Math Snacks: Overruled!

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Once upon a time,
the king from Kingopolis
and the queen from Queentopia
fell madly in love and decreed they would marry.
"This marriage will finally unite our realms,"
said the queen.
"Huzzah!" "Hurray!"
"Caloo!" "Ca-lay!"
said the rejoicing subjects.
In order for the couple to make a proper royal
procession through both territories,
a bridge needed to be built across
the river between them.
"But how high to build the bridge?"
said the royal engineers.
The king and queen discussed it
and agreed that 12 feet high
was a noble height for a bridge.
They ordered their respective royal engineers to
"Make it so!"
"Oh yes, quite right. Make it so."
The queen's engineers began building from
Queentopia, the king's engineers from Kingopolis,
and the plan was to meet in the middle.
All was merriment and joy in anticipation,
for the king and queen decided that they
would marry upon the day of completion.
Alas, it was not long before discord was
introduced to the land.
For as the bridge neared completion,
the peoples began to realize that each side
of the bridge was not of the same height.
As is usual in these matters,
they began to blame each other.
"Why have you not built the bridge 12 noble feet high?"
said the Queentopian engineer.
"What?! Of course we have."
"Why have you not built the bridge 12 noble feet high?"
replied the Kingopolic engineer.
Things went back and forth like this until it got nasty.
Someone from Kingopolis said something about
someone from Queentopia's mother and well,
before you know it everyone was at each other's
throats over the whole thing.
The king and queen were dismayed and worried
that their union must be renounced
to save the peace.
Worse, the bridge left a lot to be desired.
"Oh, woe is me, what shall we do?" said the king.
In grief, and head hung low,
he noticed how terrible his feet looked.
So he decided to calm himself with a pedicure.
"Oh drat and confound!"
"This situation and my toes are in a terrible state,"
said the queen,
also deciding on a pedicure.
And good thing, too,
for whilst the royal pair were soaking their royal
bunions the royal pedicurist solved the problem.
He remembered that in these lands
they measured a foot by the actual size
of their king's or queen's foot.
"Oh, I say, your feet are different sizes!"
said the royal pedicurist.
"By Jove!" said the queen.
"Oh, that's it!" said the king.
"It is clear the bridge needs to be rebuilt,"
"but which regent's foot to measure by?"
asked the engineers.
"We shall build the bridge to 12 king's feet!"
shouted the king's engineers.
"No, Treasonous! We shall use the queen's feet,"
"that's how we're used to measuring!"
voiced the queen's engineers.
"Stop arguing! OK, look - let's talk feet,"
said the pedicurist.
And everyone stopped to listen,
because if anyone knew feet it was the pedicurist.
"We just need to know how to convert"
"to each other's units of measurement."
"You see,"
"2 queen's feet is the same as 3 king's feet."
"Yes, but how does that help us?"
"We need to know how many queen's feet is"
"12 king's feet."
"And 4 queen's feet is the same as 6 king's feet."
"That's no help!"
"We need to know how many king's feet is"
"12 queen's feet."
"And, six queen's feet is the same as 9 king's feet."
"Oh that's not helpful!"
"Why are you telling us this?" (grumbles)
"Please bear with me."
"Now you see,"
"we can plot this information on a graph."
"2 queen's feet equals 3 king's feet,"
"4 queen's feet equals 6 king's feet,"
"and 6 queen's feet equals 9 king's feet."
"Now, your majesties,"
"you'll see that there is a pattern here."
"These points actually form a straight line."
"If we follow the line over to 12 queen's feet,"
"we see that 12 queen's feet"
"equals 18 king's feet."
"Oh yes, but what if we want to know"
"how many queen's feet is 12 king's feet?"
"Oh, I know!"
"Just follow the line up to 12 king's feet."
"It looks like 12 king's feet"
"is the same as 8 queen's feet."
"Ahh, the answer to all of our problems!"
said someone.
"Like drapery measurements,"
cried the curtain maker.
"And allocating land," sobbed the land allocator.
"And foot-long hot dogs!" burped the sports fan.
Henceforth in the territories,
all subjects specified queen's feet or king's feet
in all dealings with measurement.
They learned how to convert units,
and the people lived happily ever after.
"Greetings, rulers!"
"Let us unite and build a new bridge"
"between our lands," said Duke GoodArches,
from the sovereignty of LargeHooves.
Ohhhhh, here we go again.