Yoga and Depression

Uploaded by yogatic on 16.07.2012

everyone, welcome to Ekhart Yoga, my name is Esther
I'd like to talk to you a little bit about depression and feeling low
which we all know
we all get it now and then, some a little bit worse then others
and how yoga can help you when you go through that.
when you're depressed your energy is stuck and
if you imagine your system as an energy system which it is
than things come in should move through and come out and
once something doesn't feel good or we're in a low mood for too long
something comes in it gets stuckg and it doesn't move out so thats where yoga
can be very helpful is to get sti energy moving and to get you moving
because you get into this place where you don't do anything anymore and i think
you will all recognized that when you have been there been there
first of all i would recommend to move your body to get the energy
flowing so don't be too passive
keep going
and then i would recommend to do a passive back bent or something to open the whole
chest area
and then i would recommend to meditate and to sit with whatever comes up
when you meditate you create a holding space for whatever is
to you at a moment' and you create distance, instead of it happening to you
you sort of
observe it happening to, it just happens
and that away again taking that distance also gives
opening for things to move along when you're ready and and when you're done with them
these three things
get the energy moving
do a passive backbend, do a meditation
will be helpful. I made a video about that and you can click here it's about
fifteen minute a routine that takes you true all of those three things so you can
learn to do that for yourself at home
the other thing of course is if your depression is severe
you've tried a lot of things and you're really stuck, you need tot find help
sometimes you need someone to hold that space for you, not yourself ok
and it's really important just get out there and find the help you need, we all
almost need to go to that once in our life's too just find someone to hold the
space for us so we can move safely through whatever we need to move through
and that's really what I what i wish for you that's needed that you have the courage
to reach out and ask for help
in the meantime
do the sequence
on the video the longer video and get the help you need when you need to and I hope this is helpful
for you, namaste