8 Mile (4/10) Movie CLIP - We're Being Evicted (2002) HD

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[TVCharacter] Doggone pesky mosquitoes. Now, let's see.
Oh, yeah. And the mirror said...
Shit! What's the matter?
We're bein' evicted. Goddamn it!
Come on, Mom. Not in front of Lily.
I can't let Greg find out about this.
Fuck Greg.
Okay. I'm three months late.
We got 30 days to come up with the money. What do you mean "we"?
If you're gonna live here, you got to start chippin' in, Rabbit.
When's Greg gettin' his settlement check? Get the money from him.
No, no, I can't.
He's gonna ask me and Lily to move away with him.
Someplace nice, real soon.
l- I can't freak him out. You got to stop livin' your life like this.
If you really cared about Lily, you would get a job and quit fuckin'around.
I got to go. Be late for work.
What are you doin' with your life that's so great, Rabbit?
Wink's workin' on a deal where I can get free studio time...
to record my demo.
Yeah. Right.
Bye, baby.
#Alex Latourno Hotter than an inferno #
Up! # Hotter than a crack house #
- Down! - # Burn internal #
Up! Down!
I don't know why Manny's got to give me so much shit all the time, man.
Maybe it's 'cause you keep giving him reason to.
Stick to the plan, man.
Just do your work and shut the fuck up.