Into the light - a story by Anna Telford

Uploaded by answers on 14.06.2011

We are a city with a beachfront. But we were living like people that didn't have a beachfront
at night the beachfront was a no go area if you rode a bicycle down there you were going to get into trouble
if you rode a skateboard there you were definitely in trouble. Nobody came down to the beachfront any more.
Let's face it you know, the criminals like dark places they don't like to be where there's light
and that's been given back to us and we're really grateful!
I knew that I was losing my business and I was dying a death actually.
I've been pushed to places that I need to try and deal with
and thats what the beachfront did for me you know.
When I go there I just don't worry about the outside world at all
it's been a wonderful antidote to what I've been going through.
I was riding along the promenade and I came across the skatepark.
As a kid I would have dreamt to have had something like this.
And here it was!
I sat there on the wall with my bike and I just watched the guys skating.
I felt very much like an outsider. I didn't believe that I would ever skate.
You know it's hard. If you think, ok, I'm a 50 yr old man I'm going to walk into the park and start skating
the biggest challenge is in your own head, you know.
Why do you want to do this juvenile thing?
And then I realized I'm doing it for myself!
So I went up the biggest ramp there and I rode over it.
And all the laaities were waiting for me to fall and I didn't fall!
So then they started to respect me a little bit you know.
I'm skating intermediate. I'm not as good as them. I can't 'air'...
I wanted to give the kids some recognition. They were like sheep without a shepherd.
The idea of a competition came and it just started to roll and it got bigger and bigger.
And everybody bought in.
I did go to skateboard competitions in the '70s.
But they were completely different to what the kids do now.
Big learning curve, you know, what kind of music do you play?
The technical issues, make sure that we got the right sounds,
trying to get t-shirts printed.
I just hope that the kids will really benefit from this, you know,
and never forget this day in their lives.
Ok, this is badly done, but never mind, we'll fix it up.
Wow! I love the colours.
What do you think? Do you like it?
Skater boys! Skater boys rule!
Guys if you're spending a day down at the beach, make your way down to the skate comp.
We're having a mad competition down here at 11 O'clock 'til 4.
Bikini contest, daddy races, loads of fun bro!
It doesn't matter how well your event is planned, how well whatever.
Something can come along and just knock it off.
When it started raining my heart sank.
We'd only got through the Juniors when nature comes in and she takes one swipe
and just says you ain't gonna have your competition today.
And I had to make the call and say OK, the contest is going off.
It was like getting knocked out in the first round of a boxing fight.
I felt that an injustice had been done to a lot of the kids.
And I just wish that I'd had two more hours to do this thing properly.
Broken hand, broken ribs, broken ankle, broken knee...
Yeah, I'm loving it guys!
After the rain, a few of the boys gave me a call and they invited me to a night ride.
And we went and put the day behind us.
It was wonderful. The lights were out. The city was ours.
And we knew - everything's going to be ok, you know?
The night ride just told me that the future's looking good.
My life has gone through various chapters
and I'm happy where I'm at.
It´s a wonderful journey.
I just look at it and I say thank you very much for taking me out of that place,
that very dark place and moving me into the light.