Jab We Met (2007) *BluRay* w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 6

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Look, what has happened to me. Lost in your memories.
Don't ask what has happened to me. Living in your talks.
This love gives you a glimpse of heaven.
O God! This love gives you a glimpse of heaven.
You must have found countless like me, beloved. But I found only you.
You are the blossoming smile on my lips. My complaint is you too.
Look what has happened to me. Bringing you in my dreams.
Don't ask what has happened to me. Believing your talks.
This love gives you a glimpse of heaven.
O God! This love gives you a glimpse of heaven.
There is some reason. That's why I am enjoying my life like this.
What is in the breeze? That a slight intoxication has entered me.
Don't ask what has happened to me. Coming in your arms.
Don't ask what I will get. Coming in your arms.
This love gives you a glimpse of heaven.
O God!
This love gives you a glimpse of heaven.
Look! Anshuman! Anshuman! He is looking the other way!
Come on!- Bye, Geet!
What? -Always be like this!
At least meet him!
Take care!
Good morning. - Good morning. - Good morning.
You are all not going to beat me up together, right?
Mr. Mehra, please don't hit me.
I know I have done something for which I should be beaten.
I went without informing anyone..
The company was already in a bad condition.
And on top of that there was me and my loneliness.
I know that there are rumours spread.. about me in the market.
Aditya Kashyap cannot replace his father..
The company is going to split.
His girlfriend has married someone else..
He has ran away from the city, etc.
These are all false rumours which by the way are all true.
So our share prices are at an all time low..
All our new brands have flopped. On top of that 572 claims..
In other words we are in a very bad condition.
Sir, you are ruined. Nothing can be worse than this.
So only good things can happen and will happen.
If a human being wants something.. .. actually, he gets that.
This time I want real. In actual..
And I really want to face all these problems.
I want to complete all the incomplete plans..
Take this company to such heights.. .. which even dad could not imagine.
I know all of you loved dad a lot. He is somewhere, watching us.
So let us show him that no need to be too proud.
This company can perform without you.
And can perform better than your expectations.
Let's show him. What do you say?
Mrs. Khanna doesn't want to entertain any settlement at this stage.
She is here only to honour the request of this meeting.
She thinks that Mr. Aditya has behaved very inappropriately.
So there is no further room for negotiation.
My God, you talk a lot. You enjoy talking don't you?
Do you know I have been meeting people just like you since the last few days.
Excuse me.
This is your client's claim, right? I am ready to sign it.
Your work is over.
Take it easy. Relax. Take a chill pill.
Listen, take care of sir.
And listen, ask him what is his monthly phone bill?
Sir, please. - Mrs. Khanna.
It is your personal matter what you have done..
.. with your family and husband in your personal life.
This company is not concerned with it.
For that reason, I can't take away your life long hard work.
You and Mr. Kashyap had started this company in a small room.
and after 30 years of hard work you have made this company what it is.
No one can give you these 5 things.
This company belongs to you as much as it belongs to me.
And I want you to have the same position, respect..
.. and responsibilities you held 5 years ago. Is that okay?
Raghav, get the papers ready. I want to sign them in an hour. - Sure!
Welcome back.
Sir, what is your STD bill. - I don't want to discuss..
Listen, request an itemised bill. It's very important. -Okay, sir.
Mehek. - Yes, sir. Call our telecom team.
I have a new idea product idea. ASAP. Okay. - Sir.
And what else I am afraid of? Stake owners.
I want a meeting with the stake owners tomorrow morning.
I just want to see the expression on their faces..
when they realise that mom is back. After that I will place my terms with them.
- Yes, sir. Adi. - Yes. What happened?
You tell me what has happened?
You went to Manali right. - Yes.
Did you pray to Lord Shiva out there?
Correct. You are right. - There is something. And it is serious.
I fear that you will solve all your problems this way.
You are working more in a day then you used to work in 6 months.
Don't you care about your reputation?
What's wrong with you, friend?
What's wrong with me? How can I forget? - What?
The most important work. - Annual report. - No.
I will meet you.
Good morning.
Nothing is gained. Nothing is lost.
Your absence is like.. .. your presence.
The day starts with you. The dusky evening approaches.
From you. From you.
Every moment, every breath And the life that I have is
From you. From you.
Nothing is gained. Nothing is lost.
Your absence is.. like your presence.
My eyes stare into your eyes. My arms are in your arms.
I have nothing of me in me. What happened?
My talks are filled with your talks.
The nights are filled with your stories. Why has all this become yours?
What happened?
Wherever I go, I'm never far..
From you. From you.
There is a silence in the bustle. There is a little delirium.
From you. From you.
Somewhere a half done promise. Somewhere more than a half.
I feel like making to you, of loyalty.
Can't leave it even if I want to. Can't break it even if I want to.
The way I am connected to you with loyalty.
I am what you made me. Whatever I have become is.
From you. From you.
Roads meet. Destinations are found.
From you. From you.
Nothing is gained. Nothing is lost.
Your absence is like.. your presence.
The country's first long distance calling card, 'Geet'.
For people who like to talk more.
Excuse me, sir, how did you get the idea of the India calling card?
The world is getting smaller and India is becoming bigger.
We talk to the entire world today.
The idea is to let people talk enough to fill up their hearts, not their bills.
We will call them up. Doesn't really matter.
All that matters is that the terms are met.
So please request him tomorrow for a meeting. Any time after lunch.
Excuse me. - Who are you? - Excuse me.
One second. One second. - Scoundrel! Rascal!
Sorry. Greetings. Hi Roop?
Where is she? Where is Geet?
Tell me. Why are you looking at me like that?
Tell me where she is?