Francisco, Juglar de Dios

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Praise be to Thee, my Lord, through all Thy creatures...
... especially brother Sun, who illuminates the day.
And beautiful is he and radiant with great splendor. (FRANCIS, GOD'S JESTER)
Of thee, most High, he bears the likeness.
Praise be my Lord, for sister Moon and for the stars.
In heaven, Thou hast formed them luminous, precious and fair. A Rizzoli production
Praise be my Lord, for brother Wind,
... and for the air and clouds, and all the weather...
... through which you give all Thy creatures nourishment. Inspired by the "Fioretti" of San Francesco
Praise be my Lord, for sister Water,
... she is greatly helpful, humble, precious, and pure.
Praise be my Lord, for brother Fire... Interpreted by non-professional actors
... through whom Thou illuminate the night... The role of The Tyrant Nicolaio played by Aldo Fabrizi,
... and who is fair, cheerful, powerful and strong.
Praise be my Lord, for our sister, Mother Earth,
who sustains us and governs us...
and brings forth diverse fruits with colored flowers and herbs.
Praise be my Lord, for those who forgive for Thy love...
... and bear suffering and trial.
Blessed those who shall in peace endure,
... for by Thee, most High, they will be crowned.
Praise be my Lord, for our sister, bodily death
... from whom no living man can escape.
Woe to them who die in mortal sin.
Blessed be those who she finds in Thy most holy will,
... for the second death shall not harm them. God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise,
Praise and bless my Lord, and the weak things of the world to confound the things that are mighty
... and serve him with great humility. Paul. I Corinthians, 2:27
To conquer the world, Francesco became humble
and a clown to merit the Kingdom of Heaven.
Everyone mocked him and said he was mad.
But Pope Innocent III let him preach to the people,
his faith in gentleness and poverty.
Now Francesco is returning from Rome with his companions.
Their hut is occupied. They go on to Santa Maria degli Angeli.
From there they will take to the world
the power of their meekness and their sweet love of peace.
"If I were preaching, I'd begin like this:"
I've come to tell you a big secret that will make you happy.
I'll teach you how to find real peace.
And joy!
And joy! Because joy and peace are what men most desire.
I'd talk of glory. We should have the spirit of the perfect knight.
He wishes us to preach the word of God with charity.
Ardor springs from a heart full of joy.
I think a Christian should love to struggle.
It's great to struggle for a cherished dream.
You mean virtue? The joy I mean is what the soul has
when it can dominate the passions that trouble it.
Remember how calm it was those starry nights
when dreams enchanted our youth?
Then the weather broke the spell that could have harmed us.
Now the Pope has blessed us, we must make known this new reality.
The joy we feel today is from this struggle...
which divine Providence has inspired us to.
But why, Brother Bernardo, don't you show us how to behave
to achieve such peace of soul?
You should imitate Christ in His poverty and humility!
Let there be joy! Let there be glory!
Let people rediscover the joy of loving!
Slowly, brother. Were you thirsty?
But why you? Why you?
What do you mean?
Why does everyone follow you, Francesco?
Why do they all want to see you, hear you, and obey you?
You're not tall, handsome, or noble!
Because God could find no lower creature on earth
nor a sinner worse than I, in order to show that all virtue
and good comes from Him, not us. Glory be His name for all eternity!
That's why I follow you, too, Francesco!
Someone's in there.
- What do you want? - We need to rest, brother.
Bring my donkey back in. I'll give you rest!
- But we built this hut ourselves. - Now it's mine.
That is hardly charitable.
Save your breath. Get out!
I'll teach you to bother me! Get out, you thieving bastards!
Come, Bernardo, Leone lambs of the good Lord, come!
- Now where do we go? - I know.
Shouldn't we be rejoicing in our hearts?
It's the first time Providence has made us useful to someone else.
Father, what's bothering you?
God forgive me for abusing your obedience. Bernardo,
I command you, on your holy vows, to do what I ask.
I'll obey you, I will do all you ask.
What must I do?
You must punish my pride.
I'll lie down. Step on my face and neck, saying:
"Lie there, wretch
whose pride imposes penance on his brothers!"
The joy in our faces is your best answer to God.
We're beginning to love our vocation!
Now we see by following you, we follow God.
Thank you, brothers.
The Lord is always good to me.
How brother Ginepro returned naked to Santa Maria degli Angeli
where the brothers had finished building their hut.
Ah! How I long to go and preach!
Brother, this work brings you ever nearer to God.
If you work with your hands, you know life deeply.
Put thought into each stone, and each will magnify you.
What a lovely present!
What shall we do with them? Now we need some sheep!
- Who gave them to you? - A benefactor.
Let's put them on the altar!
At last we have bells to call us to prayer.
We've another surprise! We've finished our house. Come and see!
It's a bit cramped.
Brother Ginepro, what happened?
I gave my habit to a beggar.
But you mustn’t give away your habit.
Didn't you tell us to help the poor?
I command you not to give away your habit again!
How Giovanni The Simple asked to follow Francesco,
and imitate him in gesture and word.
Francesco, we're setting out.
Father, help me form these sons into a new and humble people.
May this new time be like that which saw your Son's meekness.
Let there be peace among men.
In the name of the Lord, go in meekness and honesty.
Pray God in your hearts, and shun empty words and deeds.
Each one help the other.
If you come across anyone who needs you, forget everything else.
If you don't help others on earth, you can't hope for God's reward.
Brothers, take care not to waste the most precious gift of time
nor appear lazy in others' eyes.
I want my brothers to do honest work and not burden others.
Make those who don't know the Gospels learn from your example.
As Ginepro has no clothes, he will cook you a nice dinner.
We'll bring him a silken habit.
Farewell until this evening. - We'll spread joy!
Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
Let me bring love where there is hate, unity where there is discord.
Let me bring joy where there is pain, and hope where there is despair.
Make me love, not wish for love.
And let all on earth know the secret of your peace
which is the fruit of justice and fraternal charity.
Sing a little quieter.
Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come
Little brothers, who praise God so easily, because you fly so freely
now let me, too, praise God in peace.
Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven
Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. So it is.
Anyone there?
What do you want, brother? - Oh, you're beautiful!
What do you want?
To speak to your leader.
Speak to me, it's the same.
I want to join Francesco.
And the bull?
It's for the brothers.
That's ours. Grandpa's gone mad. We can't give away a cow.
- I'll see to the old man. - Yes, you keep him.
Here we walk with Jesus and the Madonna.
- Can you pray? - I know the Hail Mary.
See how beautiful! Do you like it? We always pray here.
- Do you like them? - Beautiful.
The lamp is out. Well, we'll light it tomorrow.
- What are you doing? - The oil is beautiful.
Let us pray.
How peaceful it is. This is where we sleep.
The fire is dying.
Beautiful fire!
Why stint brother Fire?
I love him because he's beautiful and strong.
Praise God for brother Sun by day and brother Fire by night.
But father, fire can hurt you.
And you, why do you want to hurt brother Fire?
Father, let me do it.
- Why aren't the others back yet? - Be patient, they'll come.
I want to be like Francesco.
But why did you leave your wife and children? Were they unkind?
No, I want to be like Francesco.
With us, you must work harder still. Your family must be as dead to you.
You must be humble and pray.
Will it not be hard to leave your family? What do you want of Francesco?
I want to be a saint like him.
I am Francesco!
Let's go out.
Your new brothers are returning from a day's work.
This is our new brother.
So many gifts from God! - Take these, Ginepro!
Sister Chiara sent this habit for brother Ginepro. It's been so long,
and she wants to eat with you. May she come here?
Do you think I should let her?
So, tell sister Chiara we await her.
Here, Ginepro. God never abandons those who serve Him.
Why are you so sad?
We are great sinners. The Lord wouldn't grant us alms today.
Never fear, those who do their duty will never go in want.
What our brothers brought back is for all of us.
Look, we have a new brother!
His name's Giovanni.
Santa Chiara's wonderful meeting,
with San Francesco at Santa Maria degli Angeli.
- We'll never do it! - Don't worry, we have time.
Don't break the branches, just take the flowers.
- Want to climb onto my shoulders? - Lf you steady me.
And we thought we had nothing. Pick plenty for sister Chiara.
We're making a beautiful carpet. Smell it!
Good. Let's prepare a house fit for a girl consecrated to God.
Go trim your beard!
Take the buckets.
- And you? - Father, I don't have to shave.
Now we'll clean you up.
Ack! That hurts. - Gently, gently.
She is coming!
Sister Chiara's coming!
Hello sister Chiara! Hello sister Chiara!
So many memories!
Sister Chiara consecrated herself to God in this chapel.
She's beautiful.
He took my cloak!
Hush! Brother Ginepro has no clothes.
Didn't Francesco order you not to give your habit away again?
Yes, but I met a man who begged in God's name.
I couldn't give him this ricotta, so I said:
"I have only this habit, and I have sworn not to give it away
but if you take it off my back I won't stop you."
That's my cloak
Be charitable. He was naked, we covered him.
Take this to a needy brother.
You take it, please.
Last night the devil visited me again.
But he went away unhorned, because I've a simple way to drive him off,
When he's near, I rush to close the door to my heart,
and envelop myself in holy meditation.
So when he knocks, I reply from within:
"Keep out, evil one, there's no room for you here!"
Defeated, the devil leaves me, and the land.
My God!
And the people of Assisi saw the horizon red with fire.
They ran to Santa Maria degli Angeli thinking it was burning.
The sky was alight with glowing words of love from God, Chiara, and Francesco.
How brother Ginepro cut off a pig's trotter to give to a sick brother.
I always have to stay here.
But that's fine.
One of our brothers is weak from too much fasting.
I've made soup. Will it do him good? Doesn't it smell good?
I doubt he can eat it, but I'll take it to him.
Brother, I've made food that'd raise the dead.
Thank you, brother.
In your condition, you shouldn't fast. Father Francesco would order you to eat.
I do not fast to mortify my flesh.
You fast too much. I know what you would like.
A leg of chicken.
Or a trout, some sausages,
a fresh egg and ricotta.
So, what would you like?
It’d be a big comfort if you'd bring me a pig's trotter.
Leave it to me. I'll go and find one.
He wouldn't eat but he wants a pig's foot.
With God's help I'll find a pig who'll offer me his trotter.
Give me the knife.
Let's trust in God.
Brother piglets, the Lord has sent you to help me.
Brother pig, please listen.
You who are the most beautiful
give your succulent trotter for a sick brother?
It won't hurt. The Lord will help us.
Think, little brother, how rarely we can do good!
Thank you, Lord, for the good the pig and I can do.
You found one!
Listen, he's also thanking the Lord!
I've brought you a trotter.
What a lovely smell!
Robbers! Thieves! You cut off my pig's leg! That's what you call doing good?
Calmly, brother. What is it?
One of you cut off my pig's leg.
- Forgive us. Did you see who did it? - No, or I'd have cracked his skull.
You've done it again! You're a simpleton.
But, I did something good.
What made you do such a thing?
Brother pig and I were only doing good. The pig was happy, too, wasn't he, Giovanni?
I command you to run and beg that man's pardon,
and promise we won't trouble him again.
Don't be stingy with your repentance!
What a forest of hair!
A lovely forest for God!
You needn't feel sorry for brother pig
because he helped my sick brother.
To help a sick brother!
Aren't you pleased?
Eat it, you vagabonds! But if I see you again, I'll flay you!
I told you I'd soothed him.
We can give it to the poor!
Yes, I'll see to it.
How San Francesco, praying in the forest at night, met the leper.
My God, my all!
God, crucified My brothers and I love you.
My God!
How brother Ginepro cooked food for fifteen days
and Francesco, touched by his zeal, gave him permission to preach.
I've got an idea!
Now that we have so much food
let's cook it all at once, then it'll last fifteen days,
So we'll be able to go and preach, too!
I think Francesco will be happy, too.
And also the poor.
Where will we find a big enough pot?
Ask the shepherds.
Good idea. I'll go and look, with God's help. - And for Francesco.
Help me. Put in lots of greens.
Get the wood now.
- What are you doing? - The wood.
No, put the vegetables in!
Ginepro, the fire is dying, bring more wood!
Ginepro's cooking tonight.
Don't put the wood in, you'll ruin it!
Francesco! Beautiful Francesco!
I'm making dinner for fifteen days, so we can all go preaching.
The chicken in this soup will nourish us,
then we can forget about meals, we can preach!
Come here, Ginepro.
You may preach, but I command you to begin your sermons thus:
"Baa, baa, baa, much I say, little I do."
For it is better to preach with example than with words.
How brother Ginepro was sentenced to death,
and how his humility conquered the ferocity of the tyrant Nicolaio.
Let me have a go. Sit on the other end.
Where did you get the helmet?
Nicolaio's soldiers left it. The tyrant is besieging Viterbo.
- Since when? - Three months.
He's still there? I must seize this opportunity.
He'll win again.
No, he's got less blood than I have.
- I bet he can't fill the cup. - I bet he can.
Baa, baa, baa, much I say, little I do.
Thank you, Lord. Finally I understand,
that souls are won not by words, but by example.
- What's happening? - A game.
Let's go and watch!
What's going on?
They're having fun with a beggar.
Bring him here.
Search him.
An awl and a flint.
Beat him, then kill him.
I'll try it.
What have you done to this damned armor? It's digging into my neck.
Do something, you dogs!
The last time you cut off the feet instead of the head.
Will you kill him without a Priest of his faith?
Call that one who buries the bodies.
Why a Priest? He'll die, anyway. Give him some wine instead.
Play music. He'll manage to die, just the same.
Such a little mouse! Trying to kill our leader!
Go away.
My son, I bring you the comfort of our faith.
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.
Who are you?
A sinner.
What sins?
Many, many!
- Where are you from? - Assisi.
Your name?
Ginepro. Why?
Do you follow,
that Francesco who's gentle like a mother?
And meek as a lamb.
In God's name! I know this boy, he's a friend of all. I'll talk to Nicolaio.
Lord Nicolaio, an injustice! They're killing an innocent!
What's that? What do you want?
Nibbio, raise this visor! Raise it at once!
What innocent?
The man you just condemned.
That worm threatened my life. Nibbio, show him the instruments.
But this is to make fire, and the awl is for mending his sandals.
A spy warned me of an assassin with such tools, dressed like a beggar.
This is a devilish conspiracy!
No, I know him.
He is a follower of Francesco, a poor man - the son of a rich man.
He gave everything to the poor, and lives with companions
in a forest, free as birds.
Many follow him, because he loves even the lowly.
He who despises the world is full of hate, and thus, poisonous.
No, does not Aristotle say that,
he who despises the world does so to protect himself from pain?
The poor are all the same. They preach poverty, rob you, then slit your throat.
No! They refuse everything. They're incapable of doing harm.
So, bring him here. I want to question him.
Tell me, who are you? - I'm a very great sinner.
Take off this helmet, Nibbio!
Would you betray us to Viterbo?
I'm the greatest traitor, unworthy of anything.
Were you going to kill me with that awl, and set fire to the camp?
I'm a very great sinner.
I'd do worse things
if God didn't protect me.
If this is Ginepro
what must Francesco be like?
See the truth in his words!
Before God, we're always guiltier than others can tell,
because we are not grateful to God
and because we do not love our fellow men.
We would be even more guilty
but for the help of merciful God. - I don't understand this talk.
Nor I. Get this armor off me!
Take him to my tent.
Sound the call!
End the siege!
How brother Francesco taught brother Leone
what perfect happiness is.
Brother Leone, lamb of God, even if we could make the blind see
the deaf hear, exorcise demons,
and raise the dead - this is not perfect happiness.
Did you see? He was after my gold, but I punished him.
Brother, is a little gold worth a man's life?
Here, take this coin.
Rest in peace. - Amen.
O brother Leone, lamb of God,
even if we knew the language of the angels, the soul's secrets,
this is not perfect happiness.
Even if we could predict the future, and know nature's secrets,
this is not perfect happiness.
Were we to convert all to Christ, this is not perfect happiness.
Tell me, where is perfect happiness?
Oh, here's a house. Let's see if they'll praise Christ with us!
God, in his mercy, will surely show us where perfect happiness is.
Be charitable, brother. We poor monks roam the world for love of others.
We'll help you serve Jesus.
Serve Jesus with us!
Go away! Stop bothering people!
Brother, be charitable! Serve Jesus, brother!
I'll give you Jesus! Get out, thieves!
I'll be generous! I'll give you every inch of this stick of mine!
If you want more, come back and disturb a man in his own house.
Brother Leone, lamb of God, now that we've suffered all this for Christ
it is perfect happiness.
Above all the graces which Christ gives His followers is the grace to conquer oneself
and to endure suffering for love of Him.
Only in this is perfect happiness!
How San Francesco left Santa Maria degli Angeli with his brothers
and went through the world to preach peace.
They're coming!
We found few people to accept our alms; they say we're poor.
We leave our garden in your hands.
We leave you everything: Oil, bread, nuts. Not much, but all yours.
Please care for our chapel, because we are going away to preach.
I can't come, not with this cloak.
True, apostles have no cloaks or shoes. You've more than you need, give them away.
Happy? You need a cowl.
God bless you! I take only my faith with me, I leave you my heart.
Farewell, brother Nightingale. Farewell, shady brother Tree.
Farewell, blessed earth. Farewell, little house.
Farewell, Santa Maria degli Angeli.
Some for us, some we give to the poor.
Take everything. Even my stick.
Come here, Father.
Bring the gifts.
The Lord bless you.
Brothers, I have nothing left.
Nor have I, and I have fifteen children.
We've given everything, now let us thank God.
Father Silvestro, you're a Priest, say the blessing.
O my Lord, my hope is in You.
Send us help from on high!
Show us Your paths.
Teach us Your way.
Guide our steps.
Giovanni, we're waiting for you.
The time has come for us to separate
for each to go and preach alone.
Father, which way do we go? - God will show us.
How shall we know God's will?
I command you to spin around, like children playing,
until your head is dizzy.
Not dizzy yet?
Still not dizzy?
Now I'm dizzy!
Ah, my head's spinning!
In which direction did you fall?
Towards Siena.
Towards Florence.
Towards Arezzo.
Towards Pisa.
Towards Spoleto.
Towards Foligno.
Where did you fall, Giovanni?
Towards that finch dancing on the trees.
Then follow that bird, and the road the Lord has shown you.
So, my sons, spread throughout the world and preach peace. Farewell.