Love Story 2050 Part 6 w/Eng Subs HD DvDRip (2008)

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"Death or Life..."
"Whatever be the barrier."
"It doesn't wait."
"This kind of love."
"It will melt God's heart."
"How is our love story?"
"It's like a dream, our love story."
Ms. Chalk. Come on please.
You fool. You are a lousy fool.
You wasted 15 years.
Where is my chalk, Chalk?
I have got it. I have got it. I have got it.
It works. It works.
I can't believe it yes it works.
It works Karan, it works.
My time machine works.
Good uncle Ya.
I am happy for you.
Brother Karan.
Brother Karan.
You don't look happy.
Look, I can't see you like this.
If by bringing Sana back I can put a smile to your face...
...then we will bring back Sana.
Bring back Sana.
From the past.
We just have to go 4 days back, that's it.
All you have to do is avoid the accident, that's all.
Uncle Ya. - Yes.
Is it possible, uncle Ya?
Can Sana... is it possible, uncle Ya.
Not until yesterday, but it is possible now...
...thanks to the time machine!
Are you ready?
Come with me boy.
Oh no, this can't happen to me now? No.
What happened, uncle Ya. - It's hung.
The time code has been locked.
It's stuck in one place.
It's says Mumbai 2050. I can do nothing to change it.
Mumbai 2050, uncle?
Uncle, Sana wanted to go there.
That night when we came inside the time machine.
She typed this with her own hands!
She typed this with her own hands!
That means... - She knew, uncle.
I can feel it uncle.
I don't know why but I can feel that Sana is waiting for me, uncle.
She's waiting for me, uncle.
She is there! Trust me, uncle!
I can feel it uncle.
Just take me there!
No, no, no, no! - Mumbai 2050!
Karan, it's easier to go in the past...
...because we know what has occurred.
There is a risk in going into the future.
How will people... be?
Will we be able to come back? You understand what I am saying?
I don't care uncle!
Just take me to her once! Please!
Anyway... anyway, there is no one here who misses me.
That's right, who will miss you?
Actually the one who will miss you... is coming with you!
I am coming with you!
2050, Mumbai here we go!
Come on, sit. Here we go!
In the box... in the box... c'mon!
Time is not linear, just like there is a difference of 8...
...and half hours in New York...
...and in Bombay... you know it's not like...
It's time travel, it's instant.
We will land in Mumbai at 6: 15 p. M. In the evening.
It will be a Friday, okay?
23rd September, 2050!
We will get only 30 days in the future.
You got to do your job in 30 days.
Now, on 22nd October at 12 o'clock in the night...
...we will have to come back.
30 days?
30 days!
And what if I don't find Sana in 30 days, then?
I am sorry Karan, the machine is auto-locked.
30 days later, this machine will return with or without us.
Good luck!
I don't need luck, uncle, I have love.
Good luck boy!
We have reached! We have reached!
Uncle Ya, looks like we are in some ruins!
Are you sure we are in 2050?
I am checking! I am checking!
This board looks old... quite old.
This property is under dispute. By order Mumbai High Court. September...
...2039... oh my God!
Uncle Ya, we are in the future, check this out!
We are! We are!
We are in front of Marine Drive!
Mumbai 2050, we have made it!
That's right!
We are in Walkeshwar, in a run down property.
No one comes here anymore.
Rahul! Thia!
What were you doing in the machine?
Sorry! - Sorry!
When we heard, that you are going to meet Sana...
...we couldn't stop ourselves.
We want to meet Sana too!
We miss her.
Okay, okay, but you will have to behave yourselves.
Thank you! - Thank you!
I am here, Sana!
I am here to take you back!
What happened, Andy? I can't find it.
Come on Andy!
You don't know how important it is to find them for Dr, Hoshi!
Some people must be aboard it!
Where are they? Find them?
Police! Are they looking for us?
We will have to hide! Yes, we will have to hide. C'mon! Let's go.
Just find it!
Don't try! Just do or die!
Come on, quickly!
Come on, come on.
Close the door uncle! - Close it.
Switch on the light!
What is this uncle Ya?
I think it is a robot recycling yard.
All the old and inactive robots are kept here to be fixed.
Like a robot hospital, you know!
Look at this one. She is quite pretty!
Help! Help! Karan!
Karan! Are you okay, Karan? - Damn! Oh God!
Help! Help me please.
Help! Help! Help me Karan!
It's a humanoid robot.
The robot in which artificial intelligence has been used.
Technically, this robot can feel.
Jesus Christ!
Uncle Ya, this robot can help us too.
You think you can repair it?
Why not!
Great. - Thank you Karan! Thank you Karan!
You are welcome! Thank you Karan!
Thank you...
Wake up princess!
Thank you! Thank you! What...
It is a very old model, uncle!
It's not old, it's a smart model.
I spoke the last sentence in Hindi... she replied in Hindi!
If I would have asked in English, how are you doing young lady!
I am fine, thank you!
Who are you exactly?
My ID is, Q. T!
Quintessential Terrestrial!
An artificial human being.
Artificial what...
No. No... I think Q. T is better.
A cute one... Q. T! Correct? - Yeah.
You have given me a new life, you are my new master.
Master! What is all this crap?
We are friends, Q. T!
You can call me buddy, partner, dude... - Sec C!
Section C is right here!
Q. T's permanent memory chip!
Anything that's here, can never be erased.
From today you are Sec C!
Sec C!
Specifications! Quintessential Terrestrial!
Weight 52 kilos!
Control unit, wireless transmission!
The three standard laws of robots.
We don't harm humans!
We love humans!
We serve humans!
And we love kids too.
Sorry Sec C, I can't find your ID!
Have you come from another world!
Not from a different world Q. T, but from a different time.
But we don't know anything about this time, or place.
We have come from the year 2008, to search for someone.
The police can arrest you anytime for having no ID.
You cannot stay here for long, like this.
Q. T, what's that?
The City Centre, this is where all the youngsters hangout!
Wow! Let's go Q. T, please!
Then, where are we going Q. T?
Whose house is this Q. T?
Dr. Kolatkar! We are absolutely safe here!
I have the access codes to all the areas here.
After all, I was born here.
I love this place.
Look at it.
Welcome. Greetings.
I am Kanta!
I'm the housemaid of this house.
You have come to our house for the first time.
If you need anything, then just say Kanta...
...and I will come instantly!
Yeah? - Nothing Kanta, you leave!
Kanta, you can go! - Ok.
Sorry Kanta!
Will you guys stop it?
No one is going to say Kanta! Kanta!
I am sorry Kanta, that... it's okay.
Q. T, I am seeing you after such a long time.
Dr. Kolatkar would have been so happy to see you!
Right now, he has gone to Tokyo along with his family...
What happened?
What happened?
If Kanta informs Dr. Kolatkar that I am here...
...then he'll activate the sound alert and all of us will be caught.
So I've removed the problem from the roots.
This is a first generation robot.
It's good that you have Australian dollars!
Now they are collector's items!
You're rich. Let's go down now.
Fake ID activated!
Fake ID activated!
Fake ID activated!
Now there is a ID chip in everyone's wrist!
You will be fortunate if this works even for a month!
No bill, no guarantee!
Tell me Sec C!
What are you thinking?
We don't have much time Q. T!
I have to look for Sana!
Sana, the one who has left her memories in my Section C!
And has come here
2050 is so beautiful, I feel like embracing every passerby!
Hey! Watch out!