Carol Byers - Recruiting Coaches - Netball Australia

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Carol Byers, Coach Development and Participation Manager, Netball Australia.
We've got a really good partnership with the AASC and that's about developing coaches,
but it's also about developing participants as well, so we recognise the coaching accreditation
that they recieve through the AASC and they can apply to receive recognition, we give
them recognition of prior learning if they want to do netball and become a foundation
coach, but it's also about making sure that we provide the participants or the students
that are doing are doing the active after school community with information about the
closest netball club that are running the "Net Set Go" program that we have, so that
we can get participants on board and develop lots of young netballers.
We wanted to make sure that we got our athletes in as role models, so what we've offered,
is that for our elite athletes, they have the skill, it's more the coaching and teaching
ability that they haven't been trained in, so they can do the beginning coaching general
principles on line and then do the small teaching assessment, and be assessed and we recognise
that they already have the skill and they don't need to go through a course to learn
how to throw and catch.