Wegmans Summer Tortellini Salad

Uploaded by wegmansfoodmarkets on 15.05.2011

Today IĞm making a summer tortellini salad.
ItĞs a great way to use a lot of seasonal fresh vegetables,
including asparagus. Let me tell you a little
something about asparagus. A lot of folks are convinced
that the thinner spears are better than
the thicker ones, but really, they both have
the same amount of fiber to them, itĞs just that the thicker ones
have a little bit more meat, little bit more moisture
to them. So thatĞs my preference.
But in the end, itĞs all a question of personal taste.
I love making fresh pasta at home,
but I donĞt always have the time to do that.
So thatĞs when I head for our Italian Classics line of fresh pastas.
And thereĞs so much variety to choose from here.
Fresh pasta salads using fresh pasta,
or any kind of pasta for that matter,
are great to make in advance because they always taste better
the next day. So this one calls
for six cheese tortellini, thatĞs what I have,
and IĞm ready to cook. Okay, the pasta,
the tortellini for this recipe are already cooked according
to package instructions, and we have them in
the bowl ready for us for a little bit later.
But first, we have to prep the veggies.
So what IĞm going to do is combine one bunch of asparagus
that have already been cut up into about one and a half inch pieces.
And along with one red pepper cut into strips,
and um, one red onion, not a huge red onion,
a medium to-- small to medium size is good.
Make sure these pieces are separated well over here.
WeĞre going to season this with some salt and pepper.
And um, get that in there to taste, alright.
And finally our drizzling oil, just a little bit.
You can do this in a um, in a bowl
or I like to save a pan and not dirty too many.
So, IĞm just gonna drizzle it right on top of the veggies.
Give it a nice shake like that, itĞll evenly coat it.
So youĞre good to go. Now, weĞre going to roast
these veggies. This is a pasta salad,
and you donĞt want your vegetables to be raw,
but this way, roasting them instead of boiling them
just intensifies the flavor, and that flavor of a little bit
of caramelization is really delicious. So letĞs take these to
a pre-heated 450 degree oven for about 10 to 12 minutes.
Okay, this looks good. You can actually see
that the onions are beginning to caramelize a little bit
around the edge. The veggies are tender, but theyĞre
not really browned or dark. So IĞm gonna move this over
into our um, a glass bowl where weĞre gonna hold them
until we finish the other veggie prep, which is
going to be our zucchini. Here, I think I can now
carefully... because itĞs a little bit still hot,
transfer those over here. Okay, weĞre gonna use this again.
So, carefully move that down right here
and transfer our zucchini, which are cut up into
nice small pieces here, like, little quarter inched dice, actually.
Spread those very carefully all over the parchment paper.
Again, about a tablespoon of basting oil.
You wanna get those as much into a single layer as possible,
just so that they cook evenly and quickly.
ThatĞs about it. Again, weĞre gonna season this
with some salt and pepper. And we want to ba--
roast these for about oh, five to seven minutes.
They should be tender but not brown,
just nice and soft throughout. So letĞs take this back
to the oven. This is looking good.
Nice little pieces-- confetti pieces of zucchini
that are nice and tender but not too brown.
And IĞm gonna let that um, rest or actually chill
in the refrigerator now for about an hour
before we finish this recipe. Okay, this has been chilling and now
weĞre ready to finish this recipe. The first thing weĞre
gonna do is add um, some grape tomatoes,
and theyĞve been cut in half. There we go, just get
everyone out there. And the whole container
of pesto sauce. ItĞs gonna add a lot of flavor
to this recipe. But we have other things to add,
so not to worry. WeĞre good here.
And then we have about three tablespoons of pine nuts
that have been toasted. And you can toast these
in the oven or you can toast them in a skillet,
dry toast them that way, just until theyĞre nice
and lightly brown. ThatĞs about three
tablespoons right there. WeĞve got about a dash
of Tabasco sauce just for a little heat,
little extra flavor there. A couple dashes
if you prefer. Add some salt and pepper
to that and give it a final little bit of seasoning.
Okay, just a small amount. Alright, weĞre gonna toss
that with our tortellini in a minute, but first of all letĞs take
some extra basil thatĞll just give it
that pop of fresh basil flavor. And IĞve actually,
if you look here, just stack the basil leaves
one on top of each other like that. WeĞve got about 15 here.
And IĞm just gonna cut this into a fine chiffonade, or thin strips.
And then add that to our veggies.
And finally weĞre going to add in the tortellini.
And then gently just toss the mixture all together
until everything is nicely incorporated and blended.
This is another one of those pasta salads thatĞs better made
the day before because it gives the flavors really
a chance to meld, and combine,
and itĞll be even better the next day.
So um, enjoy.