Waste Management Careers - Join our Information Technology Team

Uploaded by wastemanagement on 01.09.2011


Waste Management is a company that has recently embarked on a transformation.
Technology is a huge integral component of that transformation.
The role that technology is playing extends across almost every aspect of the company.
We are much more than just a materials handling company
given our massive footprint and the many different businesses that we have.
We have more opportunities within technology at Waste Management
than what you would find in many other companies.
Salesforce automation, financial systems to HR systems to order management systems.
We have work that is going on around operations and logistics,
work that is going on around pricing.
We have a pretty large infrastructure footprint.
We’re working on many different types of servers,
we have cloud computing going on.
Residential, commercial.
All of our employees are very open, it’s very collaborative,
it’s very diverse, there’s a lot of excitement out there.
I think it’s cutting edge for any industry.
The work that we are doing most IT people would find exciting.
If we have individuals who are looking for leading edge work
who are looking to work for an innovative company
who are looking to work for a large financially successful company
Waste Management is the place for them.