[ENG SUB] 120618 Jaejoong in Dr. Jin EP07 - Behind The Scenes & Interview

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~ subbed only where Jaejoong speaks~ (also except for the lines in Dr.Jin)
This is it~! but I should do it without seeing it...
Ah~~~ I got it.
I don't feel the end of it.. it just passes like this.
So I put it to a sword... and when I feel it becomes thin...?
then insert it inside~
Aww~ so now what I have to do is just doing it naturally~but..
Hyung~ Yihanie hyung~ Let's pratice once~ (Hyung = bro~ in Korean)
Q. What scene are you practicing now?
now.. I got to meet YungHwi as enemies to each other~
but I don't know the enemy is YoungHwi,
but only know that he is the leader of Unknown gangs.
So I consider him as an enemy and try to kill him~
because this scene is actually made up all of sudden, so we are now practicing for it unexpectedly~
VJ: you seem to practice hard~
If I don't, I'll screw up~ TT__TT
because I am not a person who is excellent in swordsmanship...haha
Kim KyungTak is the one who is excellent in it, Kim Jaejoong is not that good in it... so..
Camera operator: did you cut your hand?
Don't you have to go to Seoul National University Hospital? (he's jokking)
Haha, No...
even though got serious wound, displays fighting spirit even with an injury~
Q. Is your wounded hand okay?
Ah, it's okay. Just, the... ah, it's okay.
I guess it's because I don't know how to grab a sword well~
it's okay~
Q. Isn't performing action scenes strenuous?
Originally, I have practiced even fighting one on ten~
I'm thinking it is just as well that today's scene is short compared to what I have practiced..