How to grow your business with Australia

Uploaded by austrade on 15.01.2012

To survive and thrive, businesses must offer the best products at the best price. And in
Hong Kong and Macau, more and more businesses are doing that by sourcing from Australia!
The land down under represents some of the world's leading products and services across
a wide spectrum, including food and beverage, health products, fashion and art, IT and green
technology, transportation and construction, as well as investments.
Phil Ingram, Senior Trade Commissioner, Austrade said
“Our team is totally committed to working with Australian companies and local companies
here in Hong Kong for their businesses to grow and develop and that’s our ultimate
This is the story of three companies in Hong Kong, which sourced products and services
from Australia – and grew their business. And thanks to help from Austrade – the Australian
government’s Trade and Investment development arm - all three companies were able to reduce
their time, cost and risk.
Sourcing from Australia: Green tech and construction For businesses in Hong Kong and Macau looking
to sell GREEN and environmentally-friendly products for the local building market, the
story of Keytech shows one path to success.
Keytech is now sourcing from Australia, highly innovative products to help local property
developers build their outdoor decking. General Manager Jones Wong says this decking surface
is in high demand. That’s because instead of using natural timbers from the forest,
this product is made of recycled sawdust blended with plastic.
Jones Wong, General Manager, Keytech said “I can see great opportunities in selling
these things because people do not like to see chopping trees in the near future. So
that’s why more and more people will choose environmental composite timbers."
And the adjustable pedestal below the surface is recyclable, so it can be used again and
again, which saves on the cost of installation. Keytech was able to find the best Australian
suppliers, courtesy of an introduction from Austrade. And with these new suppliers, Wong
says his company has grown and prospered:
“More business, lower shipping costs, lower labor costs, and faster delivery time.”
Wong is also grateful to Austrade for educating his company about the local Hong Kong property
market – and who’s who in the building industry.
“I would say Austrade is like a partner and friend to me.”
And helping to bridge both sides, so they can prosper together.
Investing in Australia: Health and Agribusiness For those investors seek ing a smart place
to grow their money, the story of CK Life Sciences shows why Australia makes great sense.
From one small investment, it has grown more than 10 times. Mostly, it manufactures in
Australia and sells products to Australians. Its investments are divided into two groups.
First, health products.
Alan Yu, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, CK Life Sciences
“Well for sure, Australia has been a leader in health supplements for some time. First
of all, it has a large number of brands in the marketplace. Secondly, it has a very high
quality of manufacturing.”
CK Life Sciences’ 2nd big investment is in agriculture – in a land with lots of
farmers and lots of land to farm. CK Life Sciences made some of its investments with
advice from Austrade – which has a deep understanding of local market trends, up-to-date
statistics, and opportunities to network.
“Now if you go to the Australian government, I think you can be quite sure that the data
available there will be up to date, and also accurate.”
Information that is helping Hong Kong and Macau businesses invest in the right place,
with the right partner, at the right time.
Sourcing from Australia: food and dairy For those companies wanting to profit by supplying
Hong Kong and Macau’s big market for food, the story of Foodgears Industrial shows how
Australia’s quality products can capture market share.
Foodgears has grown about 12 times in the past 12 years - from just one Australian supplier
to seven. And it is now one of the biggest dairy suppliers for the Hong Kong market – thanks
to world-class products from Australia.
Orlando Li, CEO, Foodgears Industrial said “We are one of the leaders for the dairy
in Hong Kong so we are very proud we work together with our supplier in Australia.”
CEO Orlando Li says the naturally fed cows produce high dairy quality. And that shows
up in our milk and butter, as well as the mozzarella on our pizza, and the cream cheese
in our cheesecake.
Another benefit: Australians can ship much faster than suppliers from Europe – taking
only about 10 days compared to 20-50 days.
Visiting Australia has also been a joy for Orlando Li. He loves the country’s natural
scenery, ethnic diversity and its easygoing people.
“The Aussies – they are straightforward, honest, they're direct, and no playing games.”
Li is grateful he made the connection with Australia, thanks to help from Austrade, which
he describes as a trusted friend.
“We look at them as a partner. They not only provide you 10 suppliers of the same
category, but they also narrow to 3 or 4 that could more match you and save your time.”
Helping you save time, cost and risk. That’s the aim of Austrade – whatever quality products
you may be seeking.
Phil Ingram said “And so I really encourage our local businesses
to contact our team, to contact our offices and find out what we can do for you today.”
And what Austrade can do is help businesses in Hong Kong and Macau grow, profit and prosper
– with their friendly neighbor down under.