Events manager Angela talks about her job

Uploaded by myworldofwork on 31.10.2011

Angela Gray>> My name’s Angela Gray and I work as a project executive for an event
management agency. I work as an event manager for pharmaceutical clients, so I plan and
organise medical education meetings and congresses. When you plan events there’s a lot of work
in the build-up and you can be working on an event for months and months and a lot of
it’s office-based, on paper and on conference calls. So the biggest buzz that I get is seeing
everything come together and you get to meet all the people that you’ve been liaising
with, watching the booths go up and just the buzz that’s surrounded by that, and the
friendships that you make over that time period just make the job really fun. I did lots of
different jobs as a student and whilst I was doing my A Levels, and then I studied event
management at university. During those four years I worked on various different events,
and I decided that I wanted a job that included lots of travel, and I found a company that
could offer that, I applied for a job with them, and I’ve been with them for a year
now. You need to be able to be quite thick-skinned and be able to think on your feet, and work
hard under pressure. You’re interacting with people all the time so you need to be
able to work alongside other people, that’s quite important [laughs]. The thing that helps
me most in my job is being quite laid back when you’re organising these things, because
sometimes you can have so much on your ‘to do’ list that if you can’t handle that
then ... you need to have that quality. And again, being able to work with people from
all different roles because you’re liaising with different suppliers, different clients,
and everybody’s different. So understanding what other peoples’ job roles are and how
they connect with yours is really important. I think skills-wise, just having good written
skills because you have to communicate that way a lot in this job. Sometimes you can work
for 18 hours a day every day for a week and you don’t get much sleep, and I really enjoy
my sleep [laughs] so that’s probably my least favourite part. The advice I’d give
would be to approach as many companies as you can to get work experience because you
need to go out there and look for it. People aren’t necessarily going to come to you,
so just knock on as many doors as you can, because a lot of the time being in the right
place at the right time is how you can get the work, so you have to be in the right place.
You’ve just got to keep trying, that’s the main thing that I’d suggest.