Furry Suits & The Guild - The Guild Behind-The-Scenes S5 Ep 7

Uploaded by geekandsundry on May 24, 2012


COLLEEN CAMPBELL: Well, the crowd scene at the very
beginning was definitely a crash course into life on The
Guild because there was easily 200 extras, all wanting to
touch me and to pet me and to throw biscuits.

FELICIA DAY: So I came up with the idea that we have a
running gag of Codex being sort of stalked by this Furry.
You are so creepy.
We had this great Furry costume that we
crowdsourced, again.
BOBBY BRISTOW: I have mostly been a handler this season.
Colleen has been the stand-in.
COLLEEN CAMPBELL: Basically, on the drive down we were
trying to decide who was going to play the inaugural
Furry of The Guild.
We got the official measurements, and it turned
out that I was the taller one.
You have an agile tail.
And I didn't mean that inappropriately.
COLLEEN CAMPBELL: That's what she said.
FELICIA DAY: Boo doomp boom.
COLLEEN CAMPBELL: Bobby and I do a lot of soft sculpture
work, which is basically the wearable costumes, the
accessories like toys and plush.
Bobby and I built the Tink costume, which was supposed to
be a doll representation of Amy.
And we built it on some pretty basic measurements that
wardrobe would get, so it doesn't necessarily include a
headband measurement.
And I guess Amy was a little claustrophobic in it, so she
did not wear it.
Instead our producer, Kim Evey, got to wear it, which
I've heard she was really, really exited about.
KIM EVEY: I'm not a Furry, but I like
dressing up in Furry outfits.
So what is that?
FELICIA DAY: You're a Furry.
COLLEEN CAMPBELL: So everybody's reaction has been
really, really warm, people putting the heads on and
taking pictures.
And everybody's been kind of really excited to dive into
their Furry sides.
So that's been fun.
BOBBY BRISTOW: I wouldn't say that it's a profession.
It's just more of--
maybe a professional hobby.
I do enjoy costuming.
There is a lot of fun that's associated with that and being
able to escape the everyday life and jump into a giant
animal and walk around and have fun with people.