Бег 1 серия / The Flight film 1

Uploaded by mosfilm on 29.05.2011

Artistic Association of Writers and Filmmakers
Based on the works by M.A. BULGAKOV
Literary Consultant Ye.S. BULGAKOVA
Written and Directed by
Alexander ALOV Vladimir NAUMOV
Director of Photography L. PAATASHVILI
Production Designer A. PARKHOMENKO
Chief Military Consultant General I. PAVLOVSKY
Ludmila SAVELYEVA as Serafima Vladimirovna Korzukhina
Alexei BATALOV as Sergey Pavlovich Golubkov
Mikhail ULYANOV as General Charnota
Tatiana TKACH as Lyuska Vladislav DVORZHETSKY as Khludov
Yevgeny YEVSTIGNEYEV as Korzukhin
Also starring R. KHOMYATOV as Frunze
V. ZAMANSKY as Bayev N. OLYALIN as Krapilin
B. FREINDLIKH as White Commander-in-Chief
V. OSENEV as Tikhiy A. YANVARYOV as Golovan
V. BASOV as Artur Arturovich, Cockroach Tsar
T. LOGINOVA as Lichiko
O. YEFREMOV as Colonel Alyosha NAUMOV as Petka Shcheglov
P. SHPRINGFELD as Skunsky N. SERGEYEV as Undertaker
Who are you?
I'd just like to help you.
Yes, snow.
I wonder sometimes whether I'm dreaming.
You're not well! You're burning up.
Better sit down.
I'll be right back.
Stop! Stop! Water!
What do you want? Forward!
Give me a little water! Your canteen!
Watch them naked in the cold!
The best Italian troupe from Vyazma!
Sorry to interrupt you, Your Excellency. The Reds are in the city.
General Krapchikov, the cards are dealt.
Go away!
Where are you going?
Huh? What? Pass.
I'm out.
Excuse me.
I'll take one.
What've you got?
You win.
Excuse me, here you are.
That's it! Hurray! Long Live the Land of Soviets!
Let's run, Madame. This way, Madame, this way.
Charity, in the name of Christ...
Have mercy on us.
Saint Apostolic
Prince Vladimir, pray to the Lord for us.
O Lord, have mercy on us...
Saint Prophet and Baptist John, pray to the Lord for us.
Have mercy, O Lord, have mercy...
Search the monastery!
- Who are you? - I'm Paissiy.
All right, come on. Did you light a fire on the steeple?
What fire?
- Did you signal with torches? - There's no one here but the monks.
- Careful. - Who are they?
They're refugees. Your papers, please.
We were caught by gunfire and came here to the monastery.
That's a woman, she's about to give birth.
- Here, her passport. - About to give birth...
Barabanchikova, married. Where's her husband?
Some time to give birth.
- The Whites. - Let's go.
Squadron, mount up!
Where did these Reds come from?
Why did all this have to happen?
De Brizard... De Brizard!
Yes, Your Excellency?
- A fur cloak and hat. - Cloak and hat!
- And tobacco. - Yes, sir.
And you, civilian worm, I bet you're a prosecutor?
Your papers.
I'm not a prosecutor, I'm a privat- docent. We're fleeing from Petersburg.
And you, Madame?
I'm wife of Undersecretary of Trade, Serafima Vladimirovna Korzukhina.
These are my false papers, but I have real ones, too.
A thousand apologies, Madame.
Excuse us. Let's go.
Noah's Ark. Strike up the band!
Cossacks! We've beat General Charnota back from the Reds!
Greetings, Cossacks!
Welcome back, Your Excellency!
Grisha! You're alive!
Please excuse us, gentlemen.
We were about to hold a burial service for you.
I was as close to death as I am to you now.
Let go of me. I'm cold.
Can you imagine such a story...
As soon as I arrived at Headquarters, to General Krapchikov,
the son of a bitch made me play cards with him.
He'd just got a dispatch, but he postponed its decoding till morning.
And there came Budyonny out of the blue.
I fled by backyards to a citizen Barabanchikov.
Give me your papers, I say.
I crawled back here, looked at the papers - they were woman's,
his wife's, Mrs. Barabanchikova's.
And a certificate that she's pregnant.
Well, I said, put me down, as I am, here in the church.
So I'm lying and giving birth. Got so cold!
Suddenly I hear
their commissar coming,
with his spurs - click-click-click.
Where are you clicking to, I think.
Here is your death lying under the horse-cloth. Come on, lift it.
He took my passport, but didn't touch the cloth.
Pardon, gentlemen.
All Your inheritance...
victories for our pious monastery...
We must get over to Crimea.
Under Roman Khludov's protection.
We leave in five minutes.
Halt, holy fathers!
Have you gone mad? That ceremony can wait.
We have to scarper. A Red Army corps is at our heels.
General, listen! You've got to take her with you.
Serafima Vladimirovna is ill. I know you have an infirmary.
- You're an university graduate? - Yes.
Yet you give me the impression of an absolutely illiterate man.
An infirmary's going to be of no help if you get a bullet in your head.
We have to take her. Can't leave such a pretty woman to the Reds.
- Please, General. - All right, to the wagon.
Thank you.
Come, my dear, we have permission. We must leave.
You go ahead, Sergey Pavlovich. I'd better lie down. I'm so hot.
I'm thirsty. I want to go back to Petersburg.
- Oh God, what's the matter with her? - It's typhus, that's what it is!
- Krapilin, persuade the lady. - That's right, we've got to go.
Pick her up!
We've got to go! Please, help me.
General, won't you stay and fight for the monastery that offered you shelter?
Why are you upsetting me, father?
Tie up the tongues of your bells and move into the cellars!
Let's go!
Ho! Go straight ahead! Don't wait for us!
What are you doing?
The echo.
Krapilin, go away!
Grisha, stop it!
The light. Turn off the light.
May I?
Is that better?
The Fleet Commander reports:
Despite their extreme efforts,
the Azov Fleet can't leave Taganrog.
The temperature is -15°C, the sea is covered with solid ice.
The fleet is physically unable to come
to your support.
The fleet's failure to arrive
has made it impossible for us to attack on the left flank.
Therefore the only line of attack is against the Turkish Wall, head on!
And through the Sivash marsh, with the fifteenth
and fifty-second divisions attacking the Perekop grouping from the rear.
I personally will give orders to the troops at the starting positions.
We start operations on the seventh, at twenty-two hundred hours.
By tonight, Army commanders will have received my orders.
That's all.
Any questions?
I'm very worried.
I'm very worried about the infantry.
To cover seven miles through half- frozen mud. They will freeze.
They'll be icicles on the other side, which can be broken with a finger.
Don't worry about the infantry.
I see what you're driving at, Bayev.
A horse is no fish, the water is no place for a horse.
What do you suggest?
Support our spearhead with my cavalry regiment.
You're out for glory.
It's true that as a Red officer I've never avoided glory.
And on the eve of the third anniversary of our revolution,
I'd like to drink a toast with you
of a little Sivash marsh water, that is if you're willing to share it.
Share it, Brigade Commander.
That's all, Comrades.
- Don't forget the brass band. - I won't forget.
- Well, how does it look? - I washed it as well as I could.
The Commandant and Station Master to report to the Front Commander!
The Commandant and Station Master to report to the Front Commander!
Get me Sevastopol! Sevastopol!
But Frunze won't play the role of the designated adversary for our maneuvers.
This is not a chess game, nor our unforgettable Tsarskoye Selo.
Period. Signed, Khludov.
Code it and send it to the Commander in Chief.
And that's how our tragedies start.
Our armored car is paralyzed.
Our armored car is limping with a stick.
No one loves us. No one.
That's why tragedies start.
That stove is smoking.
No, it's not. No smoking.
A solid hour I've waited for that train to Taganash.
What's wrong? What's wrong? What's wrong?
The stationmaster has convinced me that the ''Officer'' can't get through.
You have proved that the armored train can't get through?
Yes, sir. There is no physical way to do it.
We've sidetracked everything we can. The way out is blocked.
Then the second one is smoking.
Just a minute. Put the fire out.
It does smoke.
It seems to me, I don't know why, that you rather like the Bolsheviks.
Don't be afraid, speak to me honestly.
We all have a right to our own opinions.
You're a sly man.
Your Excellency, why these suspicions?
I haven't slept for thirty hours. I have two children, Olya and Pavlik.
An honest man, eh?
But what you need is love. Without love, you can't do anything in war.
Nobody loves me.
Send for the sappers.
Push them, sidetrack them, but in 15 minutes get it past the semaphore.
If my order's not obeyed,
the commandant shall be shot and the stationmaster hanged.
Their corpses will bear the inscription: ''Sabotage''.
Your Excellency, my children don't go to school yet.
Believe me. Olya and Pavlik.
Your Excellency...
The waltz.
Squadron, forward!
What does he think he's doing? What is he doing? Come on, move!
Warm up a little.
The combined cavalry division from Chongar defile reporting for duty.
Sit down.
Golovan, a chair.
What are you doing, Roman?
Roman, stop all this!
- Stop it! - Shut up!
You're a member of our General Staff, Your Excellency.
Shut up!
Leave the wagons here. Go to Karpov Gully and take your position there.
Yes, sir.
The wagons and the wounded will stay here. You're staying, too.
Grisha! Your Excellency!
Your Excellency, it got through.
They're coming out on Litovsky Peninsula.
Squadron, mount up! Hurray!
Halt! Halt!
Fall back! Fall back!
Come back, I say!
The music! Now! Commander's orders!
May I introduce myself?
I'm Undersecretary of Trade, Korzukhin.
What is it?
I've been delegated by the Council of Ministers to put 3 questions to you.
The first one concerns five workers
who were arrested in Simferopol. What's happened to them?
Lieutenant, present the prisoners to the Undersecretary.
- If you'll follow me. - Very kind of you.
Thank you.
Is that a satisfactory reply? The second question?
What? The second? Oh, of course.
It concerns my Ministry.
We hear that here, in this station, you're holding up vital cargo.
I beg Your Excellency to take required measures
to have these goods shipped at once to Sevastopol.
What are the goods?
It's furs for export. For use as foreign exchange.
Ah, furs for export. What train are the furs in?
Here you are.
Golovan! Have the train sidetracked, soak the goods with gas and burn them.
Yes, sir.
What is the third question?
The situation on the front.
What could it possibly be? A mess. Big guns firing.
Commander of the front has a smelly stove.
No restaurant, no girls. You could die of boredom here.
Sitting like big baboons on our behinds.
Go to Sevastopol and tell that fat bunch of cowards
that they'd better pack. The Reds will be here by dawn.
You can add that there'll not be any fur muffs for their foreign strumpets.
- Furs for export! - This is an outrage!
You can be sure that I shall inform the commander in chief.
Please do.
Roman! Hello, it's me.
- Feed her. - Take her and feed her.
Come with me, please.
Will you please come with me.
He's always in a hurry.
Last time we met on Dmitrovka, he didn't have time either.
Golovan, what's that burning?
The fur goods.
Keep away! Go away!
Where are you going?
Get out of here!
Hey, hey! What are you doing? Get away from there! Out!
Who is Roman Khludov here?
Let her through. I'm Khludov.
She's very ill.
Stand back!
We've fled from Petersburg. All the way from Petersburg.
Toward what?
Roman Khludov's protective wing.
All we hear is Khludov, Khludov...
We even see Khludov in our dreams.
Finally we have the honour to see the great general.
Sitting on a barrel.
All around him hang sacks,
every place the same sacks...
Bloodsucker! You jackal! They are coming to finish you all off!
She's a communist!
Are you out of your mind? Let go of me!
Let go! Look, she's no communist!
She's the wife of Korzukhin! She doesn't realize what she's saying.
That's good,
because when you realize what you're talking about, all you get is lies.
Wait a minute.
Furs for export.
So that scoundrel has a communist wife, eh? How lucky!
- Bring him here. - Yes, sir.
How lucky...
- Are you Paramon Ilyich Korzukhin? - That's correct.
Your wife's come from St. Petersburg to join you.
Excuse me.
Thank heaven!
I've never seen that woman before.
I don't know any Serafima... Vladimirovna.
I wasn't expecting anyone from Petersburg. She's an impostor!
- What? - An impostor?
He denies it!
This is blackmail!
An honest man, eh?
You're very lucky, Mr. Korzukhin.
Furs for export. Get out!
Take her away and question her.
Your Excellency, this is a misunderstanding.
That's right. You're a jackal!
Like it's written in books. Ajackal!
You can't win a war by hanging men.
Why have you massacred men at Perekop, you beast?
And here a woman comes along
and pities all those hanged, that's all she did.
But no one can get away from you, you grab them, and in the bag they go!
You feed on carrion!
- May I arrest him? - No.
He has expressed some very lucid opinions on war.
Go on talking, soldier.
Get a sack and a board.
- What's your name? - My name...
What's in a name? Nobody knows me. I'm Krapilin, an orderly.
But you, monster, will end up in a ditch.
Sit on your barrel for now.
No, you'll escape to Constantinople.
You're just brave enough to hang women and unarmed workers.
You're wrong, soldier.
I attacked the Chongar trenches with music! I was wounded in action.
But everybody in Russia spits on your music!
Goodbye, Your Excellency, I've said everything.
You're a bad soldier.
A good start, but a very bad end.
Hang him. I can't bear the sight of him.
Get the flag!
The flag!
Carry the flag forward!
Stand back! Clear the way!
Stand back, gentlemen! Clear the way! Stand back!
Strike up the band!
Good afternoon, gentlemen!
Good afternoon, Your Excellency!
I beg leave to present my report confidentially.
Granted! Leave us.
Twenty paces back, everyone!
Twenty paces back, everyone!
Twenty paces back, everyone!
Three hours ago the Bolsheviks took Yushun. They've entered Crimea.
- It's the end! - It's the end.
Your Holiness...
In these dark hours, the mercy of God Almighty is our only hope.
Pray for us, Your Holiness.
Where's the train for Sevastopol?
O Lord Almighty,
why do you ply your children with new trials?
Why, O Lord?
You're disturbing the Lord in vain, for He has long since abandoned us.
We couldn't do a thing. Sivash marshes dried overnight.
The Bolsheviks walked over it as if it was the floor.
Saint George seems to be mocking our army.
What are you saying?
Such a tone is unbearable. General, it appears you're very ill.
You should have gone abroad for treatment, as I advised you.
Oh, is that so!
Then who would have made your soldiers defend the Perekop Wall?
Who would have sent Charnota to Karpov Gully?
Who would have had men hanged, Your Excellency?
What are you talking about?
You must return to Sevastopol at once.
Gentlemen, the Commander in Chief is leaving us.
Strike up the band!
All aboard! All aboard!
All aboard!
Clear the way! Clear the way!
Get away from here! What's the matter with you?
Attention, gentlemen!
Dismantle the headquarters at once. Crimea has been surrendered.
Get back to your units immediately. Defend the station by all means.
I order that not a single soldier remain alive.
Born an artillery man to be,
Raised in a brigade family,
Baptized by case-shot fire,
Entwined in velvet attire.
The Guards School cadets There march and sing.
Trumpets and drums And cymbals are ringing!
Maids and laundresses, Cooks and milliners,
Bird-like nuns And noble dames,
Blondes, brunettes, Soubrettes, coquettes,
All they gaze at the marching cadets!
- Ensign! - Sir!
- Uncover the picture! - Yes, sir!
Go on, do it!
What's going on here?
Our orders are to boost morale, Colonel.
Eyes front!
Cadet officers!
Greetings, artillery cadets!
Good afternoon, sir!
In the last hours, our position,
the position of our army
and I might say, the entire strategic position of southern Russia
has been undergoing a very rapid change.
Therefore I announce to you
that we're dissolving your regiment.
We suggest that you rip off all your insignia
and then each go his own way.
Gentlemen, officers!
- But this is a betrayal. - Treason.
- What is this? - Calm down, gentlemen!
You're under arrest, Colonel!
I'll explain, briefly.
I have no time and I assure you, you haven't either.
Tell me one thing:
Whom are you trying to defend?
I'd like to know what it is you want to defend?
- Russia! - You know that Russia's against us.
What is there left?
Only the echo of our steps.
And that dust-covered emperor.
- But we have our orders! - Whose orders?
Orders of the Commander in Chief.
From the Commander in Chief? That's just what I thought.
Regiment! Fall in!
Now hear this!
The Commander in Chief has fled, shamefully abandoning us to our fate.
He fled like the lowest scoundrel and coward.
And so has the general in command of this front, Khludov.
Within hours we'll be witnessing the ultimate catastrophe.
Now listen to me, young men.
I, a career officer
who has lived through the war against the Germans,
will answer for you,
for everything.
For all of you!
So, I'm sending you home now!
Sound recall.
You may go!
Colonel, sir! I refuse to go. I'm staying with you.
As for me, sir, on behalf of the young cadets
that I misled into staging that ugly demonstration,
accept our most sincere apologies.
Apologies accepted.
A chair for the commander.
Are you all right?
My feet. A memento of the shackles.
An urgent wireless.
A message to General Wrangel, Commander of the Southern Forces.
To whom?
To General Wrangel. Don't you hear well?
Are you ready?
your army by protracted, senseless and hopeless resistance to our forces
will only succeed in prolonging this utterly useless bloodshed.
For this reason, I propose that you cease all resistance.
If you judge that this proposal is acceptable,
I declare that the Revolutionary Military Council of the Southern Front
by virtue of the powers
conferred upon it by the Central Soviet Government,
shall guarantee to all who surrender, a full pardon
of all crimes committed in connection with the civil war.
Couldn't find a chair, but I found a bed.
Thank you, Comrades. You can sit down, too, Comrade.
All right, new paragraph.
Remember that in your hands are the lives of thousands of people
who have been drawn into the fight against Soviet Russia.
Should that fair proposal be refused,
all the responsibility for senseless shedding Russian blood
will be yours.
Commander-in-Chief of the Southern Front, Mikhail Frunze.
Orderly Krapilin, Bolshevik.
Who's that?
Look, who's that man standing there?
There's no one there, Your Excellency.
You don't see anyone? Come here, sit down.
There, look. He's there.
See him?
It's Krapilin.
I'm sorry, I don't see anyone.
There's no one there, Your Excellency.
Krapilin's been hanged. He couldn't be standing there.
I must have been dreaming.
Though I wasn't asleep.
Or was I asleep?
Yes, sir, you were asleep.
Yes, you may go. Oh no, wait...
What's that?
That's a book, the Bible, Your Excellency.
Archbishop Afrikan sent it as a gift. I reported it to you.
Yes, I remember.
You know what...
I'm so bored. Read some of it aloud.
I'm sorry, Your Excellency, I never learned to read.
All right.
Listen, then.
Blind leaders of the blind.
If the blind leads the blind,
both will fall into a ditch.
Who's this about?
I'm sorry, Your Excellency, I don't know.
It's us.
It's about us.
It's about me.
If you say so, Your Excellency.
I want you to stay, Lieutenant. Don't leave.
And keep me awake.
You want to hear the...
Yes, and very loud.
Anyone... Anyone who's not blind...
Tell me who is out there? Soldier! I know you're here!
Krapilin, say something! Speak!
Speak, Krapilin! Say something!
- Yes, sir? - Were you sleeping?
I'm sorry.
Give me a towel.
Damn, crazy things in my dreams.
Did you dream when you fell asleep?
Yes, sir, I dreamed.
What about?
Sorry, Your Excellency, I dreamed about a woman.
You're a happy man, Lieutenant.
Don't you ever have any heartache, Lieutenant?
No, no heartaches.
I have only toothaches.
Get out of here! Out!
Astrakhan fur, Madame!
- Give me your bread. - No!
The finest Astrakhan fur.
Maria Konstantinovna, I couldn't sell a thing.
Careful, with all these horses. Allow me to help you. Your foot.
Oh, it came off.
I'm sure you understand how important it is for us to know the truth.
There are all kinds of nasty rumors about counter-espionage.
Actually, this organization
has a very difficult task to perform for the security of the state.
- Care for a smoke? - Thank you, I don't smoke.
- Do I frighten you? - Yes.
You must relax.
- Tell me what did you do with her? - With whom?
You must understand that this is an absurd situation.
Stop playing Mr. Privatdocent!
I'm sick and tired of that comedy. Who told you to sit down? Stand up!
You must tell nothing but the truth. If you start lying...
- Do you hear? - I have never lied.
All right, no back talk! Just answer my questions!
Sit down.
For what purpose did you enter the White Command Headquarters area?
For what purpose did the so-called Serafima Korzukhina arrive here?
I'm sure, I know it, she's really Korzukhina.
But Korzukhin said before your eyes that it's a lie.
He was lying. He was just afraid.
What was he afraid of?
Write. I'll dictate to you. It'll be easier.
But I'm warning you, if you stop I won't answer for the consequences.
Ready? ''I, the undersigned, Sergey Pavlovich Golubkov,
have under interrogation acknowledged...''
''Serafima Vladimirovna Korzukhina...''
- She's ill. - Keep on writing!
''Entered the region occupied by the armed forces of the South of Russia
to engage in Communist propaganda and join underground groups.''
Don't interrupt!
Privatdocent... And your signature.
Thank you for your honest testimony.
Gurin! Take him outside. He can go.
Skunsky! Look at this document.
What do you suppose Korzukhin will give to buy it back?
Here in the Crimea? Ten thousand dollars.
And in Constantinople, much less.
I would advise you to get Korzukhina sign a confession.
Delay Korzukhin boarding the ship for at least an hour.
What will be my share?
Gurin, catch her, damn it!
Help me! Help!
Someone help me! Hurry!
Help! Help!
Help! They're criminals!
Help! Help me! Help!
Help! Help me! Help!
Gurin, take that paper away from her!
Take that paper!
Look at what they made him write!
We demand that you evacuate the premises of counter-espionage at once!
Gurin, call the guards!
It all happened by seaside,
Where waves roll and foam,
Where you'll rarely see
A horse-drawn carriage.
Our queen played some Chopin
Under a high castle dome,
And to Chopin's soft music,
Fell in love with her a page...
Buy a house. I'll take any foreign currency, even if it's counterfeit.
Merciful Lord, this is absurd. What am I doing here?
Be quiet, Your Excellency. Let me listen.
But you'll have to admit I'm in an incredible situation.
Oh, good heavens! What a fool!
I'm Undersecretary of Trade. You'll regret this.
Oh, what an insufferable man!
Another bottle!
I'm going to the toilet. I hope you don't mind?
Semyon, show him the way.
- What are you doing here? - Waiting for the Commander in Chief.
You'll wait here until the Reds come. Onto the ship!
The Commander in Chief isn't receiving anyone.
He's waiting for you.
Thank God!
I was waiting impatiently for you.
- It's cold. - What?
How did it go?
Did everyone get away?
The cavalry had a very bad time on the way.
But generally speaking, everyone got away.
I traveled very comfortably.
Sitting quietly in the corner of a compartment.
Didn't bother anybody. Nobody bothered me.
Twilight everywhere like in a kitchen.
I'm afraid I don't understand.
When I was a boy...
Once at nightfall I went to the kitchen.
The stove.
On the stove, cockroaches.
I struck a match, and all of them scattered.
When the match went out,
I heard their feet pattering, scratching, scraping.
We're like them, scurrying in the dark.
I look and wonder where we're fleeing to?
Like cockroaches, we'll fall from the kitchen table into the bucket!
We are grateful to you
for everything you, with your great strategic talent,
did for the Crimea.
I'm not going to detain you any further.
Myself, I'm moving at once to a hotel.
Closer to the water?
If you keep forgetting your manners, I'll have you arrested.
I expected that.
My men are in the vestibule. Better not to cause a scandal. I'm popular.
No, it's not your poor health.
For a year your loathsome antics have been hiding
the hatred you feel for me.
I do hate you, it's true.
Envy? Thirst for power?
I hate you for having involved me in all this.
Where are the armies the allies were to send us?
Where's the Russian empire?
How could you start fighting them when you are powerless?
You are the cause of my illness.
But now time's up for us both.
We shall both drop into oblivion.
I shan't keep you any longer, General.
Turning out your most obedient servant?
Hello? Who's there?
The court is in session!
The court is in session!
The court is in session!
Say something, Krapilin. Say something!
Excuse me.
I was told that I could come to see you.
Everyone else is gone.
What do you want?
I came to tell you
about ghastly crimes committed in the counter-espionage services.
And the cause of those crimes is General Khludov.
That's interesting.
But you're alive, aren't you?
You haven't been hanged, have you?
So what are you complaining about?
I must say you make a good impression.
I've seen you somewhere.
If you please, state your grievances.
You ordered a woman to be arrested.
Yes, I remember now.
I remember.
So that's who you are.
But may I ask to whom did you wish to complain about me?
To the Commander in Chief.
Too late.
He's gone.
The water bucket.
Relegated to oblivion. Forever.
There's no longer anyone you can complain to about General Khludov.
Take a guard, go to counter-espionage. There's a woman I had booked there,
- Korzukhina... - Serafima Vladimirovna.
If she hasn't been shot, bring her to the palace.
What did you say?
- If you had her shot... - Try to be a man.
We'll wait.
If she's not alive, I'll kill you.
Well... it might be the easiest way out.
Sit down.
Try to understand, soldier, you got under the wheel which has ground you
and broken your bones.
It's no use following me, do you hear?
- Are you speaking to me? - What?
Who are you talking to?
Who am I talking to?
Now we'll find out.
Nobody. I'm talking to myself.
You're crazy.
Listen to me, you.
She won't come, she is no more. She's been shot.
Do me a favour, shoot.
What is she to you? Your mistress?
No. Someone I met by chance.
But I love her.
- Has she been shot? - No, sir.
- What's happened to her? - Quiet.
Why haven't you brought her here?
- Excuse me. - You can speak before him.
General Charnota burst in, removed the prisoner by force, took her away.
- Where? - Quiet! Where?
To steamship ''Vityaz''. At five it weighed anchor.
So she is alive. Your woman, Serafima, is alive.
Yes, she's alive.
Lieutenant, take the flag and embark on the ''Prelate''.
Go on!
Yes, sir.
Khludov, take me along with you to Constantinople.
Oh damn, what's it all about? Serafima, Constantinople...
We got to hurry. Everybody's already fled.
- Well? - Yes, sir.
Three coffins, the best ones, and a lacquered hearse with tassels.
What about the...
The undertaker is here, Your Excellency.
He's waiting.
- You wait, too. - Yes, sir.
All right.
Now I'm going to announce my last order to the regiment.
Soldiers and officers!
We've got nothing left, no flag, no army, no country.
I have led you along the path of lies.
It's my fault, it's my sin.
I will atone for it.
Help you God...
to survive this terrible time in Russia's history.
And the signature.
We have chosen that option of our own free will.
It's... an honour, gentlemen.
Do us a favour, my dear man.
Three men will have to be buried.
Don't worry, everything will be done first class,
notwithstanding the situation.
Where are the deceased?
Well, I'll have to explain...
You are to bury us.
- Who? - Us.
Don't worry, my dear man, we'll pay you well.
But you must do your duty honestly.
- Give him the money, Captain. - Yes, sir.
Have pity, Your Excellency. Let me go, I'm not guilty of anything.
Don't be afraid, my dear. Nobody wants to harm you.
On the contrary, you're going to earn a fortune. After all, it's yourjob.
Of course, I'll be glad to. Whom shall I have to bury?
Idiot! You will bury whoever is to be buried.
Captain, please no strong-arming.
I'm sorry, Your Excellency.
You shall bury us, my dear.
Us. These two gentlemen and myself.
I see.
I agree.
Are you out of your mind, you scoundrel?
They are unshaved. They'd better be shaved alive, or it'll be difficult.
It's none of your business. Shut up!
- Please, wait outside. - Yes, sir.
See that he does everything.
Yes, sir.
Gentlemen, perhaps any of you...
...has changed his mind?
Thank you, gentlemen.
Captain, you're reeking of vodka. Shame on you.
Let's begin.
- Second. - Third.
Captain, it's dishonest!
- What's your name? - Petka Sheglov.
End of Part One