How to Create Fancy Table Arrangements for the Holiday Season | Pottery Barn

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Pottery Barn Holiday Decorating
I'm Susanna Salk and I wanted to show you how easy it is to create a table that is
festive and beautiful and luxurious without spending a lot of money.
The key is to one time make a couple of investments that will really
year after year pay off.
It's always worth buying multiples of anything
because to me what really makes a table come to life is
the power of multiples and you put a lot on a table and it really just
looks like a special occasion.
It's all about materials, height, and layering, and these basics that you will turn to every holiday
like the Pottery Barn
eclectic silver candlesticks,
I love the shapes of these, they're both traditional and the modern but they really work together
I don't like to have things looking too matchy matchy and this
really plays off the great shapes next to one another.
And then I added a square glass in these Pottery Barn candlesticks,
and what I love about them is that they don't take up too much visual space,
but they give that sense of dimension, and you want dimension on your table, you want a little
bit of a surprise.
These Pottery barn candles are a very very good quality and they last a long long time.
Bringing in the outside elements and mixing nature in with the silvers
really does wonders.
Not only do I love the mercury glass as a votive holder for candles,
but use a bunch of them as little bud vases and fill them
with anything from holly to white roses, I love these simple berry leaves, it can give such a fun and festive look.
The cyprus garland is so so pretty
because it has a little bit of a different feel to it it's not quite absolutely traditional,
but you know it means the holidays and it looks
so beautiful with silver. The design of nature is really perfection in and of itself and you
combine that to manmade design the way pottery barn does in such a tangible way,
the combination is what makes a perfect holiday table.
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