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Hey. Hi.
How’re you feeling? Oh, I’m—I’m, no, I’m fine, no. Thank you.
I’m sorry about that. Oh, no. No, no.
How’s it, um— What?
You know, I was just about to ask how it was all going and then I realized that’s probably inappropriate.
Oh, I saw you in a hypoglycemic meltdown. We’re old friends. Ish.
Yeah. So just, uh, just friends?
Well, that’s a good place to start. No, um, a lot of nice guys, actually. Yeah, it’s better than I expected.
Yeah. Girls too, I mean, gals.
Oh, sit.
No, no, no. You know what, I don’t want to interrupt, it’s your downtime and I don’t want Frau Blucher to take points away from me.
Um, I just—I don’t want to jump the gun and I don’t want to put you on the spot, but, I do hope that we can see each other again.
I’d like that. What’s your full name?
Tolson. Daniel Tolson. Not Daniel the Diabetic?
Christine. Christine, it’s ok, ok? We’re all a little nervous.
Don’t do that, please don’t be nice to me. I’m a moron. A klutz. Please go away.
Ok. We will get together, though. That’s not a question. I’ll see you later, Christine the Klutz.
Chris. You need to leave here right now.
Hear me out for sixty seconds and I’ll leave. Otherwise I’ll tear this place apart.
No, get out of here. You want me to tear this place apart? I’ll do it.
Quickly. It has to be quick. The girls are in the car.
They don’t know, they don’t have to know. Chris, don’t make this any harder than it is.
I didn’t make it like this. You didn’t?
One minute.
This is so over.
Chris, we have daughters together. The two most beautiful girls ever made. So it’s never going to be over between us. We’re joined at the hip. Now…
I love you. I’ve done everything you’ve asked me to do. You wanted to talk about why you were feeling so restless. So we talked about it.
We talked our tongues out. You still couldn’t tell me why you were feeling restless. So you went to therapy. I went to therapy. The girls went to therapy.
You’re still restless. That’s your word. Restless.
So then you asked me if you can go to speed dating. Not real dating, just a night out, just a fantasy night. To see yourself differently for a while, get some perspective.
This is the seventh time, Christine. Do you tell these guys that? Are they helping you with your perspective?
Ok ladies and gentlemen, start making your way back. We start again in one minute.
This is that last time, Christine. After tonight you decide if you’re staying of you’re going. And if you’re going, you are going.
Don’t threaten me. You see, that’s part of the problem. You’re inconsiderate.
I’m staying in the house with the girls. There’s no reason they should lose their dad and their home just because you’ve gone nuts.
Just let me have this.
I love you, too.
Just let me have this, please. Is it really so much to ask?