Resistance Training and Weight Loss

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Resistance Training and Weight Loss
Dr. James Merchino, DC, MS, ND
I want to talk to you about how resistance training – or strength training – can
help you lose weight more efficiently and keep the weight off.
People often ask me, can lifting weights help me lose weight? The truth is they can, provided
you’re also using my two staple nutrition system – which I’ll talk in a moment – and
you’re doing 30 minutes a day, at least five days a week, of endurance type activates,
which is a fat burning type of exercise. I’m also often asked, how does weight training
factor into the weight management program? When you do strength training, you actually
increase your muscle mass. We’re not talking big, bulky muscles, but instead, really good,
sleek, tone muscles; the way that nature intended you to have muscles.
If you want to begin resistance training, all you need are the following six basic training
exercises or the Standard Basic Six Routine, as I call it. If you do perform these over
the course of six to 12 months, you’ll naturally gain 5 to 6 pounds of lean body mass, or muscle
mass. And because every pound of muscle needs to burn between 35-50 calories a day just
to stay alive, in the course of a single day you’ll be burning 300 more calories if you
gain six pounds of lean mass. In the course of one week, that’s 2100 calories you’re
burning just to keep your muscles alive. And over the course of one month, that’s over
8,000 calories (at least) each month you’ll burn while just sitting in a chair or sleeping.
That’s actually the equivalent of burring more than two pounds of fat from your body
without doing any physical activity. So the more lean mass you have, the faster your metabolic
rate and the faster you’ll burn calories at rest. Just gaining five to six pounds of
lean mass doing a simple program each day can really speed up your metabolism, allowing
you to eat more calories without gaining weight. What is the Basic Six Program?
All you need to do are: • Chest Press
• Overhead Press • Lat Pull Down
• Hip Extension • Knee Extension
• Hamstring Curls I’ve used this with many of my patients,
just three sets of each exercise at eight reps for each set – to muscular failure.
Muscular failure means you get to a point where the weight is heavy; you could do eight
reps, but you’re having problems doing nine or 10. So it’s really all-out activity or
an explosive burst of activity. Again, this only works if you’re following
the right nutrition system, which is the program I’ve developed called the Two Staple Nutrition
System while doing at least 30 minutes of total fat burning endurance activity, at least
five times a week. To truly understand how all of this comes
together, just download my live Weight Loss Seminar, that’s available here. It can transform
your body into the body that natured intended you to have, allowing you to enjoy looking
thinner, leaner and healthier, and you’ll be much happier with yourself, too.
Be sure to watch the three videos presented here. They will teach you how to turn your
body into a fat burning machine. These are the same principles I’ve used to coach weight
loss patients over the past 25 years and I know they will work for you, too.
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