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Through his paintings, an artist conveys his feelings to the patrons.
The professor will die of shock if you ever turn up on time someday.
Stop it, okay? I don't have a battalion of servants like you.
I live all alone and I've got to do everything on my own.
Just chill. It isn't easy for me either.
It obviously is.
You live comfortably in a house your father has given you.
Like you live in your Mom's house.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean it.
Did you talk to your dad? - How could I?
I did phone him, but, as usual...
...it was the answering machine. He was talking business with someone.
You know, Karan...? Sometimes, I really miss...
I wish Mom were alive. It's different in your case.
You have a family. If dad's busy, you can always have a word with Mom.
But my family...
Sneha, what family talk are we going on with?
By the way, what are you doing tomorrow?
What's special about tomorrow? - It's a weekend.
I'm doing nothing much. I'll be at home.
I could turn your very exciting plan into something boring, if you wish?
There's a party at my Uncle's tomorrow.
All my relatives will be there.
If you come with me, I could introduce you to everyone.
And all your ghosts of the family will be exorcised.
How about it? - Sure.
Karan, no one can guess that you come from such a rich family.
Oh yes, that's how I look.
But once you meet the caricatures here...
...you'll be convinced I'm not one of them.
Come, let me introduce you to some of them.
As I promised, the folks I introduce you to at the party...
...will be exclusive. Very exclusive
Hello, lovely lady. It's so good to see you.
I'm Amar Rathod. - Uncle Amar, this is Sneha.
If could stop glaring... I happen to be your nephew. Karan.
Excuse me. Karan. It's good to see you.
I'm delighted to have you here...
...and even more delighted to see that...
...you've brought such a lovely lady along.
Thank you very much. - Go and have a good time.
Have some champagne. It's very good. Karan, enjoy yourself.
Come. - Well, Karan... Vicky's here.
Vicky...? - Vicky? Who's Vicky?
Let's go. - How're you.
Hi Karan. How are you?
Wow. You're looking so handsome.
Guess what? I just met Vicky. He looked so handsome and dashing...
I'm telling you, if I had two daughters...
I'd have gotten them married to the two of you at the same altar.
Isn't that a great idea? - May I go and see Vicky?
Please. Carry on, enjoy yourself like I'm enjoying.
Bye. See you later.
Karan, is your aunt always so loud?
She's louder sometimes.
As I told you, we have a number of caricatures in the family.
Now you'll get to see more... - But who's this Vicky?
A childhood friend. Lives in Delhi. I don't know what he's doing here.
Fantastic, man. Yeah.
What are you giggling away for? - Brother Karan. How're you?
I'm okay. Vicky just told us a joke.
I think you should hear this one. Is she with you? - Of course.
I'm sorry.
Hi handsome. Recognise me? - Why not?
Uncle Kapadia's daughter Chandni. - Exactly.
Sneha, this is Chandni. And this is... - Girlfriend...?
Friends. - Friends, I see.
I happened to meet another of your friends just now.
Let me guess. Vicky?
What a charming man he is.
That's it, Karan. I want to meet Vicky. Now.
Life is for fun.
Romance is here, now, this moment.
Life is for fun.
Romance is here, now, this moment.
The party's rocking because I'm here...
...if not for me, there's nothing.
Life is for fun.
Romance is here, now, this moment.
The party's rocking because I'm here...
...if not for me, there's nothing.
Life is for fun.
Romance is here, now, this moment.
I admit, I wear my heart on my sleeve...
...but I still like the way I am.
In the path of romance, I flaunt my heart.
This lovely Spring, I wait for my sweetheart...
...come to me, O pretty one, why do you stand far away from me?
Life is for fun.
Romance is here, now, this moment.
The party's rocking because I'm here...
...if not for me, there's nothing.
Life is for fun.
Romance is here, now, this moment.
Roving eyes, a smile on my lips...
My love is lovelier than love itself.
It's time for romance, for young hearts...
I'm in a daze ever since I've seen you.
Life is for fun.
Romance is here, now, this moment.
The party's rocking because I'm here...
...if not for me, there's nothing.
Life is for fun.
Romance is here, now, this moment.
Desires awaken in my heart...
A spell is being cast at this party.
How am I to stop myself...? My heart faces a dilemma.
A fire in my belly, a desire, a storm in my heart...
Live it up this moment for it won't last forever.
Life is for fun.
Romance is here, now, this moment.
The party's rocking because I'm here...
...if not for me, there's nothing.
Life is for fun.
Romance is here, now, this moment.
The party's rocking because I'm here...
...if not for me, there's nothing.
Whom are you out to kill? - You
How mean. I get nice coffee for you and you want to kill me...?
If the coffee isn't good. - It's good.
Less milk, less sugar and lots of coffee.
Absolutely power-packed. - How did you know I like strong coffee?
We have similar tastes.
Actually, it's Ramu-kaka who has made this coffee.
He's the one you share your tastes with.
Your face is also like his. - Stop being mean.
No kidding. Want me to call him here? Ramu-kaka... Ramu-kaka...
Shall we leave? - Ramu-kaka.
What happened?
Shall we leave? - Sure.
Where do you think you're going? - Mumbai.
Mumbai? - I've got an admission in your college.
Thought I'd go with you.
That's great. - I've got to rush home, Vicky.
Before my folks wake up.
If they wake up I'll have to put up with their lectures...
...for half an hour. - I'll be back in ten minutes.
You're not getting out of that bathroom before half an hour.
It's only for ten minutes. - Right. Ten minutes.
Ten minutes.
Bye, bye, see you.
Uncle, bye. - Vicky is leaving. - So early in the morning?
Aunty, look for a girl for me. - Yes, sure.
There you are. Doesn't it look like I've been visiting his place?
Let's go. Bye
What's up, Vicky? You came out pretty quick today?
When Karan saw the cop, he took to his heels.
Instead of running away...
...he ran in the direction of the cop. In slow motion.
You ought to have seen their faces.
There was a bottle in Karan's hand...
...and the cop wielded the baton.
And this friend of mine didn't even come to save me.
He behaved as if I were a stranger. - Obviously.
Mummy told me to always stay away from people who did bad things.
Really? As if you weren't drinking? - But you were one who got caught
Sneha, that cop took two thousand bucks from this guy.
Karan, I didn't know you were a drinker.
But I'm not a drinker. That was the only time I drank.
You got caught the first time.
Nobody's seen good times with you. So how could I be an exception?
He was the one who made the mistakes and I got hauled up for them.
Hello Vicky...? Gullu here.
Vicky, the bathroom...?
One second, one second. Over there... yes, Gullu?
How did you find the house? - It's superb, Gullu. Thanks.
You don't have to thank me. - If it wasn't for you...
Forget it, Vicky. - Have you given the numbers to James?
Yes, I've spoken to James. No sweat.
He'll arrange the exhibition for you.
But Vicky, that packet got left in your bag.
Don't tell me. In my bag...?
Yes. Just check, will you? See if its there.
One second. Hold on.
Yes, it's here. - You got it? Keep it with you carefully.
When I come to Mumbai, I'll collect it from you.
Okay, bye. - Bye.
Whose call was it? - A friend of mine.
He's the one who got me this house and is also arranging my exhibition.
Exhibition...? Let me take a photo of the future M.F. Hussain.
Sure. - Don't flatter him so much.
He'll start going around bare-feet from tomorrow.
Let my exhibition turn out to be a hit...
...what's bare-feet...? I'll bare everything.
Let's take a photo for that. - Sure.
Attention, please.
The Principal has something to say to you.
Students, as you might already know...
...we have the fund-raising fair for our college next week.
You will all be given stalls to display your talents.
Collect the forms from the office counter. So all the best.
Thank you, Mrs. Gupta. - Thank you.
Good morning, class. Nice to see you on time, Sneha.
As you know, in the creative interpretation session...
...we will get to know about your skills to...
You...? Are you a newcomer in the class?
Yes, ma'am. Vikram Mathur.
So let's begin with you. What's your subject?
Painting, ma'am.
Aha. Will you tell the class about your paintings...?
Why did you choose it? - Sure, ma'am.
I believe that whether it's the Mona Lisa...
...or the banner of a film, both have...
What's happening, Vikram? - She's tickling me, ma'am.
I'm doing nothing, ma'am. - Sneha, behave yourself
Stop it, will you? Sorry, ma'am
As I said, Mona Lisa is a great painting.
Mona Lisa has a couple of huge... - Vikram.
She's tickling me, ma'am. - I've done nothing.
Sneha, leave the class. - But, ma'am...
Don't argue. Just leave.
Yes, Vikram?
Third time. As I was saying, Mona Lisa had a couple of big...
Are you out of your mind, Vikram? What is it now?
He's tickling me, ma'am.
I mean, she's tickling me.
Looks like the whole class wants to tickle you today.
So it'll be better if you leave. Get out.
Get out, Vikram
Sneha. Sneha. Sneha.
Vicky, it's okay. - Okay...?
Why okay? Say thank you. - Are you in your senses?
Absolutely. My brains are in top working condition.
Ma'am threw me out of the class because of you...
...and you want me to thank you? - What else?
I rescued you from a boring lecture.
Now please don't tell me that...
...ma'am's boring lecture is better than my company.
Yes, it's better. - One moment, one moment.
I know, you're angry right now. But I also know you love my company.
What? Stop living in a dream world.
Okay, forgive me, please. - Now you're talking.
Give me a chance to make amends.
I want to buy you a cup of coffee. - Not again.
Okay. First a movie, then coffee. - Vicky, you aren't as smart...
...as you think you are. That's a nice excuse to take a girl out.
But it's beaten to death. Better luck next time.
Let's go. It's time for the show.
This ploy always works.
You're absolutely crazy. - Exactly why I'm going around with you.
My dad Major Satish Mathur was a stickler for punctuality.
What'll you have? Ramu-kaka's favourite? - Coffee.
As I telling you, Major Satish Mathur was a very nice man.
He has a very big house in Delhi. It fetches a handsome rent.
It's all fun. - Sir...
...will you please put out the cigarette?
I have an allergy to smoke.
Sit at another table. By the way, this is not a cigarette.
It's a cigar. When it's over, there will be no smoke. So simple.
What is she getting so upset for? - Sorry.
The children of nowadays.
They are always trying to prove something.
Want some cream with the coffee?
Please put out the cigar, sir. It's making her cough.
Didn't you understand when I told you once, kiddo?
No smoke.
Hello Karan. - Hey Sneha.
I'm in a movie, I'll call you back, Karan.
I'm sorry.
Get that car out of the way.
Amazing traffic in this city. It's so hot.
But I had a great time today, Sneha. I've never had a day like this.
And India's won the match by 3 wickets.
Mine's a running commentary, isn't it?
What? - Yes.
I've been talking away and you're immersed in thoughts. What's up?
You know, I need to take a leak. I want to go to the bathroom.
Since when...? - Half an hour.
Vicky, stop laughing.
Madam, you can't find a toilet around for at least half an hour.
Listen, I can't wait for that long. Vicky, do something please.
What now...? - Nothing. Sometimes...
Hiccups? - No... yes.
Water? - Water. Are you mad?
I need to go to the bathroom and you're offering me water?
Vicky, please do something.
You're the one who's got to do it, Sneha.
Okay, I'll look the other way. Do it right here.
Vicky. You're sick.
Although you are the photographer...
I'm dying to photograph you in this condition of yours.
Vicky. Do something. - Sneha, do something.
All right, I'm not very experienced but I'll try and help you.
All right. Get out of the car.
Get out of the car, Vicky? I can't even move.
If I as much as budge... - C'mon.
Open it.
Shut up and go to the bathroom.
Vicky, my house is here.
What are you thinking about?
If we hadn't found that make-up van today...
I could've blackmailed you all my life.
Vicky, you're mean.
Good night.
Vicky, you don't lose any opportunity, do you?
Why must you look surprised? I've heard enough tales about you.
It must be Karan.
No. I saw it for myself at the party. You just wouldn't let Chandni go.
One moment, one moment.
Which means someone was watching me?
You're like the girls. - What?
Can you ever keep a secret? You tattled to Sneha about me.
Whatever I told her must've been the truth.
As if she's your girlfriend. Why must you tell her everything?
No girlfriend, but she's a friend. - Friend, eh?
You're not trying to woo her as a friend, are you?
Don't even get those ideas. She's a very nice girl.
When did I say she's a bad girl?
Sure nothing's cooking between you? - No.
Think again. - I told you, there isn't.
All right. - Doesn't mean you can start something.
I don't start anything. Whatever has to happen, will happen on its own.
Nothing's happening. I know her very well.
I see.
She's a very good girl. You'd better stay away from her.
Suppose I don't?
Hey Sneha.
Hi. You had me scared.
I need to tell you something.
Tell me. - Promise me that...
...you won't lie.
I mean, don't think how I'll take it or what I'll think.
I mean... just tell me honestly.
Will you ask me?
Sure. I've written something, I'll read it out.
I shall give up my life for a smile of yours.
All I possess mean nothing before your smile.
The tears in your eyes, all your sorrows...
...will them to me. My love...
...come to me, come closer.
Honestly, I shall be with you...
...in hard times. I shall endure everything.
The roads, the distances, hear them say that...
I shall be with you. Always.
How is it?
Nonsense, isn't it?
I knew it. Just wanted to confirm with you.
Not nonsense. Absolute rubbish.
I knew it.
You are really stupid. It's lovely.
Okay, I have to go. I'm late, as usual. Bye.
Your charm...
Your intoxication...
What do I say, my love?
I'm dazed.
I'm dazed.
Your charm...
Your intoxication...
What do I say, my love?
I'm dazed.
I'm dazed.
I'm always immersed in your thoughts.
I'm always mulling over your dilemma.
Without you, I'm not at peace.
My love, I'd even give up my life for you.
My love, I have realised...
...you are obsessed about me.
Not my fault.
Not my mistake.
Your intoxication...
Is sensuous.
What do I say, my love?
I'm dazed.
I'm dazed.
Your charm...
Your intoxication...
What do I say, my love?
I'm dazed.
I'm dazed.
The doctor is here, ma'am.
Is Karan in? - Yes, sir. Come.
I'll help you shoot an award winning picture today.
Hurry up. Come on.
What is this?
He was born crazy. You too, Sneha? - She wanted some unusual pictures...
...for college. I thought nothing can be unusual than this.
It's brilliant, son.
For your fund raising fair, is it? - Yeah, Karan.
Now get ready, Karan. Get up. - Ten minutes.
Enough now. C'mon. - I'm not a poet to write like you.
Get up now. I need all sorts of pictures for my collection.
Okay. - We're waiting for you in the car.
The nipple...? - Take it.
Come downstairs.
Thanks, guys. Today I got great pictures because of you.
I don't know about you, but my favourite snap is Karan's.
Great pose. Yes, Karan?
Jackie, check out the sandwich in the car, dude.
Try us, babes. He is Rohan, I'm Vishal.
Come with us, you'll enjoy the sandwich.
Stop, Karan. I must talk to them. - Forget it, Vicky.
Sneha is with us, and they are drunk. - Stop the car, Karan.
Just forget it. - Stop, I say.
Vicky. Vicky, stop it.
Shall we...?
If not for me, they'd have thrashed you.
Just kidding. Shall we...? - C'mon.
Wait, I'll drive.
Hope she didn't collapse?
Wake up, Sneha. - Shut up, Vicky.
I hate when someone misbehaves like that.
Look who's talking. - Look who's talking.
Chill, guys.
Where are you going?
Whose? - Yours.
Let's drop Sneha first. - Sneha's car is at your place.
Who'll drive that?
If you can drive my car, you can drive hers as well.
First I drop Sneha, then you, then I drop her car at her place.
I'm Vicky, not Driver. - As a friend, I'm not asking for much.
I'm dropping you home.
Come on, Karan. He is right. Why should you drive back alone?
Thanks. - What for?
I love to drive. - Not for that...
...but for what you did for me tonight.
Personally, I hate fights but...
I felt happy.
Honestly, I just hate violence. But...
...tonight when you got into a fight for me, somehow I liked it.
I don't know... you understand what I mean?
I do.
You don't understand. - I understand.
I love you, Sneha.
I love you, Sneha.
I don't know. - I don't know?
I love you.
I don't know. What kind of an answer is that, eh?
Who do I ask? I'll ask the watchman.
He must know. Shall I ask him?
Vicky, I'll talk to you tomorrow. Bye.
Sneha, it's me. Karan.
You forgot your phone in the car.
I thought...
...you might need it.
Are you okay?
What happened?
Did someone say something?
I love you.
Vicky said that.
What did you say? - I don't know.
You don't know?
I need time to think. It's an important decision.
Yeah. You need time to think. It's a very important decision, Sneha.
Good night. - Good night.
Hi. - Hi.
What's this? - These are for exhibitions.
Where's Vicky? - Setting up a stall at the fair.
Please give this to Pooja. - Okay.
Come on in... please.
You must see how hard our students have worked.
It's been our tradition. Excellence with discipline. - Yeah.
This is the final announcement for all the students...
This blue will look really nice. - Yeah.
I Love You.
So Miss l-Don't-Know, did you decide?
Hi. - Hi.
Giant wheel has started. Let's ride.
Hi. - Hi.
What's he doing? - Vicky, no.
Vicky, what are you doing?
Get down.
What are you doing? Are you mad?
What are you up to, boss?
Shut up. I need to talk, it's urgent. - Go home and talk.
Shut up. - What are you doing?
I asked you something important, you didn't reply. Do you love me?
What...? Are you mad?
Say you love me.
Go to hell. - Tell me.
Or, I'll let myself go. You'll regret if I die.
Go to hell. Take this thing down. - Pull.
If you move it, I'll let myself go. - No, no.
Pull him down. - Stop.
Our students are talented, and to make them successful...
...we teach them to think high. Thinking high and aiming high...
...helps them climb higher.
You can see our records. Our students are always at the top.
Vicky. Stop it. - Shall I let go?
I don't care. - Shall I let go?
I don't care.
Vicky, I'm scared. - I ought to be scared, I'm slipping.
Just grow up, Vicky.
I don't want to grow up. Adults lie, children don't.
And I don't want to lie to you. Sneha...
I know we won't be happy, we'll be constantly brawling.
You will even hate the sight of me later.
I know that if you approve, you will rue this day later.
But if you turn me down today, you will never find a lover like me.
Say you love me.
I want you to see what our students are doing right now.
Pull it down, guys.
Sneha, I love you. Sneha, I love you.
Tell me, you love me. Tell me, you love me.
Hey, you. Come down.
What are you up to? - Me, sir?
Yes, you. Come down.
Such pests.
What were you up to? What do you think you were doing?
Professing my love. - Shut up.
This indiscipline will not be tolerated.
But I love her, sir.
Well young man, you can carry on the love sitting at home.
You are suspended for a month. And...
...during this period...
...you are not allowed to enter the college premises.
Please sir. Come.
I'll die.
I'll die.
I'll die, I'll ruin myself.
I'll die, I'll ruin myself.
In love, let alone my heart, even my life...
I shall dedicate to you.
I'll die.
I'll die, I'll ruin myself.
I'll die, I'll ruin myself.
In love, let alone my heart, even my life...
I shall dedicate to you.
I'll die.
I'll die, I'll ruin myself.
I've fallen for you...
...in only a few meetings.
You invade my dreams.
Don't turn away from your lover.
I shall not give up trying.
Your love, your charm...
...torment me.
I'll die.
I'll die, I'll ruin myself.
I'm gonna die.
I'll die, I'll ruin myself.
Good God.
You've set my heart racing.
Why don't you understand my gestures?
Before your persistence...
I yield.
I've realised your restlessness, my love.
Listen to me, my love...
I accept your plea.
I'm gonna die.
I'll die, I'll ruin myself.
I'll die, I'll ruin myself.
I'll die, I'll ruin myself.
I'll die, I'll ruin myself.
I'll die, I'll ruin myself.
I'll die, I'll ruin myself.
Idiot. You are still sleeping? I phoned you half-hour back.
Get up, Vicky. - Am I dreaming about you?
Then why are you wearing clothes? - Very funny.
Are you getting up? Or do I drench you?
There are better ways to wake one up. - Get up.
Stop it... stop it.
You pinched me. - Vicky, I'm not over here for this.
I only came to ask you where's Karan.
Don't you think you should ask Karan that?
Stop joking. He's not even taking my calls.
No idea. Did you talk to him? I wonder where he is.
I know what the problem is.
I know where he is.
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