Crackovia Adebayor - ENGLISH SUBS

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no ni no ne... no ni no ni Alejandoooo (instead of Alejandro of Lady Gaga's sound) Alejando = walking away
Hey, listen killo! (killo = dude in Andalucia) why am I singing "walking away"?
maybe because we were defeated yesterday by Osasuna?
Ahhmmm, thats right, ASPIRADOR(vacuum cleaner, instead of Adebayor)
My name is NOT aspirador!!! My name is Adebayor
Enmanuel Adebayor, Problematic striker. Very problematic Problems with Arsenal supporters and M. City team-mates
OK, OK, Killo
Listen, Why do you join to Real Madrid?
'cause i want to win "La Liga"
Then, you can go back to your home.... because la liga is already lost (here there is a joke about spanish Britain's got talent)
But, we also have "la copa" or the champions
If you play like yesterday.... we aren't going to win anything (even my village's petanque champ)
ok, don't care I'll show you the locker room
Look, these are the lockers...
this is Di Maria's one
Di Maria, what a curious name... (in spanish, say maria)
di maria, di maria (say maria) Maria! it's already said! Laughs
This is... the eyes guy one
this is the locker of Marcelo.... ehmm I have no idea about who is Marcelo
The most important
You have to know two players: Cristiano and Ronaldo
By the way... you look like Diarra
What Diarra? the one who went away or the other?
You have two!
he says, there is two Diarra
he's a little stupid (whispering)
two Diarras.... and two Sergio Ramos
but there is two Diarras!!!
Aspirador, aspirador (Vacuum cleaner) you have your bag full up!
Let's the press go in! I'm going to introduce you the journalists
this is the new 9...
show them, come on give them some kickabout
ok! kickabout, in spanish, toques = hits
no! What are you doing? with the ball!
ahhmmm ok!
pim pam pim pam! hostias vienen hostias van! (a lot of hits!)
you are out of your mind!
adebayor adebayor! whith you this team is going to be a party!