Space Battleship Yamato Resurrection 宇宙戦艦ヤマト復活篇 3 9

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We raised Yamato. Don't want him to sink her again.
Say that again!
Come on.
You're chief pilot Mr. Kobayashi...'re chief combat team Mr. Kamijo, eh?
Kosaku Omura, XO.
Don're care. But remember we raised Yamato!
Shut up!
Yamato was raised by all people's courtesy.
Gentlemen, I'm Yamato's captain, Susumu Kodai.
I owe your life from today.
Yamato and we save all mankind.
Escort squads 7,8,9 took off the Lunar Base.
Rendezvous the 3rd migration convoy.
Standing by at Moon orbit.
Ready to take off.
Aye sir. Start wave motion engine.
Move to ECI for initialization, sir.
All system green, sir.
Engine room, system all green.
Engine room all green, sir.
All uplink open.
Good reception, sir.
Radar all green.
Fireing system all green, sir.
All ship green.
Navigation system all green, sir.
Ready to take off, sir.
Elevate dock.
Start sub engines.
Power up sub engines.
Switch on.
10 seconds to run 1st and 2nd fly wheels.
1st fly wheel ignition!
2nd fly wheel ignition!
Release gantry lock.
Yamato take off.
God speed, Yamato.
Good luck, Kodai.
Mr. Kobayashi, good take off.
Piece of cake.
Solar System belongs to "Orion Wing."
30000 light years from galaxy core.
We are here.
Black-hole moves this way toward Earth.
Amar of the Cylam solar system is our destination.
27000 light years from Earth towards galaxy core.
Migration convoy gets there by several warps...
...but 1st and 2nd convoys were anihilated at the mid-point, by unknown enemy, 17000 light years from Earth.
Yamato has to get there and must return with the convoy.
...before cascade balck-hole hits Earth.
Initiate 1st warp when the convoy is ready.
Dr. Sasaki...
...mind me asking about your goggle?
Sir, didn't you know... main station is combat pilot.
Sir...I'm not comfortable with "Doctor."
Please call me "Miharu."
1st and 2nd engine ignition!
Aye. Fire 1st and 2nd!
Yamato, initiate warp!
Yamato and 3rd convoy were cruising in fear of attack...
...and hurried to Amar.
At the same time...
Attention all delegates of the Star Alliance.
Secretary general and delegate of S.U.S., Sir. Letzler on podium.
Our common enemy Earth started migration.
Look, gentlemen.
Earth intends to...
...this is a real take...
We must stop them.
I make a joint resolution to destroy Earth fleet...
...with all forces we have.
No peace unless Earth goes down.
Admiral, Star Alliance message via the Etos Army.
Read it.
Fleet took off Earth. Locate and distroy them.
Location, 17000 light years from Earth.
So far, so good.
Ms. Orihara, launch probes.
Aye, sir. Launching probes.
What's this...Maho?
Honey-comb search network.
Watch dog to find us.
1st and 2nd migration convoys probably got trapped by this...
Maho, show me where it ends.
Gentlemen, come to CIC.
No ends...
Can't penetrate...
Yamato can, but the convoys can't.
Captain, how about divert?
Do long warps.
Yamato has enugh energy, but the convoys don't.
Probably possible.
BH119 black-hole is near the convoy.
Fly toward it and do a sling shot.
Transmitting flight plan.
It's 300 times heavier than our Sun...'s got a heavy gravity.
Convoys can sling shot to get on speed.
Fly by the black-hole and warp.
What if they missed, Maho?
...they will get off the threshold and fall into the black-hole.
But it's possible.
Hey, academy!
You should know there is no sign to locate threshold.
Remember how many lives we owe.
Your plan is a cruise along the point-of-no-return, academy boy!
Mr. Omura, what do you think?
Not easy, sir. No history of such flight...
We have no choice, do we?
Yes, sir...
We fly by.
No room to entertain risk assessment.
Ms. Orihara, transmit accurate location of BH119.
Mr. Sakurai, brief the convoy the flight plan.
Yes, sir.
Here they are.
All hands, ready to engage.
Calling all convoys.
We initiate final warp towards the Cylum solar system.
Follow the procedure and take off.
Use stabilizer...
Maintain 99 space knot.
Increase speed to 120 space knot.