Momentum - Ken Roczen Supercross - Episode 21

Uploaded by redbull on 14.09.2012

A lot of people say they want to be a World Champion. I just say, I want to be the best rider in the world, and that's definitely what I'm aiming at.
I'd have to say that meanwhile, I don't have any role models, because I'm riding at the top level myself. What gives me a kick, is first of all speed.
You have to figure out what technique you need to get around the bend as fast as possible, and you have to concentrate. You have to be fit. The harder the battle it is,
the more kicks I get out of it, and the higher the jumps are the more amazing it is. For me, speed and jumps are absolutely the greatest things.
Ken is the talent of the century. There hasn't been anything like him for years.
He's won almost every race he's participated in over the last five years. He's got something inside of him, he wants to win, and that's what constantly keeps him pushing ahead.
My biggest success was my victory at Teutschenthal, it made me the youngest Grand Prix winner of all time.
I think I was 15 years and 53 days old. I really did make history then.
In America, supercross is really the main sport, more then motocross. The whole mood is completely different.
It was always a dream of mine to ride over there, and this year, it was the first time I did.
I always wanted to do supercross, and I dreamt of doing it ever since I was a little kid. The tracks are much slower,
but technically they are 10 times more difficult, and if you make the smallest mistake, it can cost you a lot.
In supercross everything happens so quickly, so you can't really plan anything. You just have to do it. In motocross, everything is much further apart,
with a long straight. You get time to sort yourself out. You don't get that here. Here you have to let it come from inside yourself, and that's the secret.
Yes, my father still helps me with the training and all the rest of the stuff. He's quite tough,
and knows how to get me really heated up. He knows how to influence me, and always knows what comes first.
It's harder for me with Ken because I train with him. We're together 24 hours a day, well I shouldn't exaggerate,
20 hours. You always need a buffer in this life, and if I'm his buffer, that's fine with me.
He's very pleased that he's not all by himself in America, so I just keep his back free wherever I can.
I'm Tom Schöttler, I'm a really good friend of Ken Roczen, and I just couldn't believe it when Heiko said,
"You're flying to America to visit Ken." Just like that, as if it was no big deal. But it is really great for me, and I'm very happy about it.
So you arrived finally.
Thanks for making the sign.
His parents know I'm here as a surprise guest. The team and the manager know about me, but he's still completely in the dark.
He's going to turn up here just thinking it's Las Vegas as normal, and he has his race, but then suddenly I'll appear out of the blue.
But you can't choose for yourself.
Turning up without saying hi.
Manager? Are you crazy man?
Hey my man.
Are you allowed to be here anyway?
It's crazy huh?
I was completely shocked. I wasn't even sure if it was him or not. Two days later I still kept on asking, "Is it really you here in Vegas?"
I want to try that out.
Put your legs up Heiko!
I think Ken likes to have some of his friends around, so he can just do normal, everyday stuff.
I'm scared.
One of the greatest things was flying over Las vegas by night. I was really over the moon and so was the manager. He was just out of it, and it was the best thing ever. It was really cool.
I went there with a lot of mixed feelings. On TV it always looked so easy, but when you're really standing down there things look quite different,
and so do all the people around you. The mood is so different, and that is what is really special for me.
Things are about to start. It may just be one event, but, it's always a weird feeling.
Winning there was incredible. Of course it's the best feeling when you win, and when it's all over,
you know you have done a good job, and you can just relax and feel cool. I have to say that's the best feeling ever.
Oh my God, where's Kenny?
And here he comes, he's in the middle of the field but now he's furious. And he wants to get to the front. Now he really has to go for it!
Ken Roczen has the best time in the first section!