The Guild Season 6 Premiere Hangout

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I was typing.
Hi, everybody.
I believe we're live.
It's never certain when you do these, but it
feels like we're live.
The next time I watch this, I'll be cut off.
Welcome to the first "Guild" season six hang out.
We are going to be doing six of these during the season.
We premiere on Tuesday, so we thought we'd do a kick off
pre-production slash just let's all talk before we
launch sort of hang out.
And joining me is my co-producer, Kim Evey.
KIM EVEY: Hello, everybody.
FELICIA DAY: Kim has really big headphones on because her
ears are equally that big, proportionally.
FELICIA DAY: I have tiny ones on.
And Chris Preksta is our director for season six.
CHRIS PREKSTA: Hello, hello.
And you got the name right, you got the name right.
FELICIA DAY: I actually--
CHRIS PREKSTA: You must have practiced that, because
everyone butchers it.
FELICIA DAY: I had to look down at your name and look at
the way it was spelled, because I always go Preksta,
and I only do that because you said everybody does that.
FELICIA DAY: So psychologically you've made me
fail every time on your own.
That's OK.
KIM EVEY: Well, you should really probably spell your
name in a way that people can pronounce it.
It's a foolish last name.
I was gonna change it to Smith.
FELICIA DAY: Who's behind you in that painting?
What is that?
CHRIS PREKSTA: The spy from "Team Fortress."
FELICIA DAY: I thought I semi-recognized it, and then I
didn't want to say anything, because I knew I would sound
stupid, and people would comment on it.
CHRIS PREKSTA: Oh, you don't want to ruin your geek cred.
FELICIA DAY: You know, it's always up and down.
So today we're going to be taking questions from you guys
from the chat, on the YouTube page, the feed of this video.
So Britt is behind the scenes, and will be taking your
questions and funneling them to us during the hangout.
At the same time, throughout the hour we're going to be
announcing the winners of "The Guild"
seasons 1-5 recap videos.
You guys did an amazing job.
We had over, I think almost 50 entries.
And some of the quality of these videos are just like,
blow my mind.
KIM EVEY: And laugh out loud.
Seriously, I have not-- you guys, thank you so much.
Because we've been working so hard.
And so to just be able to have another thing that we had to
do, because we had to review them.
But they were so much fun to watch, and we
were laughing so hard.
Oh my god.
FELICIA DAY: It actually made me the most excited for the
season of all the things that we've done.
KIM EVEY: Yeah, me too.
FELICIA DAY: That's what weird about that.
CHRIS PREKSTA: You guys have some of the most, like not
only passionate fans, but talented.
I was just shocked at how much time went into some of these.
I was really blown away by the quality of these.
FELICIA DAY: I mean, there's animation, and like, things
that people--
and a lot of people had never made a video before.
And that blew my mind, because the quality of it was like,
probably better than episode one of season one.

Because we never made a video before.
KIM EVEY: That's true.
FELICIA DAY: I never made a video before episode one of
season one of "The Guild." So you start somewhere, and then
you keep making videos, you get better.
Before we announce--
so we said there's going to be like, one winner.
We changed ours minds because it's our thing,
and it was a contest.
Because legally we can't have a contest.
But we actually picked eight winners.
So eight winners will go on the DVD as a play through
piece, and it will be very clear the last entry will be
the grand prize winner.
So the number one will get lauded everywhere, and be the
video response under the costume contest video--
the "not a contest" video.

And then the other ones will be a playlist.
So we wanted to honor so many of them, because we really
literally couldn't choose.
And then we started fighting over email, and I'm like, I'm
busy, so let's just give it more winners.

KIM EVEY: And I gave them really stupid titles.
So these award titles are totally Kim.
So they're really dumb.
But first, "Guild" episode one is October 2.
And that's Tuesday, so your help is most appreciated
spreading word, and check your subscription box.
And tell your friends, because this season we want to be
awesome, because we have a whole new channel that we're
releasing on.
Kim, how did it feel to be back in production on "The
KIM EVEY: You know, I swear to god I felt like we just got
done with production on "The Guild." I was just like, wait,
what are we doing again?
It's that weird time warp where you feel like season
five was 10 years ago, and at the same time you feel like it
was last week.
KIM EVEY: It was just, I guess it just means we've been busy.
But it was exciting.
And it was, I don't know.
It was everything that it always is.
If you're not in production, the thing that you need to
know is that production's really
challenging all the time.
And you sort of have this weird, like, selective memory
with it, where you're just like, oh my god, I never want
to do that again.
It's so hard.
And then like, three months later you forget most of the
stuff that went wrong.
And then you're like, it wasn't that bad.
And then by the time it's time to do it again, you're like,
this is so fun.
Let's go.
And then by day three, you're like, why do we do this?
Oh my god.
FELICIA DAY: Yeah, and we've been in constant production
since we wrapped "Guild" season five, because we've
been doing Geek and Sundry.
And we literally started working on Geek and Sundry in
June, because that was when we had to get all the shows
together to pitch them.
KIM EVEY: Yes, our slate.
FELICIA DAY: And to decide the slate, and then we pitched
them, and then they picked some of the
shows for us to do.
And then we immediately went into
production on a lot of things.
And then we launched in April.
So actually, Monday is our six month
anniversary of Geek and Sundry.
FELICIA DAY: So this is kind of like a combo.
Yeah, it feels like 12 years.
CHRIS PREKSTA: Yeah, that's awesome.
KIM EVEY: Instead of six months.
FELICIA DAY: So Chris, you have not been on
a "Guild" set before.
CHRIS PREKSTA: No, I have not.
FELICIA DAY: So what was your experience.
And how did you get this job?
Pitch yourself to us.
CHRIS PREKSTA: That's probably a better question for you.
No, it was great.
I mean, it was like--
it was a bit surreal, because before I was ever a part of
"The Guild," I was obviously a fan.
I've been watching the show since season one, so it was
just so surreal to--
I knew all the people as characters before I knew them
as actual human beings.
So it was really great to finally get to meet the people
behind them.
And then it would like--
there was little shocking things.
Well, not shocking, but there were little surprises.
FELICIA DAY: What was shocking?
KIM EVEY: Yeah, what was shocking?
CHRIS PREKSTA: I think the most surprising thing to me
was how, and I hope I'm not like, overstepping a boundary
or being rude by saying this.
FELICIA DAY: No, just go.
CHRIS PREKSTA: Is how slightly shy Clara can be in real life.
That was probably the most shocking to me because
Clara's, no offense to Codex, but Clara's my favorite
character of "The Guild."
I think it's just because I click a little bit more with
that like, home humor.
Like the husband, wife, that silliness humor.
But yeah, it was really great.
And the thing that was I think the nicest, is that you guys
have built such a nice family.
Like, "The Guild" is a family of people that are
all working on this.
And so everyone was really accepting.
Everyone was really nice.
Everyone like, and everyone's insanely passionate.
Like, you never had a problem.
You never--
even though in production it's so incredibly difficult
sometimes, you never had a problem with just laziness, or
someone not being driven.
It was just, everyone was really driven and passionate
to do something.
And they were really passionate for the fans.
They really wanted to put out something great for the fans.
So that was really great.
FELICIA DAY: No, and we'll go more into when we
ask specific questions.
We had a couple of questions already.
How many episodes will be in season six?
There will be 12 episodes, just like all the other
seasons except for season one.
And the next question is will there be more subculture geek
references like steampunk, which was in season five?

You know, we have a lot of, I think in-game humor this
season that is more so than last season.
We go back into the game because Codex
works at a game company.
And we might even delve further into that world a
little bit more.
So I think it's more gaming jokes than anything.
But we have some other broad things, including a--
I don't want to talk about it, but Chris's
favorite part was Wiggly.

CHRIS PREKSTA: Yes, Wiggly is hands down.
That's like, I cannot wait.
FELICIA DAY: I'm like, why are we--
KIM EVEY: He keeps texting us these pictures of Wiggly.
I feel like I'm being like, sexted by Wiggly.
FELICIA DAY: I mean, it's just crazy.
Whenever we shoot a Wiggly scene, a scene that Wiggly's
in, he's not a main character, guys, but Chris is at the
monitor, like laughing like a fool.
I'm like, do you need a spin-off here?
CHRIS PREKSTA: Wiggly had to have gotten like, a little bit
scared, because I probably took more pictures of Wiggly
than any other character.
I'm like wait, do that pose again.
FELICIA DAY: No, come on.
KIM EVEY: You're very stalky.
So we're going to show the first of our winners.
There are, to reiterate for new people, there are eight
winners for this not contest.
And the first one is called most likely to be run through
Bladezz's hair.
It's a--
I don't even know what that is.
It is a finger puppet entry.
And Britt, can we maybe play a little bit of that in one of
these hangout videos?
Do you guys see that?
FELICIA DAY: Well, it is by FishDudeCG, and Britt is going
to link that in the comments at least, so you guys can go
and watch that.
CHRIS PREKSTA: It's hysterical.
That's easily one of my favorites.
FELICIA DAY: So basically, it is--
Britt, is it not gonna work?
Is it not going to play?
FELICIA DAY: That's too bad.
KIM EVEY: It was playing.
FELICIA DAY: Let me see if I can screen share it.
Because clearly, we prepared for this.
Let me see if I can screen share it.
I'm going to screen share this.
KIM EVEY: I'll talk about production snafus while you
figure out if you can do this or not.
KIM EVEY: So I think the hardest challenge this season
was the heat.
There was--
KIM EVEY: Crazy, crazy heat.
And it affected so many areas of production.
The biggest part being that there were days when we had
extras like we always do, and we had planned to just, like,
have them hang out in this great area outside that was
And then we ended up needing to move them inside, which
means that days would become like this big puzzle.
Like, we need to find a place for 35 people.
Well, let's move all this equipment that's over here
over here, so we can put the people here.
And then we'll shoot here.
And then we'll move the equipment back over here, and
then the people will go in this other room.
FELICIA DAY: It was pretty awful.
OK, I'm going to try to play this.
Let's see if it works.
FELICIA DAY: Is it going to work?
Let's see.
Can you hear that?
CHRIS PREKSTA: I can see it, but I cannot hear it.
FELICIA DAY: Oh, great.
MALE SPEAKER: All best friends--
KIM EVEY: There.
Now we can hear it.
MALE SPEAKER: I hate you.
MALE SPEAKER: I hate you.
MALE SPEAKER: I love you.
MALE SPEAKER: It's my mom!
Somebody help me!

FEMALE SPEAKER: I don't love you!
Maybe I do.
FELICIA DAY: Oh my god, it's so good.
FEMALE SPEAKER: You cut in line.
MALE SPEAKER: What you gonna do about it?
FELICIA DAY: OK, so that's a little sample.
You guys can see that that was so inventive, and these little
finger puppets that are completely handmade out of
construction paper to be able to show those.
KIM EVEY: Think of a video of a Teal puppet with little
wheels on it.
So yeah, the Axis of Anarchy, Teal was in a wheelchair.
CHRIS PREKSTA: Axis of Anarchy is my favorite.
Because every time they show up, they're just like, argh.
CHRIS PREKSTA: All five of them.
FELICIA DAY: So that would be most likely to be run through
Bladezz's hair, because that was Kim's name for it, which,
that's the award for that one.
So thank you very much for that.
We will show another one after a couple questions.
And hopefully Britt is linking all that in under the chat, so
you guys can watch it.
Next question, guys.
Anyway asking a question is--
I like this one guy, Soa Kam.
It's midnight in France, hurry up.
What do you want me to do?
KIM EVEY: Hurry up and what?
Are they just waiting to see if theirs was
one of the ones selected?
KIM EVEY: They're not winners.
We're not allowed to say that, right?
FELICIA DAY: I mean, I don't know why I would announce the
grand prize winner like, first up.
Like, that doesn't seem like good programming, does it?
CHRIS PREKSTA: There were a lot of entries
from Europe, too.
That's the other thing I was shocked by is like how many
international entries there actually were.
Maybe, Britt, you could put the description in the
metadata underneath the video so people can all click on the
ones that we talk about.
That might be awesome.
So we also have a couple other questions.
What are our favorite video games lately?
My favorite video game is this game called "FTL," and it it's
like $7, guys.
And you pilot this spaceship with all these little crew
members around, and you jump from point to point.
And every time you jump, you probably are going
to run into a pirate.
And it's basically a strategy game about bombing different
parts of their ship, and what weapons to use.
And when to accept their surrender or not.
And basically it's perma-death, so if you die,
you die completely.
So it's really tense, but also really fun.
I have all these AAA title games that I just keep putting
down just to play this little game.
So highly recommended.
CHRIS PREKSTA: That's awesome.
FELICIA DAY: What about you, Chris?
Have you been playing--
CHRIS PREKSTA: If you cannot tell from that, it would be
"Team Fortress 2".

I say like, I mean, I play it on Steam, and I
also play it on Xbox.
And I say like, my Xbox is essentially a "Team Fortress
2" machine.
It's like, I own two games for the entire Xbox, which is
"Team Fortress" and "Left 4 Dead," and "Team Fortress".
And the sad part about "Team Fortress" is it logs how many
hours you've played it.
So it will say like, each class, it'll say you've played
this for x number of hours you--
so now I'm like, registered into like weeks, if
not months of time.
And every time I see it, I'm like what could I have done
with that time?
FELICIA DAY: Never do that.
CHRIS PREKSTA: That's a doctorate there.
I could be a doctor if I had just been going to school, or
studying for that amount time.
yeah, don't do that.
CHRIS PREKSTA: Yeah, but I did get as high as, this is like
probably a year ago.
I did get as high as ranked number two in the country at
"Team Fortress 2."
FELICIA DAY: Are you kidding?
CHRIS PREKSTA: I am not kidding.
FELICIA DAY: I didn't know you were that interesting.
KIM EVEY: Oh, my god.
Like, the thing is, on Xbox it's like, I don't want to
call it like, Xbox is almost like a lower class version of
"Team Fortress." Like, the really competitive
guys play on PC.
And if I played on PC, I'd get worked.
FELICIA DAY: Oh, so on Xbox.
CHRIS PREKSTA: On Xbox, though.
So let me put that disclaimer on.
Come on, dude.
Number two at anything is pretty impressive.
You're absolutely right.
OK, we're going to do another winner, and then take some
more questions.
So keep sending those questions out.
The second video that we loved very much is the best
candidate for Clara's lost third child.
And Kim, talk about that while I try to
screen share this thing.
KIM EVEY: So I don't know if you guys noticed, but in
season one, Clara has three children.
And she has two little girls and a little
boy, an infant boy.
And then in season two, she also still has three children.
Two bigger girls and a boys.
And then in season three, she just kind of
has a boy and a girl.
And that's because we, Delaney Spillaine couldn't make it to
film on one of those days, and we were just
like, oh, screw it.
It's a TV show, or it's a web series.
FELICIA DAY: Who knows where Clara's children go?
KIM EVEY: Yeah, exactly.
She could still be around, she just isn't there that season.
FELICIA DAY: So we have this award, which
is by Thouraya Battye.

I'm not sure, I'm sorry.
I'm spelling your name.
It's called Amelie's Guild Video.
And here's a little sample.

So this little girl does a not so accurate, it's not 100%
accurate to the canon, but I have to say that it's the most
adorable thing I've ever seen, and if I need a
"collabowriter" for season seven or beyond, then I know
where to look.
Because Amelie, she has like an
Australian accent, I believe.
FELICIA DAY: Which makes it double cute.
KIM EVEY: That's adorable.
CHRIS PREKSTA: That's awesome.
How many different children have played Clara's children?
FELICIA DAY: Good question.
KIM EVEY: Good question.
We should save that as a trivia
question, and make people--
FELICIA DAY: We put that in an annotated video.
If you guys don't know this, that on Geek and Sundry, you
can watch all the seasons of the Guild cut together as
movies, individual movies, and then Kim and I had this great
suggestion in the middle of launching Geek and Sundry that
we were going to annotate every single season.
Every 10 to 15 seconds we'd have a different trivia thing.
KIM EVEY: Be a pop up video.
So fun and funny.
FELICIA DAY: And there's even extra pieces of like, gag reel
that you could click on that are only seen on an unlisted
way through these play throughs.
Guys, this was the worst thing I've ever done.
It made me--
KIM EVEY: So much work.
So much work.
FELICIA DAY: It was so--
I mean like, I literally at a certain point, I was like, I
can't think of anything.
Anyone want a sandwich?
Like, I think that actual annotation is on there.
Because once you get your 12th webcam in season two, you're
just like I don't care anymore.
You guys need to be amused by whatever I'm putting here.
KIM EVEY: And then what's even worse is that we didn't
realize, there's actually a cap on annotation.
Which YouTube was like, oh, is there?
Like, nobody's ever annotated like, 700 or whatever
So suddenly we realized we were like 3/4 of the way
through, and we were done.
So then we had to go backwards and take out some of them so
that we could finish it up.
CHRIS PREKSTA: Oh my word.
FELICIA DAY: Guys, we always do stuff the hard way.
So you can learn from hangouts like this to
not do it that way.
KIM EVEY: Yeah, don't do that way.
So let me take a couple questions.
How was the "Dr. Horible" reunion?
I posted a picture on, I believe Thursday night.
We all got together from the "Dr. Horrible" cast and went
to Neil Patrick Harris' haunted house
play downtown in LA.
It's playing right now through Halloween.
Very scary.
I almost pooped myself.
Nathan had to, you know, hold my hair back because I was
threw up from fear.
But I didn't throw up.
And it was really fun, and I posted a really fun picture.
Coincidence, "Dr. Horrible" is going to be on TV on the 9th,
so I hope all you guys watch to support, because that's
pretty cool.
KIM EVEY: It helps all web video if you guys can help the
transition, and show that it matters that you care.
FELICIA DAY: If we get really good ratings on that, then
more people will take web things and put them on TV,
which is good for visibility of all web series, because
then people might pay even more attention to them.
CHRIS PREKSTA: Yeah, that's awesome.
FELICIA DAY: Let's see.
We're not getting a lot of questions here, so--
let's see.
I'm going to do another winner, because that guy from
France needs to go to bed.
Number three is--
oh, wait.
I do want to give a shout out to a bunch of our guest stars
that we've announced already on our Twitter.
If you don't want to be spoiled, cover your ears for
about 15 seconds.
Jace Hall, Mike Morheim, Dodger, and iJustine will all
be guest starring in this season of "The Guild."
CHRIS PREKSTA: Oh, I didn't know you announced Justine.
I thought that was--
CHRIS PREKSTA: I thought that was secret.
FELICIA DAY: Well, it's in my notes.
So if it didn't, then I just announced it.
I'm the boss, right?
I can spoil things.
OK, uncover your ears.
All right.
Anyway, so we had some great guest stars this season,
including employees of the game place.
So yeah, it's going to be good.
So the third video is called The Solution For Zaboo's
Munchkin Problems.
And it's basically, oh, I need to pull this one up.
It's basically the story of "The Guild" told through the
Guild Munchkin pack.
So let me try to pull that one up.
Let me pause it.
MALE SPEAKER: It's "The Guild."
I'm going to screen share it.
We actually had another method to do this that
was much more elegant.
But whatever, we're ghetto.
Is that good?
Here we go.
MALE SPEAKER: Seasons one to five recap.
This is Codex.
She plays The Game with her guild, the Knights of Good.
MALE SPEAKER: Door stomp.
It's Zaboo.
He's got plus five to sexterity.
It's super creepy.
Oh no!
A level 15 Zaboo's Mom.
The guild defeats her.
Level up.
Zaboo moves in with Vork.
He has rules.
Lots of rules.
Tink gets Bladezz to buy her stuff.
Lots of stuff.
Clara has a squid hat, and babies.
Lots of babies.
FELICIA DAY: Anyway, so he tells all the season summaries
with Munchkin cards.
And it's very, very clever.
And we're--
I don't know.
It was really cool to be able to see like, the
things that we made.
CHRIS PREKSTA: It wasn't just funny, but I also thought the
Munchkin one was the easiest to understand the whole story.
I was like, if I had never watched any of it, that would
have gotten me, that would have
done a good job recapping.
FELICIA DAY: Yeah, that's true.
CHRIS PREKSTA: That would have got me up to speed.
FELICIA DAY: I didn't really grade them for that as much.
I mean, that was a factor.
CHRIS PREKSTA: Oh, I graded them on 17 different levels.
Yeah, there was like--
CHRIS PREKSTA: A thorough exam, yeah.
CHRIS PREKSTA: I watched each one of them five or six times.
KIM EVEY: Do you have a spreadsheet going?
CHRIS PREKSTA: I do, yeah.
Pie charts and everything.
I have an Apple keynote that I'm going to be doing a little
bit later on this.
FELICIA DAY: Oh, a keynote.
Well, OK.
We have a question from Julia Young, who asks what advice
would you give people who are starting a web series?
Now Chris, you could talk a little bit about--
actually, the history of discovering Chris was that I,
early in like, 2007 and 2008, I would always look for web
series that were really good.
To learn from, and to also like, meet the people who I
really admired.
And Chris had a very cool web series called "Captain
Blasto," that I found, that was just so well done.
Especially on the budget, which I found out later.
But it just looked amazing.
And I reached out to him, and I was like hey, I really love
your web series.
And you know, tried to introduce him to people.
And I'm really excited, because we
finally get to work together.
But can you talk a little bit about why you got into web
series, Chris?
CHRIS PREKSTA: Well, web series in general because I
had been doing kind of independent film.
You know like, even "Captain Blasto" kind of started as an
independent film.
And honestly, like, the best advice I can really have is
you've just got to start going.
Like, you've just got to kind of start doing it.
You've got to be able to figure out a way to raise a
couple thousand dollars, even if it just means not seeing as
many movies for a little bit, or not buying as many video
games for a little bit.
You can raise a little bit of money, and you've just got to
start doing it.
Because then you're going to learn from your mistakes.
You're going to learn from what you did well.
And then get better at it.
Take the critiques, take what you learned, and keep going.
And then also, don't overlook the like, incredible power of
collaboration that you get other people to get on board
with you and help.
Because not only is that going to make whatever you're
creating better, but it's also going to make it more fun, and
more enjoyable.
Even if you look back on, I'm sure Felicia and Kim, I'm sure
looking back on all the seasons and everything that
you guys have done, the product itself is great.
The actual story is great and fun, but it also is probably
not quite as important as the relationships and the
enjoyment you got from actually
producing those things.
So collaboration.
But you only ever get better making stuff and releasing it.
Making it and releasing it.
You're never going to get better just thinking about it,
dreaming about it.
Wondering about it.
CHRIS PREKSTA: Even if you make it, release
it, it's not perfect.
Well then you can learn and get better.
But you have to, you finish things.
And you release them.
There's something that I hear a lot.
It's a very common thing that you hear from
people who are creative.
And they go, the thing is, I just have so many ideas.
I can't like, focus on which one to do.
And I don't know.
And that's really all that boils down
to, guys, is an excuse.
It's a really great excuse, but it's still an excuse.
You know?
Because the thing is, you have to pick one.
And you just, you know, when you pick that one, it doesn't
have to be one that's going to take five years of your life.
Just pick the idea that's going to be like, a sketch you
do on the weekend, and start there.
FELICIA DAY: And don't do something that you're like,
oh, people are totally going to watch this, that you don't
care about.
Like, if you don't like cooking, don't do a cooking
show, please.
CHRIS PREKSTA: Yeah, exactly.
FELICIA DAY: If you're not a gamer, don't do a gaming show.
And if you have an idea for something, like, really look
Is there somebody else who's doing this idea that I have
that I think is awesome better?
Like there's a million zombie things, and there's a million
superhero things.
Unless you know that you're not doing the
same thing as them.
If you have like, your original twist
on it, that's cool.
Don't feel bad about doing that.
But just make sure that it's not something that's not being
told already.
Because there's so much out there, there's no way to stand
out if you're just copying somebody else, you know?
CHRIS PREKSTA: And online, you have the freedom to do stuff
that won't get put on television, and
won't get in theaters.
So if you're just trying to copy what's already at those
other places, I can already watched "The Walking Dead,"
and I can already go see "The Avengers."
CHRIS PREKSTA: So what can you do online that doesn't exist?
And "The Guild" is one of the early examples of that.
Like, that's a show that isn't on television,
and isn't in theaters.
And it was specifically built for its audience.
And it had the freedom to go online, and look at what it's
turned into.
And it really kind of, you know, "The Guild" is what kind
of clued the world, almost, into saying like, holy cow.
There are these large audiences that don't have
entertainment for themselves.
That do not have stories that are for them.
And you know, that's one way, starting Geek and Sundry,
every single show, we really tried to be like, is somebody
else doing this already?
And can we do it the best, right?
And you might not like all the shows, but we love every
single one.
And there's a lot of people who love each
one of those shows.
And like, that's all we're happy about.
Like, we're finding the people who really respond to those
shows, and bringing them together.
Because you can learn things from each other.
And like, audience doesn't just have to be one thing.
Like, you could have all different people kind of
learning and watching.
And maybe finding things they didn't think they'd like.
We have one more question, then I'm going to do a video.
Do you know where to find costumes of
everyone but Codex?
She's everywhere.
Yeah, I know.
But yeah.
If you're a guy, you can't really dress as her.
I have seen two or three Codex's as a girl, by the way.
KIM EVEY: Crossdressing Codex's, you mean?
FELICIA DAY: Yeah, crossdressing Codex's.
KIM EVEY: Like drag queeny?
We had a whole cross gender Guild at Dragon Con this year.
I think if you watch my Dragon Con flog, there's like a slow
pan across.
FELICIA DAY: Let me just tell you--
CHRIS PREKSTA: That's awesome.
FELICIA DAY: Girl Vork was way hotter than he deserved.
She was like, way hotter.
FELICIA DAY: No, but she was hot.
FELICIA DAY: Funny thing you ask, because is making a Clara, a Vork, and
Zaboo will be out 10-12.
So you can go to to get
Codex, Clara, Vork, and soon Zaboo.
CHRIS PREKSTA: So I have a quick question for you guys.
What was it like the first time you saw people showing up
in costumes of the characters you guys had created?
FELICIA DAY: I mean, it was crazy.
Like, frequently people look better in that outfit than me.
No, but it's actually really cool, because I love
conventions, and I love seeing people dress up in things.
And the fact that we created sort of outfits that people
felt like, had an identity.
I mean like, there's somebody in the line with like huge
superheroes wearing a Codex outfit.
I mean, that's kind of the coolest, it might be the
coolest thing ever with this show.
KIM EVEY: It was really cool because we were at Dragon Con
and PAX the year after the music video dropped, so
Felicia was at Dragon Con, and I was at PAX with Sandeep and
Jeff, and actually we saw our first Codex.
It's the first time we'd ever seen anybody dressed up.
So we saw this cosplaying Codex, and she was like, a
block down.
And I had broken my foot, so I'm in this booth, and I'm
running, hobbling after her, going like,
stop her, stop her.
And then I run up to her, and I go hey, I sorry, I'm sorry.
Can I take a picture of you?
And she's kind of like, what?
Yeah, like, you know.
OK, lady, I guess.
And then like, so she's kind of like,
getting ready to pose.
And then behind me, like, Jeff and Sandeep come up,
and she goes oh!
And she just like, completely flipped her shit.
Because obviously, like, that's amazing that you
dressed up like them, and then suddenly two of the members of
"The Guild" are there, like going can we take our
picture with you?
And she was just like, hubba, hubba, hubba.
FELICIA DAY: Yeah, that's pretty cool.
CHRIS PREKSTA: That's awesome.
It was really fun.
Next video would be, I don't know.
Is it the fourth, maybe?
I can't keep track.
I think it's fourth.
Or fifth.
Who knows?
It is called Codex's worst nightmare.
All right, so this has to be seen.
So basically, what this video is, is that
people, it's from Jemilla--
I think it's Jemilla1337, but it's 1337.
J-E-M-I-L-L-A-1337 is the YouTube channel.
And they basically reenacted it with actors, except not
totally all actors.
And let me screen share, and start playing this for you.
And I'll pause it when it comes to something--
KIM EVEY: I just have to say, all of us think this is really
brilliant on so many levels.
FELICIA DAY: This was Sandeep's favorite.
And Clara.
Zaboo has been offline for 39 hours when he turns up at
Codex's door looking for some lady love.
The guild gets together in real life to discuss Bladezz's
recent behavior and used blackmail to retake their loot
as save themselves from perma ban.
Zaboo's mom appears.
FELICIA DAY: Look at that.
Look at that woman they found.
KIM EVEY: I mean, it's amazing.
FELICIA DAY: It's so crazy.
Did you guys notice this in the lineup?
OK, first of all, young Codex, like, she's very cute.
And then Clara, Clara is a puppet.
And so is Tink.
So Tink is a Bratz doll.
CHRIS PREKSTA: Tink is a Bratz doll.
FELICIA DAY: Clara is just a random puppet.
Zaboo is played by somebody with a slight fake tan, and
then Vork is just--
He's in brown face.
He's in brown face.
Come on, let's not mince words.
He's in brown face.

FELICIA DAY: And then Vork is like, significantly older.
But like, everybody is so good as the roles.
It's like the perfect alt guild.
And like, they commit.
Like all the way through.
Like, they even do green screen.
They do green screen--
Look at that.
They even do green screen where she's watching herself
like, at the end of season three.
KIM EVEY: And also, if you look at this, you guys,
there's so many different set ups that they had to do.
Like, they probably took, I don't know, a day or two to
shoot this thing.
I mean, it's not a quick thing.
FELICIA DAY: No, no, no.
This is a lot of set ups.
KIM EVEY: A lot of work.
FELICIA DAY: Look at that fake wig that Bladezz has.
It's just--
anyway, guys.
That was almost number one.
It was a near miss.
It was a near miss, but anyway.
OK, let's go--
KIM EVEY: We applaud all of your hard work.
FELICIA DAY: Yeah, we totally, if we decide, it's just great.
Anyway, I'm going to take some more questions, and then we'll
do another one.
Sorry guy from Paris, we're not going to hurry.
When walking around the street, do you get stopped or
pointed at?

Getting recognized, I assume.
Or just because I look weird?
I only get recognized pretty much at conventions.
Although coffee shops, for some reason.
Usually baristas recognize me.
And the other day I went to the WoW launch party, and the
barista there recognized me from "Bring It On Again." That
was like, the most--
CHRIS PREKSTA: Oh my word.
FELICIA DAY: I was like, are you kidding?
KIM EVEY: Well, I think the thing is because we live in
Hollywood, like, people recognize you all the time.
But then they don't say anything because it's like
they don't want to bother you, or--
KIM EVEY: And then they tweet about it.
And that's even weirder, because they'll just-- because
she'll look at her Twitter, and it'll just be like, hey,
Felicia Day is sitting across from me.
Or just saw Felicia at blah, blah, blah.
CHRIS PREKSTA: And you're still at the restaurant.
I'm just like, could you just say hi, dude?
KIM EVEY: Yeah, just come over and say hey.
But instead they're like, it's weird.
FELICIA DAY: What was your first convention
that you went to?
Oh, that's a good question.
Chris, what was your first convention?
CHRIS PREKSTA: My first convention was Gen Con in
The board game convention, which was awesome.
And I actually always try and find an excuse to like, go
back, you know, aside from just like, just going to the
I always just like, like, we premiered.
We did a sneak preview of "Mercury Men" there.
And we've like, shown "Captain Blasto" there.
Because to have an excuse to go play "Dungeons and Dragons"
and board games, and "Catan" and stuff for a week, or a
weekend is awesome.
But then shortly after that, I went to Comic-Con San Diego
for the first time.
And like, that's just suddenly, that's like the most
overwhelming thing I've ever experienced.
So that's fun, but Gen Con, I probably have a little bit
more fun at Gen Con just because it's a little bit
smaller, and you get the, you actually get to do a lot more
because there's not as many people there.
Oh, everybody, if you're trying to find the links to
all these winning videos, if you look on the Geek and
Sundry Twitter, they're actually linking all of them.
So you can find them pretty easily, and
just click on them.
I had gone to a couple little, like local ones in Austin.
I even went to a reptile convention one time, because I
thought it was kind of interesting.
It was at the--
KIM EVEY: Erectile convention?
It was like a date, which was weird, and it was in like, a
Best Western.

CHRIS PREKSTA: Reptile convention in a Best Western.
KIM EVEY: I thought you said erectile convention.
KIM EVEY: In a Best Western.
FELICIA DAY: That, I'm sure--


But my first big, big convention was Comic-Con for
"Dr. Horrible." And that was a crazy way to go.
Like, everywhere I went with the group--
CHRIS PREKSTA: That's where I first met you.
FELICIA DAY: Yes, that's right.
CHRIS PREKSTA: That's the very first time I met you.
FELICIA DAY: Yeah, they had to have security because Neil and
Nathan walking around together.
Like, if one of them walks around, it's probably like, a
little less crazy than two people walking around that are
that famous, you know?
KIM EVEY: But that year, it was the first year that we had
"The Guild" up.
And so, like, I was trying to go around and drum up press,
but I was dressed as Kiko from "Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine
Show." Because I had to appear that way at Sony.
CHRIS PREKSTA: Oh, my word.
KIM EVEY: So I was like, going up to the press vans outside,
and I was like hey, can you like, come and
talk about my show?
And they'd be like, what is your show?
What are you?
And I'm like, no, no, not this.
Oh, god.
No, it was just like, what am I doing?
Like, nobody's going to take me seriously.
KIM EVEY: It's ridiculous.
CHRIS PREKSTA: It's funny.
Like, I would love to like, the stuff you can get away
with wearing at a comic book convention or a gaming
convention is so different than what you can get away
with it a other convention.
FELICIA DAY: Oh, yeah.
CHRIS PREKSTA: So it's so [INAUDIBLE] to see like, a
slave Leia roll up at like, a home and garden convention, or
the auto show.
I mean, at the auto show you can probably get away with it.
KIM EVEY: Why don't they dress up at those conventions?
Like, why don't they dress up at auto shows?
Like, why don't they dress up as cars?
CHRIS PREKSTA: Like, yeah.
FELICIA DAY: I don't know.
Or reptiles.
CHRIS PREKSTA: Like the Michelin Man.
Yeah, the Michelin Man.
FELICIA DAY: Or erectiles.
Another question is will there be new romances this season?
Yes, there will be.
And in fact, I think this will be the most romance heavy
season, in a general way.
KIM EVEY: You're right.
FELICIA DAY: But in surprising areas.
FELICIA DAY: That's the only thing I'm going to say.
I'm not going to say anything.
CHRIS PREKSTA: Oh, that's funny.
FELICIA DAY: I'm going to take one more question.
And, oh.
Kim, what do you like to do in your free time?
KIM EVEY: I don't have any free time.
FELICIA DAY: I picked that one because there is none.
Actually, last night I went and I saw music, live music
with my husband.
I saw a singer songwriter called Matt the Electrician.
He's from Austin, and if you guys don't know him, you
should listen to his stuff.
We heard him in Austin.
What's the one music place?
The big music store, Felicia, in Austin?
where you can go and listen at the stations?
FELICIA DAY: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We went to Waterloo, and he was one of the play stations.
And he sings a cover of Journey's "Faithfully," that's
like, really beautiful, and really cool.
So Matt the Electrician.
So that's the one fun thing I got to do this month.
I'm going to announce one more winner.
And this is two--
there's three more winners now.
So this is called, this one is called the Most Likely to be
Found in Vork's Shed.
Oh, yeah.
OK, guys.
KIM EVEY: That sounded so creepy.
FELICIA DAY: It's so incredibly creepy, guys.
And just imagine as you watch a little bit of this video,
about this guy just touching you the whole time.
So it's Singing Hand Show. slash Singing Hand Show.
He did it a voice.
And I'm going to screen share it with you and play a little.
And it goes on, and does the whole summary in a really
clever way.
But it's so creepy.
Just imagine it touching you.
Here we go.

FELICIA DAY: Oh, gosh.

FELICIA DAY: OK, so, it's crazy.
KIM EVEY: Look at the frame frozen.
That's so terrifying.
FELICIA DAY: It's terrifying to think--
It's terrifying to think that that guy could touch you.
CHRIS PREKSTA: It reminds me of that creature from "Pan's
Labyrinth" that had the eyeballs in its
hands, and it was like--
FELICIA DAY: That was Doug Jones.
FELICIA DAY: Wasn't that Doug Jones?
KIM EVEY: That was Doug Jones, yes.
CHRIS PREKSTA: Yeah, exactly.
FELICIA DAY: Doug Jones played Cerebus in our web series
"Dragon Age Redemption," and then he also played the
Steampunk Dandy in season five.
And he played in "Pan's Labyrinth" as well.
He was also, what was he, Abe Sapien in "Hellboy?"
KIM EVEY: In "Hellboy." Yep.
That was pretty cool.
So that would be the third winner.
Did I not--
is season six going to be on Xbox?
It's going to be first here on YouTube.
So that would be the answer to that one.
Let's take a couple other questions.
What is your favorite comic?
Chris, do you read--
KIM EVEY: Two people asked that.
My favorite comic is anything by Doug--
CHRIS PREKSTA: Anything from Doug Tennapel, I absolutely
love, who was the creator of "Earthworm Jim." But he,
that's what he's most well known for.
But he does a lot of like, wonderful independent comics.
But then, I like anything that Jeff Loeb and Tim Sale do, who
are the guys who did like "Batman Long Halloween,"
"Batman Dark Victory," "Superman For All Seasons."
And then anything Darwyn Cooke makes, I will buy.
Who did "DC New Frontier." So like, I follow more creators
than I do characters, to be honest.
I don't just like, read Superman.
Like, it'll be like, I kind of jump around based on creators.
FELICIA DAY: I read a lot of Grant, I think Grant Morrison.
I love the way he does, sometimes he does crazy stuff.
But it's like, at least it's something different.
It's always different.
FELICIA DAY: He's the only really mainstream comic book
person that I'm like, I will always get his stuff.
I love "Morning Glories." I don't know if you guys know
about that.
It's a smaller comic about like a, it's kind of a horror
soap opera set in a boarding school.
But it's just very "Lost" like.
But there's some great characters.
So I just feel like when you have good characters in a
comic book, you remember them and you care about them more.
And it's hard.
You know, I like the more indie stuff, I think.
So I would recommend "Morning Glories" if you
haven't read it.
And "I, Vampire" is really good.
And, yeah.
I'm a little bit behind.
I have a stack like this next my bed.
But I'm making my way through.
CHRIS PREKSTA: I've had to like, get so much more picky
with comics just because the prices have like, jumped up so
much in the past two years.
So it's like, there would be times I'd come back, it would
be like Wednesday you'd get all your new comics.
CHRIS PREKSTA: And I'd come back with this small stack,
and they'd be like yes, that'll be $62.
I'm like, this is going to take me 15 minutes to
read all this. $60?
FELICIA DAY: Yeah, my problem with comics--
I actually like reading the electronic more because it
forces you to go panel to panel, and it makes me read
them more visually.
Because I'm a speed reader.
I read like, a book a a night.
So like, reading comics, I have to train myself to be a
lot more calm.
KIM EVEY: Yeah, I like that, too.
FELICIA DAY: What about you, Kim?
Do you like any comics?
KIM EVEY: Well, "Umbrella Academy" was my favorite thing
that I discovered, because of our Dark Horse
motion comic series.
Because we had to read them all, or I guess I should say
we got to read them all, because that was another
really fun bonus.
But "Umbrella Academy" kind of blew my mind.
I was like, oh, I didn't understand that
comics were like this.
FELICIA DAY: Yeah, I thought "Resident
Alien" was really, like--
KIM EVEY: Oh, yeah.
FELICIA DAY: I was like, and people love that comic.
They're like, crazy for it.
We have "Conan" and "The Massive," and more
"Goon" coming up.
And oh, "Criminal Macabre," which is really good.
Those are some of the upcoming titles from our relaunch.
And we just released "The Strain" this week, which is
Guillermo Del Toro's.
And it's a 10 minute piece, so if you guys haven't watched
it, it's really, really good.
And we recast all the voice actors.
KIM EVEY: Yuri Lowenthal is--
is that right?
"Ben 10." Yeah.
I get him confused because we know Yuri Baranovski, too.
So I always confuse the two.
He's good, too.
He's got a good web series.
One question before we show the runner up.
Where's Cubby?
Come here.
KIM EVEY: Buddy.
Come here.
Come here.
Get up here.
Come here.
CHRIS PREKSTA: Oh, it's all dogs now.
FELICIA DAY: Chris, what did you think when we posted the
trailer this week about all the [INAUDIBLE]?
People love Cubby.
Because he looks adorable in that final shot.
FELICIA DAY: Oh my gosh.
Here he is.
KIM EVEY: My dog will not let me pick him up.
He's so heavy.
My dog won't let me pick him up.
He's just laying on the floor.
Come here.
Come here, bud.
Come here.
FELICIA DAY: I love how all the comments on the trailer
were Cubby Day, because he got a last name.
My dog is sleeping.
FELICIA DAY: Cubby's pretty much the best dog ever.
I appreciate that you guys love him.
KIM EVEY: Buddy, there's Buddy.
Buddy went into his bed instead of listening to me.
CHRIS PREKSTA: Sawyer will jump up.
Come here.
Get your dog in there, Chris, because--
CHRIS PREKSTA: He's coming.
He's coming.
CHRIS PREKSTA: That guy from Paris is long gone to sleep.
He doesn't even care.
CHRIS PREKSTA: He's trying to get there.
Get up here.
FELICIA DAY: Oh, he's cute.
What's his name?
CHRIS PREKSTA: This is Sawyer.
With the worst breath you'll ever smell in your life.
Thank you.
FELICIA DAY: You could give him cilantro.
CHRIS PREKSTA: Oh, we've tried everything.
FELICIA DAY: What's his deal?
Is it bad teeth, or what?
I don't know what it is.
We've tried everything.
Feeding him mouthwash, everything.
KIM EVEY: Mouthwash?
FELICIA DAY: Mouthwash?
That's weird.
I would like, yeah.
We started with the parsley, cilantro, the treats that are
supposed to brush your teeth, and everything.
And then pretty soon I was just dumping mouthwash down,
and nothing.
FELICIA DAY: All right.
This is our runner up.
It's not runner up, because really, everybody is equally
winning the not contest, other than the grand prize winner.
So the next up is the second to last up, which is to Tink's
Psych 101 Lesson.
This is by AnOddOod10, and it is a PowerPoint.
And like, I just thought it was so clever, because it
really does seem like a dude who doesn't give presentations
a lot made a PowerPoint, and is showing it for a grade.
So here, I'll just play a little bit of that.
MALE SPEAKER: Interpersonal relationships.
I observed six gamers with established online
relationships since they met for the first time.
I've split these interactions into five--
FELICIA DAY: Oops, sorry.
MALE SPEAKER: Zaboo traveled to Codex's house unannounced
looking for love.
Codex, fresh off the break up with her therapist, suggested
that the guild meet.
When together, they realized--
FELICIA DAY: So basically, this is, it goes
on the whole time.

MALE SPEAKER: The knights won, and their bond was renewed.
FELICIA DAY: And they're all caled modules, which I thought
was pretty clever.
MALE SPEAKER: Vork fell for the financial knowledge of
Zaboo's mother, and Bladezz starred in a commercial that
went viral, which resulted in an invite to a gaming
FELICIA DAY: I mean, it's almost like, brilliant, just a
little bit boring.
But like, that made me laugh a lot.
Because it's like an intentional PowerPoint
So it made me laugh the whole time, which
I thought was good.
CHRIS PREKSTA: And he stuck to his concept, man.
He really, like, it looks legit.
Like I'm on at a business conference at a Best Western.
FELICIA DAY: Right next to the--
CHRIS PREKSTA: To the erectile, yeah.
I also want to give a shout out to a couple of people who
were not selected, that we loved.
So I'm going to get those out in a second.
But let's take a couple, Kim, can you take a couple
questions while I try to get a couple of these other shout
outs before we--
Well, I'll ask this of Chris, too.
And by the way, you guys, I don't know if you know this,
but Chris lives in Pittsburgh.
So that's the other thing that's really cool about him,
is that it proves, like, you don't have to be in the
Hollywoods to make a quality web series.
You just have to do it.
But somebody asked what my favorite part
of production is.
And my favorite part is I love pre-production and production.
But I love pre-production strangely because it's the
time when you're assembling your team.
My dog is scratching himself.
CHRIS PREKSTA: Helicopter.
KIM EVEY: I know, sorry.
But yeah, I mean, what I love about production is the
community aspect of it.
I love getting good teams together.
I love just, when you assemble the right people, it's so
gratifying the whole time.
Because ultimately, this is our job.
KIM EVEY: When it boils down to it, you just have to see
these people day after day.
And you just want people that you like to hang out with.
That are intelligent, fun.
Even easygoing.
So I love that part.
Chris, what's your favorite part of production?
CHRIS PREKSTA: I mean that's, really, really tough for me to
say, because I love, honestly, I love a different aspect of
all three areas.
Like, pre-production, not only do I like what you're
assembling the team.
But like, pre-production, you're finally starting to see
some of your ideas and some of the things
kind of come together.
And pre-production is a lot of, you're doing writing, and
you're getting props.
And you're doing all this kind of stuff.
So there's a lot of dreaming involved in that, and I just
love that aspect of it.
But I think production has to be what wins out, because
that's when you're with everybody.
You've really got everyone on set.
As a writer, you start to see your own
lines now come to life.
You start to see your characters come to life.
And on production is when something that might have just
been in the heads of a few people.
Writer, director, producer, you know.
It starts to get made real.
And it starts to change because you're starting to
have input from other people.
So I'd have to say production is.
But Kim, I'm just like you.
Like, production, it's the same.
It's so funny because while you're in production, you're
like why do I do this?
CHRIS PREKSTA: Like, why did I pick this career?
This is so difficult.
And then you say it takes like, 30 days, or three months
or whatever.
It's two days for me.
It's like, the day after, I'm like, so glad that's done.
I'm never doing that again.
And then the very next day I'm like, I've got
to get back on set.
I just have to do it again.
FELICIA DAY: It's like, adrenaline high.
Because there's so much pressure all the time.
I mean like, I love tower defense games, so like, I do
enjoy pre-production.
All the creative parts of pre-production.
I don't like as much the logistic stuff that Kim does.
CHRIS PREKSTA: Yeah, exactly.
FELICIA DAY: But I love like, choosing outfits, and doing
the casting, and then locations and props.
All the creative elements that go to make your
script like, reality.
Because it's so agonizing for me to write anything.
Like, it's just very hard to be able to have that time, and
the freedom to like, really mess up over and over again.
until you get a really good draft.
And as an actor, obviously, it's really super
fun to be on set.
Like, actually saying the words.
And then having the other actors say the words back to
you in a way that makes your line better.
That's super fun.

Post is just kind of, it's just very tough.
And it's like, there's so many different steps that so many
different people have to be involved in.
So I do enjoy watching edits and stuff, just
because it's amazing.
You can make somebody look amazing in an edit, or you can
make them look awful.
And it really doesn't have anything to do with their
And that control is all in the edit.
CHRIS PREKSTA: People would be shocked how much an edit
changes a performance.
Literally adding frames can make somebody
funny or not funny.
It is not them at all.
The control is amazing.
CHRIS PREKSTA: You've got to feel bad sometimes if you go
see a movie, and you think someone's performance was
You're not even certain that it was the actor.
CHRIS PREKSTA: It really could have been the editor that just
chose where that went.
KIM EVEY: And I've heard from editors, a specific Hollywood
person who shall remain nameless that that person who
has, like, been nominated for an Oscar is actually not a
good actor.
They just had a great editor for that one film.
But just like, if you watch that person's take after take
after take, they're just a horribly inconsistent actor.
FELICIA DAY: Yeah You just pick the best of each one.
CHRIS PREKSTA: Felicia, how long does it take you to write
a season of "The Guild?"
FELICIA DAY: I mean, season six was the fastest I had to
ever write.
And I sat down, I believe like April 15, and I had a draft
June 15, or June 10.
The beginning of June.
So that was like a month and a half, but
it's a 120 page script.
KIM EVEY: But didn't you write season five faster?
I mean, from [INAUDIBLE]
just because.
FELICIA DAY: I did actually do a draft of season five in 10
days, but that was because I spent a month and a half on
the outline before we shot "Dragon Age," so I actually
wrote the outline for season five, and I had all the
character beats and everything in every episode done, and
then I went on vacation.
And I was like, I kind of feel the need to write.
And then I just wrote during the whole vacation and wrote
the whole script.
But it was only because I put all the time into preparing
the architecture of the season that it was so easy, because
the map was there.
All you have to do is follow the map, and I think that is
really key.
That's the only way I could have written
this season so fast.
Because at least I had a pretty good outline.
I changed my mind on a couple things because I didn't get to
spend as long on the outline.
And that kind of was a lesson for me.
Always work on the outline first, because even if you
don't like it, just write the outline.
And then you're going to be able to go back from that last
episode, and build on a lot more than you knew.
I'm going to shout out the other things I really liked
that we couldn't make room for the DVD.
But we have another finger puppet.
But it's by Wesley Hampton.
He did "Finger Puppet Avengers." So basically
Captain America is summarizing "The Guild" to the other
Avengers, and there's some really funny analogies between
the guild members and avengers members.
We also have from Explosive Films 2007, they are a bunch
of German entries.
And they did a really clever recap using a lot of video
game graphics.
It's Explosive Films 2007 is their YouTube channel.
And they like, put on Xbox dialogue tree options on a lot
of things, and health bars.
And just a lot of really clever video game references.
We also had a really good--
oh, this was one of my favorites as well.
And we're going to link these all on the Twitter, so you can
watch them all.
They did a summary, and each of the five seasons was
summarized in the style of a Geek and Sundry show.
So season one was a written by the kid, season two a flog.
Season three was table top, season four was "Sword and
Laser," and season five was "Dark Horse Comic." So that
was super, super clever.
And then the last is the SWAT Sisters.
We had a lot of interest where people sped up their voice to
be able to make it within the minute and a half requirement.
KIM EVEY: Smart, guys.
FELICIA DAY: Not only does that she wear a Geek and
Sundry shirt, which is awesome, but she illustrates
with all these different graphics
coming in as she's talking.
Like Vork's sword, and Codex's staff.
And we really, really, really loved that one as well.
So thank you everybody who entered, because it was a
very, very hard, long decision.
And I would encourage everybody to just look at the
playlist and see, because a lot of these entries were
people who made their first video, and then there are
experienced ones, too.
So you can see like, how much fun everybody had in the
almost 50 questions.
Let's take one more question, and then we're going to do the
grand prize.
We'll do a couple more questions.
What was the hardest thing you guys have done on season six?
Well, we don't want to give any spoilers, but Chris, what
was the hardest thing you could say in a general way?
CHRIS PREKSTA: The hardest thing, I mean, the hardest
thing was just generally that we were trying to get a lot in
a short period of time.
That we only had so many days to film, and we were trying to
shoot so much in those days.
So it just, the pacing.
It was just so quickly. you were just trying to be fast.
But then I'd say the single day where it was the hardest,
which is, and one of the production
diaries talks about this.
And it's funny because you can't get much footage,
because we all would have been miserable.
But we were outside, and was like 103 degrees, 104 degrees.
And we were filming something where Vork was high up.
And so it was so hot, and we were trying to get so much.
That was easily the most difficult day I've ever filmed
it all of my life.
KIM EVEY: Yeah, that was a day where both Chrises, all three
Chrises, everybody on our set was named Chris this year.
If you watch the behind the scenes you'll know, but Chris
Preksta, our director, Chris Darnell, our DPA, Chris
Walters, our gaffer.
It was the first time that they collectively all, their
brains just kind of went ugh, like literally after 12 hours
of being in that heat.
And we would be like, OK guys, so let's, do you want to do
this, or this?
And it would just be kind of like a, uh.
You know?
But the thing was like, everybody.
Because usually something like, sometimes somebody will
get a little tired.
And somebody else kind of jumps in, and they're like
hey, but it was just, that day it was like everybody was just
like, no, we can't do it.
Our brains are done.
FELICIA DAY: Yeah, it was tough.
There was just a lot of material.
This was the longest season, like page length wise.
And we had a lot of actors.
And it was fun, though.
And I hope everybody likes every character
as much as I do.
Some of our guest stars really brought these amazing things
to the forefront.
We have a lot of questions about conventions.
So I'm going to be in Australia in November.
Adelaide and Brisbane.
I'm going to Supernova.
And then I'm going to be at Dallas Fan days in October,
and that's it for me for several months.
Because we might hopefully get picked up for another season
for Geek and Sundry within that time period.
And then we'll have to go back and shoot more of all the
shows that you guys like, so if you guys like the channel
and want us to keep going with our shows, please spread word.
Because our views and our subscriber count definitely,
that's what we depend on to get picked up or not.
So bottom line, it's business as much as it is art, and we
love doing it.
And we love making it for you.
Our next hang out will be October 13 at 3:00 PM Pacific.
It will be me, Amy, Akuda, Jeff, Lewis, and Hollywood
Costumes will be giving away a bunch of Codex and Clara
scepters during the broadcast.
So come over, stay tuned, and I'm going to play the grand
prize winner.
Which they tweeted us a lot during the process of them.
And I was like, OK, guys, you're bragging a little.
Because you're setting the bar really high,
it better be good.
And these guys blew me away.
It is the Lab Productions Co.
That's their YouTube link, and you can check the
Twitter for a link.
And they made an 8-bit recap.
And I'm such a sucker for 8-bit, so I'm going to share
some of it with you.
And you have got to go watch it, because it is some of the
best quality.
I mean, I'm like, we could have done a whole show with
them, you know?
KIM EVEY: Yeah, it's hilarious.
FELICIA DAY: Watch this.
FEMALE SPEAKER: --online gamers.
Vork, Zaboo, Clara, Tink, Bladezz, and Codex.
They'd never met in real life until now.
Zaboo has an unrequited crush on Codex.
Zaboo's mother does not approve.
FELICIA DAY: Look at that.
She's amazing.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Codex and Zaboo search for his manhood.
Clara, in disguise, keeps course camping Vork.

Codex is smitten.
FELICIA DAY: Look at the health bars.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Zaboo displeased.
MALE SPEAKER: Consolation prize.
Stupid tall hot girl.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Codex sees Clara making
out with stunt guy.
MALE SPEAKER: New expansion.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Enter rival guild, Axis of Anarchy.
FELICIA DAY: Look at Faux.
He's got like, a goatee.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Vork resigns, and Codex
becomes guild leader.
Zaboo is distracted from the game by Stupid Tall Hot Girl.
The guild falls apart under Codex's leadership.
They crash the Axis of Anarchy's LAN party.
Codex kills Faux and wins the fight.
Then she mounts up with Faux.
FELICIA DAY: Look at that.
I'm on a panda.
KIM EVEY: This is my favorite part.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Clara to buy a guild hall.
KIM EVEY: I thought that was so clever.
FELICIA DAY: Look at Cheesybeard's.
FEMALE SPEAKER: But she makes a viral ad starring Bladezz.
Vork wins the guild hall with Zaboo's mom, so he proposes.
Vork's illegal gold grinding is busted by the game master.
FELICIA DAY: Look at that.
Look at the music.
I mean, it's crazy how good this is.
FEMALE SPEAKER: The guild goes to Mega Gamearamacon.
Floyd, the game's creator, plans to--
FELICIA DAY: He's so old.

Boss fight!
CHRIS PREKSTA: That's amazing.
That's amazing.
FELICIA DAY: Really, like, crazy good.
So thank you for--
I mean, thank you to everybody who put all the time in.
And thank you so much for the people who just shared their
creativity, and did so many crazy things.
Because that's really, things I didn't even think about with
our characters.
So I hope you guys watch on October 2.
Any last comments, Chris?
CHRIS PREKSTA: I just hope you guys enjoy the season.
I mean, like every day I got to go to set, and all I
thought the entire way there was oh my gosh, I get to spend
a whole day directing "The Guild." I get to hang out with
these characters.
These people and this family.
So just awesome.
So I just hope you guys fun and enjoy it.
And Kim, anything?
So we have another season five exclusive recap that goes up
tomorrow at 10:00.
FELICIA DAY: Oh, yeah, I forgot about that.
And who was doing that?
Do you want to tease it?
KIM EVEY: Should we say?
FELICIA DAY: Yeah, we can say here.
Because we'll reward the people who actually watched a
whole hour and stayed up, not Paris guy.
CHRIS PREKSTA: He lives in Paris.
We can't be like, you know.
He lives in Paris, I think you're doing all right, pal.
FELICIA DAY: Yeah, I'm jealous.
And I'm going to come visit you, and you're going to have
to buy me a croissant.
So there.
KIM EVEY: But we asked somebody who is a friend of
ours, and who is a huge fan of "The Guild" if he would do a
recap for us.
And he crazily said yes, and it's Hank Green.
FELICIA DAY: Hank Green.
CHRIS PREKSTA: Oh, that's awesome.
KIM EVEY: Half of the Blog Brothers, and host of
"Sideshow." So that goes up tomorrow at 10:00.
And Hank is going to recap, like, fast.
If you think Felicia Day talks fast, I want to get her and
Hank like, doing like an auction, side by
side auction and see.
FELICIA DAY: I would do that video.
CHRIS PREKSTA: You totally should.
And then also tomorrow morning, or not tomorrow
morning, but, wait.
Hank's not going up--
oh, is today Sunday?
KIM EVEY: I'm sorry.
I said tomorrow.
I meant Monday.
KIM EVEY: I'm sorry.
FELICIA DAY: I just had aphasia, because I was like oh
my gosh, is today Sunday?
I'm missing something.
KIM EVEY: Yeah, I'm sorry.
It was my fault.
I don't know what day it is.
FELICIA DAY: So Monday at 10:00.
KIM EVEY: Monday.
FELICIA DAY: We're going to have that.
I'm going to also be competing in the Supernote thing, and
then also we're releasing a new t-shirt for "The Guild."
so you guys, check the--
Yeah, but we're not going to tell you what it is.
But you guys are going to poop yourselves.
KIM EVEY: Yeah, it's so good.
FELICIA DAY: You're going to be pooping in your pants from
this t-shirt.
So check our Twitter and everything.
All right, thank you so much, you guys.
Hi to Portugal and to Brazil.
You guys always want shout outs.
That's why.
FELICIA DAY: I don't know.
They're always the most.
I think the most like, they always ask
for shout outs most.
People from Brazil and Portugal.
It must be a Portuguese thing.
Was that weird?
It's weird.
KIM EVEY: I don't know.
Thank you, Europe, for watching us, if you're in
Europe, and it's midnight there.
Thanks for coming out.
FELICIA DAY: Oh, yeah.
Thank you so much for 4:00 AM people.
I'm sorry.
Oh, Sweden.
MrJonas0319 is from Sweden.
And Canada.
And Belgium.
OK, I can't shout out everybody.
KIM EVEY: But thanks for coming.
FELICIA DAY: All right, thank you, Lithuania.
OK, we'll see you guys Tuesday.
CHRIS PREKSTA: See you, guys.
KIM EVEY: Thank you, Lithuania.
Good night!

FELICIA DAY: All right.