Kamal Abbas, general coordinator of CTUWS in Egypt

Uploaded by ITUCCSI on 14.03.2011

The revolution of January 25th
is the greatest in the Egyptian people history.
Egyptians were able to get the president
"Mohamed Hosni Mubarak" down within 18 days
For 18 days, millions of the Egyptians people
were demonstrating all over the Egyptian cities
where Tahrir square was the center of attraction for the world
and turned to be Kiblah
to the Egyptians rebels all over the country.
All the political analysts
agreed that labor strikes organized on 9 and 10 February
in all the Egyptian cities
which included the most important economic and service sectors
played a major role
in getting the president down
and also it was the strong hand which pushed the revolution train
to reach its final destination.
Now, the president has got down so we should complete the tasks
of the revolution which are:
Establishing an independent trade union federation
capable of defending workers' economic and social rights
and able to conduct true negotiations
to achieve better working conditions
which workers were deprived from for long
and used to work
in conditions similar to the labor black market.
Egyptian workers should play prominent role
in establishing a national dialog association
to include all political and trade union powers.
Such association
should function according to a democratic dialog
enabling to build
a new Egyptian state
based on democracy and social justice.
When Egyptian went out to demonstrate,
their main slogan was "Bread,
democracy and social justice"
They were against slavery and poverty.
They were calling for the state of freedom and democracy.
The president has been got down
but his staff and tools
which were used to suppress Egyptians still around.
Namely, the governmental federation
which played a role in suppressing
the Egyptian labor movement.
This federation
which was one of the most important tools
of the former regime
should be removed completely
and end its role in order to allow
the establishment
of the independent federation
which truly represent workers,
achieve trues working conditions
and freely bargain.
Leaders of the governmental federation
are currently circumventing within a desperate attempt
to keep playing an opposite role against the labor powers
working on establishing the independent federation of trade unions.
Now , and as it was always, we need your solidarity
through playing true role to establish the independent federation
and rehabilitating the leaders capable of building this federation.