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Writers in our country are improving day by day.
Formerly they used to come for the literary meet on cycles...
but now they arrive by cars.
l owned a cycle too last year...
but l had to sell it off to publish my novel.
Let's go - Yes.
Respected chairman, Dr. Baneriee,...
Dr. Kulkarni and Gentleman...
l thank Rustomii Petit trust through this literary associaton for ...
announcing the Saraswati award and encouraging the writers.
This award is given to the best book of the year.
This year the most amazing fact is that...
this is the writer's first work.
And the writer is a doctor. Doctor Bhaskar Banerjee.
He's not only famous in his Medicine field and alcohol...
Please mention only medicine.
Forgive me, Dr.Baneriee is well known for his medicines and ...
not for alcohol.
He is a remarkable cancer specialist.
lnspite of being surrounded by such situations...
writing a novel like Anand is very astonishing.
Before giving away the award l request Dr Banerjee...
to say a few words about his novel 'Anand'.
Where and how did he find the inspiration to write it.
Excuse me but l don't know what to say...
Frankly speaking, l'm no writer.
My habit of writing begins and ends with my diary.
And what you assume as my story or novel...
are a few extracts from my diary.
lf you feel that Anand is fiction or my imagination...
then the fault lies in my writing. It is in fact my failure.
Anand loved to make friends.
Every place he went, he was in search of a friend.
That's why l published my novel.
So that his friendship should spread throughout the world.
When l first met Anand my mind was not stable.
l was very disappointed with my medical profession.
After watching all kinds of diseases, poverty and disaster
l had lost all hopes in life. l was helpless.
l could combat diseases, but how could l deal with hunger and poverty.
l tried to battle but didn't have the right weapons.
l noticed that lakhs of people lacked in vitamins.
But when they were starving what was the use of vitamins.
Medicines could cure diseases but not poverty.
Yet after so many years of independence...
people don't have the money to buy salt.
How can l ask them to buy medicines.
Doctor. - It's not in my hands.
Doctor, please do something. - What can l do. Am l God?
Go and pray.
Doctor, have some sweets Laxmi had a baby boy.
My grandson.
One iust died and another is born ready for death.
l admit that life is stronger than death.
But isn't this life worse than death.
When l took my degree from college, l vowed to save lives.
And now at every step l feel l'm trying to save death.
Munna. Won't you have your meals?
You have it uncle. If l feel like it, l'll eat later.
What kind of a doctor are you ? Your father was a doctor too.
He used to work day and night, but he never ignored food.
He also made money and bought this property.
You're not interested in money making.
You're only working hard.
Your friend Prakash has built such a large hospital.
Raghu uncle leave me alone.
Will you do me a favour? - What?
Bring a daughter-in-law in this house...
then l shall go back to my village.
l mean it. l have brought you up...
so l can't watch your condition nor leave you alone.
Hey, Raghu uncle.
Come on serve me food. It's better than marraige.
Park the car ahead.
Hello doctor. - Please wait, l'm examining him.
l'm in a hurry. - You can come tomorrow.
Fine, l shall wait then.
Take this address and get an X-Ray done.
ls it necessarry for an X-Ray?
l am giving two more music lessons...
So my throat must have ripped and it's bleeding now.
Anything can happen, but go and get an X-Ray done.
What happened ? - No nothing, but the X-Ray...
you know my condition.
You don't have to pay. l'll call him.
Dr. Prakash Kulkarni. Go and meet him.
Doctor, have my reports come?
Yes. Please be seated. You're perfectly all right.
You look disappointed. - No.
Dr. Kulkarni mentioned that you're a cancer expert.
Expert in what. In giving cancer or curing it.
lt's alright doctor.
But l've developed a new complication.
l don't get sleep and l feel tired during the day.
Give me some good medicine.
You love to take medicines, don't you?
lf l give you some colourful capsules or tablets...
Or tell you a medicine which is unavailable...
then you'll be satisfied and believe l'm a good doctor.
lf you can give me some medicine, then do so...
else there's no dearth of doctors.
Please leave.
What's your consultation fees?
l take fees for medicines not for giving some sense.
Dr. Kulkarni, please. Dr. Banerjee.
Prakash, l'm Bhaskar here.
l'm sending a boy for an X-Ray. His name is Ranjit.
Examine him.
Do you have the samples of streptomycin. Keep some for me.
Whose letter ? Trivedi.
The Gynaecologist from Delhi, he's writing after a long time.
l'm going to the laboratory in the afternoon...
and l'll be there by 4.OO p.m.
Sister. - Good morning, Dr. Banerjee.
ls Dr. Kulkarni in. - Yes, he's waiting for you.
Remember Mrs. Sanyal take the green and red capsules together...
and after half an hour the pink tablets.
Next the green and yellow capsules...
and half an hour later the pink tablets.
And yes, the white tablets that l prescribed, continue them...
one in the morning and in the evening.
l'm sorry. - No problem, Bhaskar, come in.
l forgot to mention one thing.
Something's wrong with me these days...
l feel frightened. - Why ?
l had my blouses stitched Iast month and they're tight now.
lt's a sanfrize material.
No, Mrs. Sanyal don't neglect it.
l want to check your blood cholestrol. Come next Saturday.
Oh no, not Saturday, l've a kitty party.
Can't l come on Friday? - Friday,... Iet me check.
Fine. Friday morning 9.OO a.m. - Okay.
Here's the cheque for last month of 5001- rupees.
Thank you. - Eh !
l mean for this cheque. - It's alright, doctor. Bye Bye.
Come, Bhaskar...
please be seated.
You're telling her about blood cholestrol, what does she know ?
You will always remain a doctor.
lf l don't create an impression, how will she gain confidence?
l know what you'd have told her had she come to you.
The same thing that you told Chandranath and made him angry.
Walk 2 hours in the morning and play 2 hours in the evening...
After 15 days she'd neither need you nor me.
She'd be playing badminton Ieisurely...
and we'd be begging on the streets.
lf you wanted to do this why did you pass your medical's?
You could open a shop.
lf l'd sell milk l'd mix water into it...
and if l was a lawyer...
l'd take money from the conflict and try to save him,
l can reduce their stomach or toothache in this profession.
Do you think this is right?
There's nothing wrong with it, Bhaskar.
The boy you sent for an X-Ray this morning.
Yes, what happened ?
There's a T.B. patch on his left lung.
l told him to come and get injected everyday.
Do you think he can afford it...
For such treatments l've to take money from Mrs. Sanyal.
She's not paying free of charge.
l know she's not sick.
But she's has doubts about her health...
l cure these doubts. What's wrong with that.
l understand, Prakash.
But don't you think something is wrong somewhere.
Forget it. You won't understand and neither can l make you.
This is Trivedi's letter and he's sent a case history.
Case history, but whose ?
Read it. He's got a friend, Anand Sehgal.
l met him five years ago in Delhi.
We became good friends and he's very jovial.
What's wrong with him? - Lymphocercoma of the Intestine.
Lymphocercoma. Have they done a biopsy?
What's the use of sending him here?
Doesn't Trivedi know there's no cure?
He knows. But Anand has nO One.
And he's still in the ambulatory stage.
He can move around and wants to see Bombay.
And he wants to meet us.
The treatment given there can be given here too.
This is his X-Ray plate... have a look.
What's there to see ?
ln a few months, there'll be distention of stomach...
and the tumour will burst.
Or there'll be acute anaemia and he can't breathe.
He'll hardly live for 4 to 6 months.
Sir, one Mr. Anand Sehgal has arrived.
Anand from Delhi. He was going to come tomorrow.
Send him inside. - Where will he stay?
l've made arrangements here.
He's Trivedi's best friend.
He'll stay for 3 to 4 months and leave.
As long as he's here we'll have to ...
Friend... Hello, friend.
Come Anand come.
l told you we'd meet again, didn't l?
Sit down. - l heard you're married.
How's your wife? - Very fine.
Any iunior, senior... - Not yet.
You've been married for 3 years and ...
You don't have a compounder yet...
Go and consult Trivedi. - How's Tirvedi ?
His family planning is on. 2 is more than enough.
What about his children? - His chidren ?
Yes, two plus three that's five which is enough.
Anand, meet Dr. Bhaskar Banerjee.
Babumushai. Girls called you Babumushai in college.
Dr. Trivedi told me everything.
l've heard that many girls had a crush on you.
Anand, you were supposed to come tomorrow.
When l was born the doctor had advised ...
l'd be born on the 21st but l came early.
lf the doctor mentions the date of my death...
l'll die early.
l've kept my property in your office.
My suitcase and a tape recorder.
l've got clothing but no bed.
Don't worry, your bed is ready in the cabin above.
You can stay here.
l was showing your X-Ray to Dr. Banerjee.
Oh, my film show was being held here.
Hey Babumushai, what did you find?
l'll inform Trivedi don't worry about it.
lt concerns me... why shouldn't l worry?
What do you want to know ? - Tell me the disease.
What will you achieve by knowing.
l won't, but tell me.
lf l tell you, you've got Lymphocercoma...
What will you understand? - What ? Repeat it.
Lymphocercoma of the intestine.
Splendid! What a name! Sounds like a Viceroy's name.
What a great disease.
You're a great doctor, Babumushai.
Lymphocercoma of the Intestine.
lt sounds like an announcement on radio.
lf women were suffering from this disease...
it would sound like she's adopted an English Baby.
This is no ioke. Do you know the meaning of Lymphocercoma.
Do the meaning of this disease?
There's a dreadful tumour in my stomach...
and l won't live for more than 6 months.
Maybe that's the medical name for it.
But why are you angry all of a sudden?
l understand. You're not angry with me but yourself...
because l can't be cured.
So much love is not good.
Can l examine you once? - Why? What's wrong with me ?
Give me your hand. - The pulse is here.
No chance. What's your age. - Thirty.
Thirty. If you minus 30 from 100, what remains?
Seventy. - Seventy.
You won't live for more than seventy.
Do you know what's your problem.
Your body is deteriorating slowly.
What do you mean ?
What's the difference in 70 years and 6 months.
Death comes in a second.
But in these 6 months l'll live every moment.
Babumushai, life should be great... not long.
lf you're scared of death... What's the essence of death?
As long as l'm alive, l'm not dead.
When l'm dead, l'm not there.
So why be scared of death? - l'm sorry, Mr. Anand.
Babumushai, life is short and time is fleeting...
We've to live fast. and be quick...
At least cut down on the respects.
What's your opinion. - Fine, he'll do that...
Sister, there's a cabin above. Take him there...
l'll be coming along.
Anand, you'll be examined in two days.
Sure. This is the only examination...
in which the one who gives is not studying...
but the one who takes it has to.
Forgive me. Trivedi had warned me not to joke with you...
but what could l do? It's a habit.
Bhaskar, he know's he's dying ...
Yet he's so lively and...
Maybe that's why he... What do you think ?
Can something be done ? - Nothing, the disease is such...
Until secondary manifestation, we can't detect anything.
But by then it's too late. Nothing can be done.
Keep the things here.
lf you need anything more, ring the bell.
Where are you going ? - l'm on duty.
But who'll take care of me ? - l will, don't worry.
Let's sit and talk. l'm all alone.
Are you scared of being alone?
No, l'm not. But l want someone to talk to.
You can do one thing. There's a mirror there...
Sit in front of it and talk.
l've tried that. It's boring.
Our Matron will be coming now, meet her.
She's very sweet.
What are you doing here? - l was in the cabin...
Don't you know the visiting hours?
No. l don't.
You can't meet any patient before 4 o' clock.
And if l want to meet the doctor?
Go to the office. You'll know the rules.
Can't we break them sometimes?
All right, but why should we break rules?
Anand what are you doing here ?
Everyone who comes here is asking this.
ls this a hospital or a school?
A teacher asked the same question.
Now the headmaster.
Doctor, there is no patient in the cabin.
The patient is very naughty sister.
You'll have to use a cane to look after him.
Anand, meet our matron, Mrs. D'sa.
Sister, he's our patient... Anand.
Come, sister. Let's go to the cabin.
Come in, sister. Please be seated.
So you're the matron.
l heard you talk a lot. - Shut up.
ls this how you talk?
Didn't you hear me? Lie down quietly.
One can't die quietly, sister... we must make a sound.
ln 24 hours, we spend 8 hours sleeping...
and 4 hours in eating and drinking.
lf l live for a year 6 months will be over
lf l live for 6, 3 months are over.
lf l live for 3, l'll lose 1 month. - l said shut-up.
Lie down. l told you lie down.
Today l met Anand Sehgal from Delhi.
l felt as if a tornado had swept into the room.
He laughed and ioked every minute...
Yet knowing that his death was near.
l wonder if he was Iaughing at death or life.
ls Babumushai in ? - Babumushai ?
Yes, the doctor. - Yes, he is. Your name?
Tell him Anand is here.
Mr. Anand. - What did we decide?
Okay. How did you come here?
l ran away. What kind of a friend are you ?
You caged me there and disappeared.
lf you want me there you'll have to stay with me.
l won't stay alone.
But it's necessary for you. - No, it's not.
lf l have to live, l have to laugh.
l'll fall sick in that nursing home.
l haven't come for treatment. l know everything.
l have come to meet you folks here.
Babumushai, neither do l have anyone nor do you...
As long as l'm alive Iet me stay here.
Yes, you can. But have you informed the nursing home?
No, l haven't, but l have Ieft a note for the matron.
Please call my friend and inform him.
Raghu uncle... Where's your luggage? - In the nursing home
No problems. Raghu uncle take him upstairs...
make arrangements in the adjoining room.
l'll call Prakash and inform him.
Raghu uncle, sit down. We can check the room later.
Tell me who cooks here ? - Me.
l hope you cook well. l've two hobbies in life...
Talk and eat. When l talk a lot, l eat as well.
Can't you see my health? Come, take me to the kitchen.
Hello, is Prakash there? Where's he gone ?
This is Baneriee speaking.
At my place, both of them? Okay, fine.
l'm calling from home.
Come, Prakash, where's your wife ?
She's coming. How did you know ?
l iust called your place.
Hello sister-in-law, you surprised me.
Suman has come to invite you.
lnvite me? l'm fortunate. What's special?
Three years ago l committed a mistake, she wants to celebrate.
Oh, your wedding anniversary!
He's smart. He realised what mistake l meant.
He made the mistake but l got caught in it.
Come in.
Babumushai. your Raghu Kaka has made excellent...
l'm caught. - How did you come here ?
lt's not my fault. Babumushai forced me to.
l told him you'd be angry He said he'd explain...
and wouldn't say anything.
Don't be angry with him, he's all alone.
Yes. l understand. - You do?
Meet her, she's Suman, my...
Hello, sister-in-law. Forgive me, l didn't see you.
He's trying to introduce us.
Actually l came from Delhi to meet you.
Me ! - l had an important work.
What work ? - Sing that song...
which you did before your marraige for my friend.
Why friend? What a Iocation for a song!
Who told you about it ?
As if you don't know. You must have told him.
l don't like this. You embarass me in front of others.
But l really didn't tell him. - Yes, he didn't tell me.
lt's astrology. l can do face reading.
Your father beat you up before your marraige.
No, never. - Don't lie and don't feel shy.
Remember, you went to the movies at Metro cinema...
and you'd sit in the Kit-Kat restaurant opposite...
the cinema and have food with my friend.
Your father saw you one evening and beat you up...
Now tell me you didn't reveal anything.
Yes, tell her.
Trivedi must have told you. - That means you told Trivedi.
What's the use of fighting now? Please, Bhabhi (sister-in-law).
Yes, Bhabi - Yes. Bhabi.
Why are you calling me Bhabi?
l followed the maiority.
l'm telling the truth. l don't sing. He's just teasing me.
Anand, the day after tomorrow is our wedding anniversary.
So come with Bhaskar. - l'll surely.
Bhabhi, which flowers do you like? l'll get a large boquet.
You shall not come. - Why ?
We don't accept gifts. - Do you accept cash.
We are not having a party. We're just inviting you.
Don't be obliged.
l won't be but you'll have to.
There should be variety of food that my stomach will not be empty.
No problem, l'll pack bags of it for you.
But on one condition. - What?
You'll have to sing a song now.
l know you sing well. - How do you know ?
The same old astrology. - You mean face reading?
Yes, l'm her astrologer. l told her. Come on sing now.
Anand, please sing.
Okay, l won't hesitate. Empty the seat.
l've woven colou_ul dreams for you.
Dreams with symphony.
l've woven colou_ul dreams for you.
Dreams with symphony.
Some of smiles and some of sorrows.
Haunting memories theft some from your eyes.
l've woven colou_ul dreams for you.
Dreams with symphony.
Small matters..
Small matters are still alive in my memory.
l didn't forget a single past moment.
Small matters..
Small matters are still alive in my memory.
l didn't forget a single past moment.
l kept waiting for you from many lives.
l've woven colou_ul dreams for you.
Dreams with symphony.
Nights were annoyed.
Some times l convinced the annoyed nights.
For your sake, sometimes l even invited the morning.
Nights were annoyed.
Some times l convinced the annoyed nights.
For your sake, sometimes l even invited the morning.
ln spite of knowing about your absence..
..l still kept waiting for you.
l've woven colou_ul dreams for you.
Dreams with symphony.
Some of smiles and some of sorrows.
Haunting memories theft some from your eyes.
l've woven colou_ul dreams for you.
Dreams with symphony.
Anand, sit in Prakash's office. l'll be there.
When does the matron come? - Who? Mrs. D'sa?
She's already come. - Then l'm dead.
Why? What happened ? - Nothing, come soon.
Hey, fatso.
Murarilal, how come you're here? Are you fine?
Didn't you recognise me? l'm Anand.
We had beer at the Qutub Minar and we were drunk.
How's your iaggery business doing?
l'm not Murarilal nor do l sell Jaggery.
My name is Chandranath and l sell oil.
So you've started to sell oil. - l haven't.
lt's an ancestral business.
So what, Murarilal? Any business is equally good.
l told you my name is Chandranath.
What's in a name?
lf your name was something else, would you change?
You'd not, you'd do the same business and meet me.
Come on, shake hands. l'm glad to meet you. Are you ?
So Mr. Chandranath, what's new?
There's a new complication. A shifting pain.
Shifting pain. l had it too. There's no better doctor.
l first had it here and...
lt shifted up and went out from my head.
Where do you have it? - In my knees.
l'll take a long time. Problems.
Doctor, is there no medicine which will shift it out from the feet.
Yes, doctor, give me such a medicine.
lt's alright, go to the office and take an admission.
Fine, l'll do it. - Don't worry, Murarilal.
My name is not Murarilal! It's Chandranath.
Anand, do you want to stop my business ?
Why were you teasing him?
Teasing him? No! l was praising you.
May l come in, sir ? - Matron! Oh my God!
Come in, Mrs. D'sa.
Sir, Dr. Baneriee is waiting for you.
What are you doing here? - l was praying.
Where did you run away? - Home.
Home ? - Dr. Banerjee's house.
Why didn't you tell me? - l was scared.
Do you know Dr. Kulkarni scolded me because of you?
So what? You're scolding me too.
You talk too much. - Yes, l do. That's why l ran away.
l can't survive without talking and you told me to lie down quietly.
Am l strict for my well being.
l have to take care of kids like you.
Doesn't a mother scold her children?
Yes, l realised that later.
Why does everyone call you sister?
They should call you Mother. Mother Matron.
You'll listen to this mother.
Yes, we're friends now, mother. - Then come to the cabin.
No, not to the cabin. l'll perish there alone.
Take me to your house.
l'll tie you up.
No one can tie me up mummy.
l'll go away on my own.
Good morning, Mrs. D'sa. - Good morning, doctor.
Will Anand stay with you?
Yes. He doesn't like your nursing home.
Wherever he stays, he wins over people.
He was iust saying, why do people call you sister?
They should call you Mother Matron.
He's right.
Dr. Baneriee, what has happened to him ?
He... Lymphocercome of the Intestine.
Oh! Is it in the first stage? Will he be alright?
No, sister, he's in the last stage.
God bless you. Let God bless you with enough children.
Who? Me or God? - Aren't you ashamed?
What did l say? When one grows up, there'll be a young one...
and when he does there'll be another one...
Keep quiet. You utter anything.
You're making fun of God. - Even today you both are arguing?
Mrs. D'sa - Please come in.
You didn't invite me,
but how can l forget your anniversary?
Your favourite flowers.
No, l'll give it to both of you together, Sir.
You're very partial, Mrs. D'sa you call me sir....
and her your daughter.
l won't call you Sir today. l'll pray to God for your happiness.
God bless you, dear.
Come. - No.
Bow your head first or else you'll say l'm partial.
Now get ready.
Why should l? Only Anand and Bhaskar will be here.
ls Anand coming too? - Yes.
l'll be leaving then. - Why?
From the time l've heard of his disease, l can't face him.
What's wrong with him? - Nothing, he'll be alright.
l'll be leaving sir. - Sir again.
Oh, l shall leave, dear.
Please have some sweets. - l've to go to the church.
Don't you know l don't eat unless l light the candles.
Fine, l shall be leaving.
Listen... What's wrong with Anand?
He's sick, he'll be fine.
Then why was Mrs. D'sa scared to face him.
She's like that, a little sentimental.
She's scared of every patient. - Mrs. D'sa is a strict matron.
l'm sure it's serious, that's why you're hiding.
The priest has not yet finished his chanting...
and the bride is besides the groom.
Tell me one thing, what treatment is he giving you?
What's wrong with you? - A normal cold.
Tell me the truth don't ioke.
That's the problem. l told you the Hindi term for it...
But if l say in medical terms like Lymphocercoma of the Nose...
you'll believe me. - You're lying.
l'm not your brother. You're my sister-in-law.
l'm not. l'm your sister and you're my brother.
Fine. Henceforth l shall call you by your name Suman.
Enough, brother-in-law, be seated.
What's wrong with you all of a sudden?
He's standing from such a long time.
Aren't you ashamed? How will he feel?
Suman, he's right.
You're my sister and he's my brother-in-law...
let him call me that.
Bhaskar, l know you won't lie.
Tell me the truth. What's wrong with Anand?
Why're you asking him? Doctors know nothing.
Don't worry about me.
An astrologer told me l'll survive till 80.
l've not been interviewed as yet.
So you believe in astrologers and Sadhus too.
Why not ? - Will you come with me?
l've a tutor, he's a famous sadhu.
Mouni baba, he doesn't talk.
Oh God, l'm dead. Doesn't he ever talk?
No, l've sent many people to him.
So nowadays all your patients go to him.
No wonder he was complaining that his business is not good.
Don't ioke, will you come ? - Sure. Your teacher is mine too.
' Prasad'. Pray for us.
Do you have to tell us. l always pray for you.
l have called you my brother, so let me take your blessings.
Bless me. l'll prepare some tea for you.
What can l bless you with?
l can't even request God to give my life to you.
When day sets somewhere.. zenith dusk appears stealthily and silently.
When day sets somewhere.. zenith dusk appears stealthily and silently.
Somebody knocks my heart then.
Somebody knocks..
When day sets somewhere.. zenith dusk appears stealthily and silently.
When l started feeling suffocated..
..and tears suddenly filled in my eyes.
When l started feeling suffocated..
..and tears suddenly filled in my eyes.
Somebody unseen gives a caring and sympathizing touch.
Somebody unseen..
When day sets somewhere zenith dusk appears stealthily and silently.
Sometimes the hearts never meet..
..and sometimes we share strong relationships.
Sometimes the hearts never meet..
..and sometimes we share strong relationships.
lt's a sweet confusion. Our mind itself becomes our foe.
lt's our mind but it feels for others.
lt feels for others.
When day sets somewhere.. zenith dusk appears stealthily and silently.
My heart knows all my secrets.
How l've woven these dreams.
My heart knows all my secrets.
How l've woven these dreams.
They are so dear to me.
They'll never separate from me.
Never in future.
When day sets somewhere.. zenith dusk appears stealthily and silently.
Somebody knocks my heart then.
Somebody knocks..
When day sets somewhere.. zenith dusk appears stealthily and silently.
Hey, Babumushai... when did you come?
Did you hear my song quietly? - Yes.
Did you like it ? - Beautiful, but a little sad.
lsn't melancholy beautiful, Babumushai?
Yes, but l've always seen you smiling that's why...
Does that mean every smile is full of joy...
Sometimes sorrow is also...
Anand, you always share your joy with others...
Share your sorrows with me today.
No, Babumushai, l'll never share it with anyone.
Forgive me, l'm selfish in this matter.
Anand suddenly stopped while telling me something...
He hid his sorrows from me.
Maybe that sorrow is the essence of his life today...
Otherwise how is it possible for a man...
who is deteriorating day by day, to have such a stable mind?
l don't know what he's sad about, but l didn't pry...
but if it's this power which keeps him alive...
then let his pains be concealed forever.
Take his blessings.
Baba, he's my brother. He's sick. Make him well.
Wait, Suman. You're getting your work done.
Let me talk to Baba first. - How can you talk to him?
Didn't l tell you he doesn't? He's vowed not to.
You had. But, Baba,
have you taken a life-long oath.
Won't you ever speak?
l'm dead. l'll never be able to talk to you.
Tell me, Baba; doesn't it trouble you to remain quiet?
l'll die if l stay quiet for five minutes.
Don't waste his time. Baba, bless my brother.
l'm sure, if you wish he'll become alright.
Can he do that ? - Yes, he can.
Baba, can't you do something that l can live for 200 years...
and as long as l live no disease should affect me.
l shouldn't fall sick...
and the thermometer of all my doctor friends should stand still.
What does that mean ? - What is dying is my body.
Baba, then why should l ask you for such a small thing?
The thing that is dying is my body.
Bless my mind so that l'll smile and make others smile too.
Baba, bless me so that l should talk as much as l can...
let me talk good about others and not bad even by mistake.
Will it be so, Baba?
Why don't you leave the onions alone? Why are you after it...
l'm not. It's after me. It had made me cry.
Why did you come into the kitchen? l'll do it.
Go to your room. - You can push me out now...
but you won't be able to when she comes and takes over...
That day is not in my fate.
l'm not talking about you Raghu uncle, l'm talking of Munna.
l was saying the same.
Can l get married at this age ?
Why don't you get him married ? - But he should agree.
Find a good girl for him. l'll coerce him.
He won't listen.
A nice lady used to come here, she no longer does.
Who was she ?
She was nice and l think Munna liked her too.
But you know how he is.
Tell me, will any girl propose to a man.
Never. - Set a wedding date...
bring a priest along and catch Munna and get him married.
Will it ever happen ? - No, never.
Munna doesn't understand. He's doing social service...
and is never bothered about himself.
Babumushai, what are you doing alone? Come, let's go out.
But where ? - Anywhere, come let's go.
Come. No one can argue with you.
But not by your car. - Then ?
From here to Victoria Terminus and terminus to victoria.
That means a horse carraige. - Why ?
A victoria has it's own grandeur...
lt feels like the ancient rich are arriving like some...
Lucknowi Raibahadur Murarikhan sharif.
Come, Babumushai, let's go.
You'll have to wait for the bus for an hour.
So what, Babumushai?
Hey, Murarilal... - What ?
Didn't you recognise me? We had beer at Qutub Minar and ...
we were drunk... - You're mistaken.
l've never been to Delhi. - Your memory is very weak.
l'm telling the truth. My name is not Murarilal, but Jagdish.
l have a friend named Murarilal and he resembles you...
So what? l've met another Murarilal on this pretext...
Shake hands, l'm glad to meet you. Aren't you...
Yes. - Don't forget me. Go now.
Anand, you should have seen whether he was Murarilal or not.
l don't know anyone by the name of Murarilal...
So what? l felt like meeting him and l met him.
Do you ever feel that you don't know a person...
who has helped you and yet you never liked him?
Yes. - At times you may...
meet a person who has never helped you but yet you like him.
Yes, but why ? - Yes, tell me why.
Because he...
l'll tell you. Every human body is a transmitter and a reciever.
There was a vibration from Jagdish's body and l recieved it.
lt's a great theory, Babumushai...
lf you do research, you'll win a Noble prize.
What's this craziness. - Babumushai, you call this crazy.
You meet a man, make friends and touch him...
What else do you need?
Look... there's one more Murarilal.
Where are you going? Stand here.
Babumushai, Murarilal...
Sir, please buy flowers for your wife.
Babumushai, shall l buy them for my sister-in-law.
Yes, let us. - Give me two fragrant ones.
l get them from the gardens, sir. - What, garlands.
No, flowers. - Say that.
lf l hadn't bought these flowers, you'd never tell me.
Tell me who is she ? Where does she live?
Whom are you talking about? l thought it was for Suman.
Don't avoid it. Tell me where does she live and who is she ?
Whom are you talking about ? - The girl with whom...
you've your continuity... - Continuity ! What continuity ?
ln Hindi, it's Love and in Bengali too.
Ladies and Gentleman. There are young men who...
know nothing about love. - Anand! What are you doing?!
Then tell me. - There's nothing to reveal.
Lies again. Ladies and Gentleman...
You're blackmailing me. - You'll have to tell me.
What should l tell? - Who is she ?
There must be someone who makes your heart beat.
Babumushai, you're eyes reveal that there is someone.
Babumushai, tell me please. You know that l...
She was my patient and was suffering from pneumonia...
While giving her treatment l...
l understand. What's her name ? - Renu.
Where does she live ? - She teaches in a school.
Did you kiss her ? - What?!
Did you ever kiss her ? - Naughty.
What are you shy about? - Anand, don't be silly.
This is strange Bengali love. Love should be like that.
Who is it ?
ls the doctor in? - Yes, he is.
Can you call him? - l will, surely.
Please be seated.
Tell me what's your problem.
Don't be worried. Our doctor is a magician.
The moment he touches you the patient get's up...
and starts playing cricket.
But you're a girl; you'll play badminton.
You're laughing. l'm telling you the truth.
You won't find a doctor like him.
Anand, whom are you talking to?
Renu! You here? - l'm dead.
What dead? Renu, he's my best friend, Anand.
Babumushai, isn't she that continuity one.
For whom your heart beats and you spend sleepless nights?
Anand! What's going on ? - No, you didn't tell me
Renuii, you teach at a school. - Yes.
You suffered from pneumonia. - Yes.
And he cured you. - Yes.
How do l know? He told me everything.
He's very shy and timid. - Anand.
Sorry, l can't call her my sister-in-law as yet.
But why are you yelling at me?
You're in love with the girl and can't you tell her.
Will you please shut up?
When Salim and Anarkali are quiet about it...
Mughal-E-Azam is doing the talking.
But Renuii, l'm telling the truth. He's in love with you.
l'm leaving now.
l hope you didn't believe Anand. - No.
Why didn't you, he spoke the truth.
What l couldn't reveal so long my friend has done so.
But Renu if these feelings are not reciprocal, tell me...
So l won't be embarrased later.
You're friend was right; you're really timid.
That's it. Everything was perfect.
Now that Anand has broken the barriers...
l feel like revealing all that has pent up in my heart.
Then do so. - Let's go out. Shall we ?
Are you going somewhere ?
Yes, Anand, we were going for a walk. Will you join us ?
What are you gaping for? Will you join us ?
Yes, l'll come. Let me get my coat.
Why did you call him ? - l was being courteous.
ldiot! He agreed immediately.
No problem, we'll leave. Why do l need a coat?
Come, Babumushai... Iet's go.
Did you notice the colour of the water?
lt looks like the evening sun has melted and ...
Hell ! l feel as though a small boy has fallen down...
and hurt his nose and is bleeding profusely.
You fool, if you love the girl, hold her hand...
and propose to her.
Why show her the sea and the sky?
Timid. Hypocrite. l hate you.
l've never seen this friend of yours before.
He came a month ago from Delhi for treatment.
What happened ? - It's a fatal disease.
Do you know he won't survive for more than 2 to 3 months.
Unless God shows some Miracle.
You never believed in God.
l feel like believing in Him.
l don't mind believing in anyone just for Anand's sake.
He's so iovial. Please don't tell him.
He knows. He knows everything.
And yet...
No wonder even the Gods can't live without him.
Life is a riddle.
lt makes us laugh and cry at times.
Life is a riddle.
lt makes us laugh and cry at times.
Even then this mind do not learn.
lt runs after the dreams.
Even then this mind do not learn.
lt runs after the dreams.
One day the person..
..himself goes away far beyond the dreams.
Life is a riddle.
lt makes us laugh and cry at times.
Those who lived here..
..have experienced both, the happiness and sorrows.
Those who lived here..
..have experienced both, the happiness and sorrows.
Finally choosing the silence..
..they leave somewhere alone.
Life is a riddle.
lt makes us laugh and cry at times.
Come, Bhaskar. So early in the morning?
Didn't Anand come along. - No.
He's gone to the police station. - Police station? Why ?
He was going somewhere when l asked, he replied ...
l'm going to the police station, to get a warrant against you.
He was iust ioking.
l told him many a times not to go out alone...
You never tell me anything about Anand.
What's happened to him?
Get an extra cup for Bhaskar first.
Be seated.
Prakash, l've some bad news. - Why, what happened ?
We'll have to inform Trivedi soon.
Anand will not be able to move around for long.
What's this? Will you treat him with just tea ?
What would you like to have ? - Oh ! Do you have to ask him?
The cake that we got yesterday...
Will you cut it next year on your birthday?
You're always after me.
Trivedi had called up from Delhi yesterday.
Anand has written a Iong letter to him.
He's written that unless he fixes up your wedding...
and finishes his work...
Unless he completes his work he will not return to Delhi but...
not go anywhere else.
Prakash, one thing puzzles me.
How can his relatives live without him?
l wouldn't be able to stay without him for a day.
Anand doesn't have anyone, Bhaskar.
What do you mean by no one? There must be some relative.
No, he's an orphan who came to Delhi during the partition...
He lived with his relatives for sometime.
When he started earning, he ran away.
His relatives always thought he was trying to run away.
He loves Suman a lot, he told her everything.
He also said, wish one could choose friends...
as one could his relatives.
He also said that after meeting us...
he has started believing in long lasting relationships.
Trust me, as much as we worry about him...
the more he worries about us. - l know Prakash.
l also know that this love is his strength.
That's why he can survive.
lf it was someone else he'd been bed-ridden by now.
Sometimes l feel scared that the remaining few months...
will end for Anand very soon.
When l leave him alone in the mornings.,.
l feel worried whether l'll see him alive in the evening.
Excuse me. A school teacher named Renu lives here.
Can you tell me the number of her house?
Renu... the one with the long plaits...
and round vermillion on her forhead...
The one with the dimpled smile? - Yes.
Do you want to know her house number.
First let us know your number. - What?
First let us know your number. - What do you mean ?
Everyone has a number here.
The first is of a tall guy who doesn't live here...
but drops her home sometimes.
The second is mine and the third is his.
We all have a number here.
lf you want to woo her, join the gang.
Now tell me the number of her house.
Twenty five. - Twenty five. Thank you.
What's your number? - Number ten.
Let him come back. We'll give him a number.
You're great. You recognised me as soon as you saw me.
You're Renu's mother. - Yes.
God bless you.
Excuse me, but l didn't recognise you.
You don't know me but Renu does. l've come for her.
She's going to be late today. - That's why l've come so early.
Don't sit there. - So what? You join me too.
l've an important work with you. - What work ?
What was ealier done by elders is being fulfilled by a brother.
l don't understand. - l've got a proposal for Renu.
l want to make her my sister-in-law.
What can l say? Renu will decide about it.
Times have changed...
Girls no longer agree comely to their parents and marry.
These days unless a boy and girl meet each other...
The girl and boy have already met...
and l've seen them Iooking at each other.
That's why l've come to you.
Raghu Kaka and l have approved the girl.
lf you want to meet the boy, you can do so.
He's a doctor and when Bhabi...
l mean the girl suffered from pneumonia he treated her.
Who Bhaskar ? - Yes, he's my brother.
ls it true? l am so fortunate.
Bhaskar is a gem of a person.
Renu keeps on praising him.
That's it. It's fixed then.
Sorry, mummy. l mean you must have understood by now.
l do. If they have agreed, it's good. But...
becuase you're his brother l've have to tell you...
l don't have anything to give to my daughter in marraige.
Why're you worried about it?
What do you think the groom can give... aspirin or pencillin?
So the alliance is finalised. Everything is ready.
Get me the horoscope. We'll finalise the date in a week.
But we can't do anything for three months.
Three months. Why ?
Renu's father expired nine months ago and so...
Then it's difficult. l won't be able to attend the marraige.
Why? Are you going somewhere ?
Yes, l'll be leaving after one and a half months.
Where are you going ? - Far away.
Can't you come back for the wedding.
No, it's difficult and there's a lot of rush.
We don't get a return ticket from there.
But you can start preparing for the wedding.
l'll be leaving now. l have a lot of work to do.
Have some sweet. - No, l don't want to.
l'll be back after two days and you'll have treat me to lunch.
You will, won't you?
You got this proposal for Renu, l'm so glad...
but at the same time l feel frightened.
l have only one daughter. How will l survive alone?
But now l feel my daughter's a stranger and you're my son.
l hope God gives you a long life.
Hey, you disrupted our queue and went away.
Couldn't help it. It was an emergency.
We'll have to teach him a Iesson alongwith the tall one.
We'll cripple the girl. Neither will she go out...
nor will anyone come here. - l understand
You seem to be sensible.
Hope you won't take the trouble of coming back.
What are you saying? l'll have to. There are strong vibrations.
So shall we be meeting again? - Not only meeting but beating too.
What did he mean?
That means kicking. - He's threatening us.
What's the problem? Hello - Hello.
What do you want ? - Dust. l want a little dust.
This is a wrestlers' arena; you don't get dust here.
l want the dust of your feet.
You're the epitome of strength. l want to be at your feet.
lf you want to build your body, discard your clothes.
You'll have to pay me my fees.
No, papaii, l don't want to train under you...
l saw your strength and asked for the dust of your feet.
Look at me; l'm so useless. Neither can l save myself nor my family.
What happened? Who's troubling you ?
There are a few men down the street...
who trouble my sister-in-law everyday.
l mean, l can't come freely to my would-be sister-in-law's house.
Jeetu, l'll be back soon.
Come, let's see who's troubling you. l'll...
Yes, please come.
Papaii, there they are.
Let me go first. When they come to hit me, you arrive.
Papa, please come soon or they'll make a pulp out of me.
Are you scared of them? Go now.
Shall l... - Yes, go on.
Here he comes again. - Hey mister...
whom have you come to fight with? With us, or your Juliet?
First let us rehearse... you'll find it easier later.
Yes, let us.
You swine! You tease his sister.
Go, run... Wait.
What's this called? - A drain pipe pant.
What does it mean ? - It means a dirty drain.
Next time l see you wearing it, l'll throw you in the dirty drain.
Papaii, you're great.
You are truly like Bhimsain. - God bless you Ghatodkach.
God, let Anand get well. l beg of you.
Suman. - What happened?
You're sitting here talking to God and l'm looking for you.
Have these sweets. - Sweets, what for ?
Come here, sit down.
My Babumushai has been cured.
What happened to him ? - A dreadful disease.
Be thankful, l noticed the symptoms and searched for the medicine.
But before l could find it, the medicine found the patient.
l'm confused. Who found whom ?
Renu found Babumushai. - Who Renu ?
Babumushai's medicine. You don't know, Suman.
Babumushai treated Renu...
and in the bargain fell sick in Love.
How do you know ? - l got it from the horse's mouth.
You know him well and yet you don't
l found out about it. You're not bothered about anyone.
Don't pray for yourself. Pray for others too.
But today l asked God something especially for me.
What? What did you ask for ?
Oh l know. Shall l buy toys?
l'm his uncle. What will my nephew say?
What did you pray for? My nephew or a niece?
Don't feel shy. Tell me what did you ask for ?
l prayed for my brother's life.
That rascal told you everything.
Look at me. You are my sister, yet you're weeping.
You're so weak. You pray to God everyday...
ls this the strength that He has given you.
Are you weeping in the fear that l'll leave you.
l'm alive today, aren't you happy? Can't you smile?
Renu, come in. Please be seated.
Where did you learn that ?
From a body builder friend. He's very strong.
Hey, Babumushai. - l've come to meet you.
Me? - Yes. Not your friend.
Speak softly or he'll be green with envy.
Talk of the devil and he appears.
When did you come ? - No Babumushai, go back.
Wrong number. She's come to meet me. Tell him.
Yes, l've come to meet you. - Correct. He's jealous.
Muralilal. You talk to her. l'll go meet Murarilal.
Who's this Murarilal - Watch.
Hey, Murarilal how come you're here?
What's this beard for like king Shahjahan.
Didn't you recognise me?
We had beer at Qutub Minar and we were drunk?
Jaichand. You're too much.
You left Delhi after those two pegs. - They were not two but four.
You bet. They were two pegs but large.
Come, let's go again. - l've stopped drinking.
How about you ? - No, l didn't. It's a habit now.
Babumushai, come here.
Are you married or still single?
No, l'm not. The girl l approve, my father disapproves
He says she's too young.
And the girl he approves l disapprove because she's old.
Tell me about your girlfriend. She was of medium height.
What happened, Anand? - Babumushai. didn't l tell you...
l'd meet Murarilal someday? l've found him.
Murarilal, this is Dr. Bhaskar l live with him.
Jaichand and l are childhood friends.
He was always naughty.
His name is not Jaichand but Anand.
My name is not Murarilal but Issa bhai.
lssabhai Suratwala. Remember me?
l hope your name is Bhaskar. - Yes.
Teacher, where are you going? l was looking for you.
You were splendid. Let's have tea.
l can't. l've my rehearsals today. - Rehearsals?
Yes, l own a drama company. - You hold shows.
Give me a role. l can act a little too.
l've seen your acting iust now. Let's go.
Babumushai, take care of her. l'm going to the drama company.
Shall l leave? - Did you really come to meet Anand?
Yes, l had planned to meet him too.
You met him. What about me?
Sit with me for sometime. - Don't you have to go to work?
lt's a half hour iob. l'll do it anytime.
No, finish your work. l'll wait for you here.
Hello, Panditii. Please be seated.
Shall we rehearse? - Yes, we shall.
But the mood is not created like this.
lt's an Urdu drama; wear your costumes.
Raini, are you ready? - Yes l am.
Very good. Play the tape. Where's my turban?
Your Excellency. - l'm ashamed.
lnspite of being a prince... You are in love with an ordinary girl.
Father, if she's ordinary... come a little further.
lf you can tell me someone better than her...
l can, but l can't give the permission to go there...
l understand, father
l'm ashamed to have given birth to a son like you.
lt's every man's duty to be ashamed of his errors.
Quiet, you fool. l'll bury you alive.
You bet. You can bury me but not keep me alive.
Why didn't you die the day you were born?
Life and death is in the hands of God your Excellency.
Neither can you change it nor l.
We are iust puppets on a string...
and the strings are pulled by Him.
When, who and how it can be pulled one can never tell.
Splendid! You were great.
Fine, now let's have a tea break.
How did you like it? - Wonderful.
Who ? - What who? What did you mean ?
l asked you about the rehearsal.
You're rehearsal was good but the girl is pretty.
Which one ? - The one with the knife.
Oh Raini. - She must be your sister.
Shall l introduce you? - Yes.
Raini, come here for a moment.
He's Anand, a good actor from Delhi.
He wants to talk to you.
Which plays have you performed in Delhi?
l'm dead. l don't act, l only sing.
What are you saying? Don't you speak Gujarati ?
What can l talk to him.
You're right. You don't know Hindi and he doesn't know Gujarati.
l have failed with the language.
Yes, you have.
l can't concentrate..
l can't concentrate anywhere in your absence.
l can't concentrate..
l can't concentrate anywhere in your absence.
l can't concentrate..
l don't remember when l had forgotten to live.
Moment l obtained you, l'm relived.
l don't remember when l had forgotten to live.
Moment l obtained you, l'm relived.
l don't like to live without you.
l can't concentrate..
l can't concentrate anywhere in your absence.
l can't concentrate..
l can't concentrate..
l can't concentrate..
Beloved, this fan of yours can't control herself.
l can't concentrate..
Beloved, this fan of yours can't control herself.
Whenever you need to go out somewhere.
Tell the time to halt right there.
Whenever you need to go out somewhere.
Tell the time to halt right there.
That moment..
That moment must stay there and should not pass away.
l can't concentrate..
l can't concentrate anywhere in your absence.
l can't concentrate..
Raghu uncle, where's Renu? - Upstairs.
You've come now. l've been waiting for hours.
What can l do? A doctor's profession is like this.
Does Anand like to record?
Yes. He loves to talk. When he's tired, he starts the tape.
Where were you, Anand ?
The entire day? l mean, Renu was waiting for you.
What happened. Why're you breathless ?
Nothing Babumushai. l found a girl for you...
and today l went in search of a girl for myself.
Did you find anyone ? - Yes, l did.
But failed in the language. - Why? What happened ?
She was a Guiarati girl and knows no other language.
Yet l haven't lost hopes. l've bought four Gujarati books.
Won't l be able to learn Gujarati within a year.
l know. If not now at Ieast the next life.
l'll carry a handycam with me. In my next life...
l'll fall in love at the age of 10.
Are you going out ? - Yes, but you are not coming.
Did you hear? A timid guy is scolding me.
No problem.
Anand, you've received Trivedi's letter. Read it.
l won't leave even if Trivedi or Indira Gandhi invites me.
There's no place like Bombay.
Puniab, Sind, Guiarat, Maratha Dravid, everyone settles here.
l have decided that l'll live and die in Bombay.
Anand was breathless while talking today.
These are his last signs.
ln Medical profession there's a stage when no treatment helps...
And the doctor has to wait for the patient's death.
No one can perceive this helpless situation except a doctor.
Oh God! Such frightening helplessness.
l won't let you go so quietly, mummy.
What were you murmuring silently?
l was praying to God. - What did you ask Him for?
l asked Jesus for your...
l'm dead. What have you done? - Why, what happened ?
Don't you know, l'm a disciple of Lord Shiva ...
and you prayed to Jesus. What if they fight with each other?
You fool. - Mummy, you don't know...
Shivii is very short-tempered. It's alright.
God has not seen my temper. If they interfere...
l'll be born as your son in my next life.
What's your opinion?
Good, you're here.
You'll be the witness.
l've made a contract with mummy
l'll be born to her in my next life.
He's foolish. He iust blabbers.
Aren't you my son now? Why wait for the next birth?
Yes, it's true.
So he doesn't move around... - Yes.
l've seen so many deaths but l won't be able to bear this one.
We are trying our level best.
What are we doing. Man has reached the moon...
We have even accomplished on outer space but...
what have we done to fight against human diseases, pain and torment?
Nothing! Sometimes l feel so helpless, Prakash.
Won't you go and see Anand?
Go and meet him once.
He won't survive for long.
No, Bhaskar, l don't have the courage.
l'll be leaving now. l have to go to the church.
You sit here and talk to him. l'll come again.
lt's not nice to make others cry? - Why ?
l wanted Mummy to laugh and she cried.
l try to make everyone Iaugh but they all cry.
You don't understand. When there's too much joy...
tears flow from our eyes.
Your mummy didn't weep because she was sad...
but because she was happy. Where will she find a son like you?
You are right.
And where will you find a brother like me?
See what l've got for you. Wait here. l'll go get it.
Anand you... You are crazy...
Don't scold me in Bengali.
l'm not. l said you're crazy.
Why did you remove the flower from my hair.
l'll preserve it in my poetry book. - Why ?
As a poetry reminds us of yesteryears...
ln the same manner this flower will be my poetry.
l told you you're crazy. - l am and l'm crazy about you.
Sometimes l feel that if l envelope you in my arms ...
you will melt and become one with me.
You'll remain in my arms forever.
When l breathe, l should hear your breath within me...
and you'll call me by my name Anand... Anand...
Who is she ? - Who ?
This girl. - She's my Bengali girl friend.
You're smart. You asked your brother to tell you everything...
and hid your own matters.
Who is she. What's her name ?
What will you do by knowing it.
Where does she live? - In Delhi.
But where in Delhi ? - In here husband's house.
Oh, so she's married.
- No she was not when we met.
He's a nice man, her husband. He loves her very much.
She'll be happy.
lf she'd married me, she'd be dead.
Do you know we used to find very little time to meet each other.
That's why l used to tape her voice on the sly when we met.
And after she left l would hear it all over again and again.
When did she get married?
Three months and seven days ago.
When did you come from Delhil - l...
Exactly three months and seven days ago.
Forget it. Why go into these details now?
Look, what l've got for you.
Did you like it ?
Shall l tell you something. Wear it when l'm still alive.
Hey Babumushai, what are you doing here all alone?
Oh ! You're thinking of her.
Love is such. You fall in love and love troubles you...
Anand, leave me alone for sometime.
lf l leave you alone now, there'll be problems.
Let's go to the other room and record your voice.
Anand, please go to your room. - l will, but l'll take you along.
l told you l want to be alone. - And l don't want you to be alone.
Anand, why are you after me ?
Why do you expect me to do all that you tell me to.
You laugh and expect me to Iaugh...
l'm sorry, Babumushai.
Anand don't feel hurt. You know l...
Babumushai, how many times will you remind me that my days are nearing...
My end is here.
Babumushai, no one has faced death.
But l'm so unfortunate that everyday and every moment, every second...
on your face...
in your eyes...
No, Babumushai, l can face death...
but can't bear to see your frightened face.
l'll go away. l'll leave tomorrow.
No, Anand, you won't go anywhere.
You don't have anyone...
lf you ever die, you'll die here in my arms.
That's the spirit.
Do you know my problem ?
Our spirit of ioy is always dampened with melancholy...
and it poisons our cheerfulness.
Babumushai, l'm not going to die today. And even if l die...
l won't leave you alone. l'll always remain here.
Yes, Anand, l know you're a part of me...
a part of my life.
But l'll miss one thing. - What ?
Your voice, this chatter. - Then let's record this chatter.
But first we'll record your poem. - Which one ?
The one you had written in your college days.
Oh death ! Is a poem...
Death is a poem...
Yet l've promised this poem that someday l'll meet...
When sleep overcomes even the painful sinking nerves...
the yellow moon rises slowly in the sky...
When the sun sets at twilight and the night is on the horizon...
lt's neither dark nor bright nor night or day...
When our body no longer lives and the soul starts breathing...
l've promised this poem that someday l'll meet...
Now you say something. - What ?
Anything, but you'll have to talk for my sake.
Yes, that's right.
life and death is in the hands of God Excellency.
Neither can you change it nor l.
We are iust puppets on a stage.
Whose strings are pulled by Him.
When, how and who will go one can never tell...
Anand, sit down.
Munna. - Yes, Raghu uncle?
Can you lend me 50 rupees? - Yes, it's in the drawer upstairs.
l need four to five days leave.
Leave ? You're taking leave. You know Anand's condition ...
l'm taking it for him. l want to go to my village.
There's a temple of a Goddess who is very powerful.
l'll get her blessings for him.
l've seen the dead come back to life.
Go soon Raghu uncle. There's very little time left.
l'll leave by the 1 1 .OO clock train and return after two days.
Don't worry, Munna, Anand will be alright.
Jaichand. - Come, Issa bhai.
- Where's he? - Please be seated.
l don't have the time.
There are final rehearsals today. l've a lot of work to do.
Please call Jaichand quickly.
He won't be able to come. - You bet. He will surely come.
You iust tell him that Rajni Bahen...
that Raini's rehearsals are there and he'll come talking in Gujarati.
The problem is that ...
Okay, Munna. - You're leaving. Come back soon.
As soon as possible.
This medicine can cure poison, fever, cholera, cancer or any other disease.
No, Raghu uncle. Any disease can be cured but not cancer.
lt can be. Even that can be cured.
You bet. - Yes l will.
You'll lose. l've never lost a bet.
My father was a famous doctor too...
He always said that one who gets this dreaded disease...
will surely die. - It's not a doctors medicine.
Which medicine is this ? - It's called belief. l'll leave now.
l'm sure his cancer will be cured.
But who's got cancer? Anyone l know?
Yes. He's close to me.
Who ? - Anand.
That's why l said, he can't come with you.
He's in his last stages. l don't know when ...
He knew... didn't he, doctor?
Even on his death bed, the student taught the teacher about life.
Keep sorrows to yourself and give joy to others.
Doctor, can l meet him just once.
Yes. Please come.
You're taking an early exit.
Very smart. You've taken the claps...
and left the empty chairs for us.
What can l do? My dialogue are all over...
or else l'd have challenged you.
You bet. But we'll meet up there.
Set your Anand troupe and your own drama.
l'll ioin you. If you need any actress from here inform me...
l'll get her along.
l need one. But not now.
l'll have to learn Guirati first
l'll leave now. l'll come again.
Where ? - Here. l'll meet you here.
l won't let the curtain fall.
l hope Raghu uncle wins the bet.
Thus these are a few pages Ieft in Anand's life...
like his last few days.
Renu was right. God needs good people as much as we do.
No one can go against His wishes.
Sometimes they say a prayer creates miracles...
And at this moment l know everyone must be doing just that.
But all of us know the climax.
And we are waiting in anxiety.
When... ?
Anand, take oxygen... you'll feel better.
Babumushai, open all the windows.
Prakash, l'm going to Dr. Shastri...
l've heard that there's a medicine in homeopathy...
that can create miracles at times.
Don't be a fool. Don't you realise nothing can be done.
How do you know nothing will help ?
Haven't miracles happened before?
Babumushai... - Anand, l'll come back soon.
Don't go anywhere, Babumushai.
Don't worry. l'll be back soon.
Renu, l don't want to die. Try and save me.
He's very weak. He won't be able to bear my death.
Has Babumushai returned ? - He'll come soon.
Has Babumushai returned?
Friend. - Yes, Anand?
Start the tape quickly.
Death is a poem...
Yet l have promised this poem that someday l'll meet...
when sleep overcomes even the painful sinking nerves...
The yellow moon rises slowly in the sky...
when the sun sets at twilight and the night is on the horizon...
lt's neither dark nor bright not night or day...
Babumushai !
Prakash, Dr. Shastri...
No, l won't let you be silent like this...
l've been listening to your chatter for the last six months...
you've chewed my brains.
11Talk to me now. Talk to me...
Babumushai !
Life and death is in the hands of God, Excellency...
Neither can you change it nor l.
We are puppets on a stage whose strings are pulled by Him.
When how and who will go no one can predict...