Good People in Love - Episode 4 "Left Over"

Uploaded by GoodPeopleinLove on 13.12.2011

You know you're an asshole right?
Yeah, why else would you be sitting out here with me.
You like sex with me?
Carolyn I love you in every way possible. There's no need to ask these questions.
But we have sex for other reasons?
Yes. Carolyn: Like tonight before everyone got here.
Yes. Carolyn: You didn't want to have sex with me?
Oh I'm always ready to go. But sometimes they're different motivating factors.
So you need motivation? Maxwell: That's not what I meant.
But having sex helps manage my behavior like some dog in heat.
Please don't take it to that level. I wanted this to be a beautiful night for you, is that such a problem?
I don't like feeling manipulated. Maxwell: You just don't like when I do it.
What does that mean?
You like being in control of me, of us, not the other way around.
That's just who you are. So I accept it.
For how long?
We're not gonna ruin this night for us.
I'll eat all this food by myself. It's damn good.
Glad I found me a woman that could cook.
Anyone can cook pasta.
Sorry it's just me.
Do you want me leave? Maybe you want to be alone.
No that will come soon enough. Please, come talk to me.
Anna: Aren't you glad you stayed? Sarah: Not yet, but
I'm still optimistic. Anna: Here I didn't think you were much of a drinker.
My head's perfectly clear.
Can I ask
did you always know that Beth was the one for you?
That's not an easy question to answer at this time.
It's the best time actually.
This is the moment you can easily walk away or...
this can also be the moment where you go downstairs and work things out.
Acknowledging where you are in this moment
will tell you everything you need to know about your feelings for Beth.
I haven't left yet.
I'm certainly thinking about going back downstairs but,
I'm also really pissed off and hurt.
She doesn't want to marry me.
I've had my suspicions but I figured what was the point of going into it because we couldn't get married anyway.
Marriage is just a representation of commitment
it doesn't tell you whether you really are or not.
Marriage will tell you everything you need to know about the person you married.
No Scott, it tells you a lot about yourself.
The person you marry just has a front row seat to the wreckage.
Beth are you telling me that I've always been an asshole and marriage just released the Kraken?
You, you may wanna stay single. Beth: I was married once.
No shit.
Is it the boy factor or the marriage that surprises you?
It's hard to chose.
I was young. He treated me well.
It felt good you know. I still felt like myself,
independent. I didn't have this desperate need
to be at his side every minute.
Sounds cozy. How long before he filed the divorce papera?
It was an easy decision for both of us.
And nothing's been that easy ever since.
Because you had a simple situation and you tossed it away for future complicated ones.
I didn't love him. Scott: Who cares?
I do. Everyone does. Even you.
But I bet right now you'd give anything to be rid of that desperate need.
Fantastic. My work here is done.
Maybe it's not me. Maybe she just doesn't wanna get married again.
I'd marry you.
Is that a proposal? Because it's possible I can hold you to that.
I'd like you to.
Does that bother you?
Then, I'll ask you again tomorrow.
You're committing your life to me and you haven't even kissed me yet.
Anna: How's that working for ya?
That's not the question you need to ask.
I'm gonna go downstairs.
I know.
Keeping score?
You better hope not.