Mr. Freeman Part 6 - Να φοβάστε την Ελευθερία

Uploaded by jholidis on 20.03.2010

The system controls you because You all are the same
but if everyone started to think differently...
... Then the system will not have enough hands, methods and rules to punish you all
You divided between the romance of resistance and the willingness to adapt to survive
Here I give you a punch ...
You go back, you are the last letter
But beware ...
The largest and most elusive chapter
is the strength in any condition
to stay ....
... as you are
And proudly bring your "I"
... like a flag.
And we not talking about a sense of personal importance ...
You can be Great even when you're small
I don't remember who said that.
Oh yes ... exactly ... from simple to complex
In the beginning ... wherever you can...
... Must write the "Me" with "M" capital
documents, in the letters in your articles in blogs
It's so simple.
But soon you will understand how difficult it is.
in other languages "I" is just like we said ... ("I" in English)
... For everyone else, I repeat ...
Fear ... freedom ...
... And for those who und .....