simple-minded SHINee will continue being in the show for the 2nd part.
Great. Everyone, please tune in.
Shindong and Gyuri's SSTP! The 2nd part will start now.
Everyone, SHINee's together with us now. Now, it's Live Generation.
The SMS-es are coming in nonstop.
Then shall we take a look at them?
First one. 8075 says, "Which member gets scared the most when watching horror movies?"
and "The member that finds it tough to sleep at night is?"
Is this question 'vicious'?
This question isn't very 'vicious'.
Abit weak. The first few questions, just using it as an example.
Can everyone answer this question?
There isn't anyone especially afraid of horror movies.
No one like this.
I'm crazy over them. Really?
Recently, I've been watching alot.
Must watch before sleeping.
If you don't watch, you can't sleep?
Recently, I always get a shock. He's watching something alone.
When I go over and take a look. "WAHHH!" like this..
Oh, before sleeping he has to watch a horror movie.
I'm not really afraid of horror films, but I'm scared when people frighten me purposely.
They know what it means.
Everyday, Minho and Taemin will frighten me.
Before I wake up, they're waiting there
Appearing in front of me once I open my eyes.. Really..
That's kinda scary.
Then everyone dares to do extreme sports?
Yes, Yes..
Kibum's a little afraid to.
No! I like it.
Hyung, you don't dare to bungee-jump right?
I don't dare to bungee-jump. I think it's not safe. Not that it's not safe...
It feels dangerous.
There needs to be safety devices that wrap me up completely.
So that you feel safe.
Why does it sound more and more funny?
I can sit in rollercoasters, but I don't dare to bungee-jump.
Bungee-jumping is safe.
Great. Hopefully there'll be more vicious questions sent it.
This question is TOO weak. Not interesting.
Let's listen to a song before returning.
Yes, the song is? The title song.
Yes, SHINee's Lucifer. Let's listen to it.