T-ara Hello Baby Ep 11 2/4 ENG SUB

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Moms became very happy because of Mason's cute action~
I am doing great this time isnt it?
Without noticing Mavin also joined!
Mason's expression also stopped
Addicted into dance
Why have to stop at this time...
Mavin.Mason dance together~
A variety of changes in the dance!
Baby house full of bursting laughters
Really happy dancing together with moms~
T-ara moms and the 3 brothers all are very happy
Why coming here for...?
Mavin, do you feel warm?
As an older brother, Mason take good care of his brother
Mavin hold hands
Mason not coming so Mavin have to go other place
But i cannot let my guard down
Mavin concentrating
Mavin rushing over immediately
Brother lets go together
T-ara is over here
Mavin and Mason came here to visit who?
Its mom
Son(Mason) and Vin(Mavin) came over to see Boram mom
Boram mom felt overjoyed
It feel strange when your mom, me suddenly alone here
Give me?
Mavin prepared a bouqeut of flower
Thank you
Son ah, you came here also to give me encouragement for the performance?
Mason became shy
Give me eat?
Thank you Mason
Chocolate cake
Cake, Eat cake
This is not delicious
Really like an alien
Aunt Aunt
How come i became an aunt?
I am not your aunt
Not aunt
T-ara noona
Who is this?!
Vin, you have to say hello if you met someone
Got afraid after seeing stranger
Cannot simply let the brother
How old already? 5 years old?
Can you give this to uncle?
Should be like this
Son doing great but Vin dont do that~!
Vin should do like this
I was afraid just now
Came to the scary uncle's room once again
I came to apologize what happened just now
I will eat it
Vin ah, Mason gave uncle already
No people now?
He dont dare to come out
Aigoo~ So beautiful
He hid already, hide already
Who are them?
They are my son
You both looked alike
You both looked alike
Coming out again
Going to Boram mom immediately
Son, lets go see the stage
Tour for the dancing stage GO~!
Wah~Where is here
Son, come here
Mason foot step become faster
Stage that Boram mom going to perform
Getting excited for seeing the stage the first time
Is this stage where mom going to perform?
Jumping here~
Jumping there~
The wide stage fits his heart
Learning mom's dancing steps
Am I doing great?
Mavin's dancing skills slowly developing each day
Son, Isnt Vin doing great?
Not good
YaYaYaYa LaLaLaLa
But you have to do like this
When mom asked to sing, just sing
Mavin also performing with emotions
Practicing ended!
Mavin solo performance
Mavin's dancing skills dont lose to professional dancer
Just for Boram mom
Trying his best
Special stage prepared just for Boram mom
After long awaited
Hope mom's performance success today
Good synchronising between mom and son
Vin doing great
Not good
Just like watching T-ara's dancing stage
Easily digested all those hard steps perfectly
You doing great
Not good
Watch properly. The main point is here
Mavin's full of cuteness
Finally became a real man who knew how to encourage people
Will continue growing up like a man in future
Without knowing, Mavin's performance coming to an end
Today performance FIGHTHING!
Mom, how is my performance?
Not forgetting the ending move
Vin really did well
Its LaLaLa!
Mavin got happy after performance ended
I also knew this
Mom, go after finishing this
Its time to leave
Mavin's heavy foot step (meaning dont want to leave)
Boram mom came to buy "ICECREAM"
Dont have choco icecream
There is x 2
Aigoo yah
Mavin caused trouble when he wanted to see the menu
Please give 2 chocolate one
Mood goes down immediately after causing trouble
Mavin not moving at all
Last time after playing happily
Suddenly lie down onto Jiiyeon's knee
Slept suddenly
Mavin made the moms confused
Impossible today also...?
Sleeping already
Come to mom
Actually... I am tired already
Wake me up after the icecream came
Even though he looked man-ly
But Mavin is still young
Icecream is done
Mason going to get it
Is this chocolate?
Its chocolate
Vin, the icecream is done
Dont have spoon
Is there any here?
Mavin's icecream also done
Vin, eat icecream
Mavin woke up immediately
Theres a lot in Mavin's one
Maybe because he see that I am pretty
Mason thought he gave more because he is beautiful
Really gave me a lot
Couldnt open
Try you open it
Mom eat first
Mason seemed like have gone through good teachings
Mavin also learn from brother
Mom really have to perform well after eating this
I am going to eat
Mom is going to perform
The arrival of Mason and Mavin gave Boram mom energy
Do you want to see mom's performance?
Pinky promise
Mavin also
We promised
Must come to watch
Mom have to go prepare now
Must come to watch mom's performance after finish eating icecream