Coma (昏迷) EP1/5 with Eng Sub & 中字 (Korean Horror)

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Hey, Mr. Lee. Come over here.
This section doesn't look right.
What is it?
There shouldn't be a wall here.
Do you want to take it down?
Mr. Kim, help me with this.
What are you doing?!
Stop it! Wait a minute!
Let go of me. Damn it!
No! Stop it! Don't do that!
Hey! Get out of the way! Geez!
There's nothing behind that wall!
Then what's your problem, lady?
You must not open the door! Don't go there...
What is this place?
I thought you were hiding something special here.
Oh my gosh... You opened the door.
This is some freaky mental hospital.
Birthday Party
They unlocked the room! They opened it!
It's still alive! It's alive!
Hey Mister.
Watch what you're doing. That's an expensive piece of equipment.
Will you stop bothering me? Do you own this?
Just mind your own business. And pack your stuff, too.
Excuse me.
As you can see, we're closing down.
Our hospital went out of business.
Didn't you hear me?
I'm from the insurance company.
I came to meet the hospital director and Ms. Lee So-hee. She's a patient here.
So did you make a decision?
Actually, I came here to tell you
that our insurance company will not cover
Ms. Lee So-hee's transfer to another mental institution.
Well, in that case, you could have just called us.
Why'd you come here?
It's my job to check for any falsified insurance claims
as well as any cases where our company
might have been overcharged.
As you are aware, our hospital is closing down.
Is that more important than the patient's life?
Doctor, I think there's a misunderstanding.
Namwon Hospital signed an insurance policy
with us not Lee So-hee...
Since your hospital was found to be
at fault for causing Lee So-hee's medical problems,
our company has been paying her medical bills.
But when your hospital closes down,
our contract automatically expires.
In that event, we are not held liable for
covering her medical expenses.
Do you want me to show you the contract?
We're talking about the life of a patient here.
A hospital is not some charity organization.
And neither are we.
You can make an exception, can't you?
Please accept this money.
I just want to help my patient as best as possible.
Is this how you help your patients?
Let me first see the patient.
Oh, of course.
You still tremble a lot.
A hospital is not some charity organization.
Take care of this matter quietly.
Oh my goodness!
Where can I find Lee So-hee?
Get in.
This way.
No one has reported her missing and she has no visitors.
Come in.
Why is she placed
in the back of the room? She's the only patient here.
How would I know?
Even though she's in a coma, she looks fine.
It's a little creepy.
I need to go downstairs.
Come to the 1st floor after you're done.
These are her medical records.
That's all?
You can be prosecuted for
withholding records on purpose.
Why would we withhold her records?
What's inside that cabinet?
Oh, that?
I don't know if I should tell you this...
Oh well... Our hospital will close down by tomorrow so it's probably OK.
All the records of patients who died here are placed in that cabinet.
Those records will get shredded.
Could you leave the room so I can study these records?
Come in...
Are you Lee So-hee's doctor?
But who are you?
I'm from the insurance company.
Well, we're going out of business so why are you here?
I checked Lee So-hee's medical records
and I found a few discrepancies with the records that we received.
The administration staff must have made a few mistakes.
In the records we received, it says that Lee So-hee slipped
into a coma after her operation. But in the nurse's report...
I can't help you. The administration staff quit already.
I can tell you how to reach them.
Then what about the numerous needle marks and
bruises on the patient's arm?
They didn't look normal to me.
Could you explain that to me?
When you're in a coma, you're not in a normal state, you know.
That's a very simple explanation.
Perhaps you prefer complicated answers.
Could you leave if you don't have anything else to say?
I still didn't finish packing my stuff.
If you do not cooperate with me then it might be impossible
for us to cover Lee So-hee's transfer to another hospital.
What did you just say?
You'll transfer her?
Who says you can do that?
Listen to me carefully.
I won't let you touch my patient.
I'll make you pay for it. So go home.
I'm a doctor not some cop who looks for missing people.
So go back home.
I won't let this happen!
It's over now.
I'm going to transfer Lee So-hee to another hospital no matter what.
Didn't you meet the insurance person?
Dr. Jang.
Why don't you visit your family in America?
Take a break for a month. You'll feel better after that.
I'll look for a position for you while you're away.
No thanks. Good luck.
I'll never come here again.
If you want to get answers ask the director.
He knows everything about this hospital.
Did you see the patient?
We should transfer her, right?
There's one thing that mystifies me.
Why is Dr. Jang obsessed with that patient?
I don't know.
I need answers if you want me to help your patient.
I can't tell you what I don't know.
But have we ever met before?
The records don't match and the doctor is out of his mind.
This is a strange hospital.
Nobody will cooperate with my investigation and
they're not giving me any answers.
This is a waste of time.
Sir, I'm going back.
Yoon-young, calm down.
You know, you always get irritated when we bring up that hospital.
I can't stand it here. I can't continue my work.
Just gather all the records and return to the office,
Let's talk about it when you get back.
By the way, I heard that today is your birthday.
Sorry for ruining your day.
My birthday?
What? You forgot the date of your own birthday?
That's so like you.
Oh, I have to go. I'll call you later.
The janitor eats human flesh with that mop.
You're lying.
It's true. I heard it.
He also pours blood into that bucket
and drinks it when there's a full moon.
Yoon-young, wait up for me!
Mrs. Kim Bok-ja from Bokseong, please come to the emergency room.
One, two, three, four, five, six...
Where are you?
Yoon-young, where are you? Yoon-young...
Let's hurry or else we'll be late for the birthday party.
The food is going to be great.
What are you doing? You're not gonna go?
Joo-hee, I'm sorry. I don't think I can go.
Hye-young might be crying.
What? What's your problem? You always change your mind.
I'll keep my promise on my birthday. We'll have fun then.
Joo-hee, Joo-hee...
Liar. You lie all the time.
How old are you?
What's your name?
You're staying at room 310, right?
Have some. You don't like it?
What are you doing there?
Yoon-young, where were you hiding?
You might have gotten Mom worried.
What's wrong?
Hye-young, could you stop that?
Stop it!
It's noisy!
Can I invite my friends over on my birthday?
Oh, you're so immature...
Our home is a mess and
I'll have to prepare food for your birthday.
I don't have time for that.
Oh, OK.
I'll throw a birthday party for you.
But you have to make sure Hye-young doesn't get hurt.
Mom, I'll do that.
Do you have a photo of Lee So-hee?
Do you also check her x-ray photos?
That's strange.
Hye-young is still in pain.
I know so I gave her a painkiller.
Why aren't you back?
I'm taking photos of the patient.
Photos? You decided to transfer her?
You said you couldn't stand it there.
Just return and leave that patient there.
Leave it to me.
This patient will die
if we follow the normal procedures.
Send an ambulance here after you contact the hospital.
We have decided to transfer Lee So-hee to a city hospital.
An ambulance will arrive soon to take her.
Really? That's great.
Please have her records in order before the ambulance arrives.
Tell the director I'm sorry that I couldn't say bye to him.
You're going to leave without meeting him?
Hey, Nurse Han. Are you free?
You're packing your things?
Why do I have to wait for the ambulance to come?
I can just send you a fax.
You need my signature? No, not really.
But I don't want to wait here.
It's uncomfortable.
Alright then.
Oh, sorry.
This is the same necklace that your sister has,
It's a gift. A butterfly necklace.
If you combine yours and mine, it becomes a butterfly.
Thanks, Yoon-young.
Hye-young, what are you drawing?
Don't look at it. It's a secret.
Why do you have so many secrets?
Mom, tomorrow is my birthday.
I feel sorry for your situation.
But it's time that you give up.
You can't afford to pay for her medicine.
You should look out for the people who'll live.
She'll hear you. Hye-young won't die.
I'm going to see her get better.
It's a hopeless situation.
Take care of your first daughter.
Why put her through this?
Anyway, we're going to discharge her tomorrow.
I know about your problems.
But you haven't paid us for months.
Just wait a few more days.
Just a few more days.
- Let go of me. - What about my Hye-young?
A hospital is not some charity organization.
Take care of this matter quietly.
If they send Hye-young home like he said...
Be quiet. Think about Hye-young...
What about me? I'm your daughter too.
I want to play with my friends.
The kids tease me that I smell bad since
I practically live here!
Mom, you have a hard time. If Hye-young is gone then...
You bad girl. Shut up.
I invited my friends over tomorrow.
It's just one day...
Then I'll be lying to my friends again...
Yoon-young, happy birthday.
When will your mom be back?
I don't know. My mom is busy working.
Look, kid.
When your mom comes back. Tell her that either she pays her bills
or else she'll have to leave.
Tell her this is the last warning.
Hye-young, Hye-young.
You said you don't like it here, right?
Let's go home.
Be quiet.
Yoon-young, can I wear my raincoat?
OK, I'll let you wear it
so you have to listen to me.
Wait a minute.
Stay here until I come back, OK?
Like how we play hide-and-seek?
You lose if you get found, OK?
Hye-young, where are you? Answer me!
Where are you?
Hye-young! Hye-young!
Hye-young! Hye-young!
Where the hell are you? Hye-young?
Hye-young! Where are you? Say something. Hye-young!
Hye-young! Where are you?
Hye-young! Where is my daughter?
Where is she? Hye-young. Hye-young.
Oh my daughter... Where is she?
Where did you hide her?
- Find my daughter now! Bring her to me! - What's the matter?
Where'd you hide her?
Please calm down. Will you stop making a commotion?
- My daughter... Where is my daughter? - Please leave.
I won't go! Find my daughter!
Hye-young! Hye-young!
When did you...
last see your sister?
What settlement?
Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. To you...
Yoon-young, I'm sorry.
Please open the door.
Do you know how much of a pain you were?
I couldn't play with my friends because of you.
Yoon-young, I'm sorry.
Please open the door.
Hye-young, I was too young back then.
Yoon-young, I'm scared. I won't do it again.
Yoon-young. Open the door.
Please forgive me...
Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you.
To you...
My Sister.
- Don't come near me. - Happy birthday...
Happy birthday to you.
Don't come closer.
Don't come near me.
- I told you to stay away! - Happy birthday to you.
Stay away from me.
Don't come any closer.
No, you're not Hye-young!
Hye-young died that day!
Hye-young died...
She died.
Yoon-young, I'm getting dizzy. It's scary.
What's scary? It's fun.
Let me get off, Yoon-young. I want to get off.
I'll return after I earn enough money to pay the medical bills.
I couldn't hold a birthday party for you...
I'm sorry for leaving this to you.
I'm sorry. Yoon-young. Take care of Hye-young.
I wish you would just disappear.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to Yoon-young...
Yoon-young. Happy birthday.