Global Supply Chain Security, with TSA Administrator Pistole

Uploaded by USAandEurope on 25.03.2011

One of the key initiatives that we are focusing on is a global supply chain initiative, which
involves a number of organizations including, of course, the World Customs Organization,
ICAO, the International Civil Aviation Organization, UPU, and the International Maritime Organization.
All this entities come together with agencies, such as the Department of Homeland Security,
Transportation Security Administration, TSA, that I had, Customs Border Protection and
others to address some of those vulnerabilities that we saw from the cargo plot out of Yemen
last fall. We are focusing on several different areas to address the Global Supply Chain security.
One is recognizing we are not in the risk elimination business that we’re in the risk
mitigation business, so we recognize we can’t eliminate all risks, but what steps can we
take, collaboratively, with industry to address some of those vulnerabilities? And some of
it is to deal with known shippers and known shipments, for example, in the cargo area
and then as it relates to passengers dealing with those that we know more about and doing
additional screening for those we don’t know about.