Lavender Guide : Making Lavender Gift Baskets

Uploaded by expertvillage on 29.09.2008

In this segment we're going to talk about how to make a lavender gift basket. Choose
a real pretty box, something that you know will hold all the products that you want to
put in your basket. For this one we've chosen this traveler train basket, or box. And, I
would recommend that you use a natural fiber fill, because you can fluff this up to stand
your products up, as you want them to be seen in your basket. Just pile these in, nice and
easy, pat those down. And as you can see, when you use natural fiber you can always
pull an area up to display your products better. After you've taken your...your fill and placed
it in your basket, you can choose your assortment of lavender products. Put a lotion, liquid
goat's milk, bath bar soap. And another thing to remember when you're loading up your gift
basket is to try to keep things in balance. And remembering that your taller products
should be placed either to the back or to the sides, so that when you're looking at
your gift basket you're able to see everything that's inside of your basket. In order to
finish up your gift basket to make it available for presentation, you can either use a muslin
bag. You can simply tie a ribbon around your case, or you can use a cellophane wrap. And
when using a cellophane wrap, you can add bows and ribbons and cards, and it'll shrink
it up and keep it nice and safe. Just simply take your cellophane, wrap it around your
product, leaving enough space on top, so that when you take your heat gun and you shrink
this plastic down, you have enough leeway to put a pretty ribbon around your package.