Chai Charitra (fake trailer)

Uploaded by rahulnsm on 05.01.2011

Halycyon Talkies Production
A Rahul Putha Film
Tea’s flavor comes from the powder, so say the British.
Whether this is a fact or just their belief, we do not know.
Since even today, the main spices in the tea shops across the country

are also in the home kitchen spice rack
the elaichi (cardamom) flavor lovers & the ginger lovers formed two factions.
For their ego, for domination,
these factionists live to force their flavor down their enemies throats.
Over generations, this unresolved battle of the spices
has left the watery British tea
barely surviving
roaming ghost-like in tea shops!
A story beyond any simple chef’s comprehension
This is CHAI CHARITRA! (Tea Saga)
(This is The Ginger-Elaichi Epic Combat)
One by one I’ll stab every single piece of ginger
(ginger, jaggery, milky, watery, cardamom, powder, order tea now one by two)
I heard a lot about your tea
From today, YOU are the head chef!
The tea for which I forgot revenge ...
He ridiculed that very same tea
now I am left with only ...
The Terrifying Culinary Tale
(ginger, jaggery, milky, watery, cardamom, powder, order tea now one by two)
The Extreme Tea Epic
From today, I am giving you a promotion
He is my Sanjeev Kapoor
Will you drink the tea...... or not?
Black tea never tastes as good as milk tea.
If you suspect even slightly that you are having his tea, immediately SPIT!
I am not afraid of drinking his tea. I am only scared that I might drink his before he drinks mine.
(The Tea Saga)
Cardamom doesn’t just give up its flavor to the tea
you must pummel it, pound it, put it.