A broken cooker arrives..

Uploaded by eSparesVideo on 01.03.2011

Hi chaps! At eSpares we regularly need to get to get new appliances in to use as props
in our ‘How to’ videos, and rather than stealing them from our employers kitchens,
we actually get them from the internet, from auction websites like eBay. Now this Zanussi
cooker arrived this week and it arrived looking like this; there used to be the door glass,
where my hand is, this control panel should be attached, as should this handle, which
obviously has completely come away. It must have been dropped in transit, or something.
Basically, it’s entirely done for. But here at eSpares we like a challenge, so rather
than send it back, we’re going to get it looking as good as new, and get a few ‘how
to’ videos out of it too. And, we’re going to show that even if the oven in your kitchen
is looking like this, there’s no need to get a new one, you can fix it yourself and
make it look as good as new and work as good as new too. Now I better start learning my
Hi! I’m Rory from eSpares, and in this video I’m going to show you how to replace the
outer door, the function switch, the fascia and the control knob and the door handle in
this Zanussi built-in oven. Three videos later, and she looks like she’s
straight out the showroom. But that’s the point we’re trying to make; it really is
that easy to have your appliances looking and working as good as new just by fixing
it yourself! Not only can you see the three videos we filmed today on the eSpares website
and on the youtube channel, but you can also see hundreds more on all manner of home and
garden appliances. Check them out!