Friendship is Witchcraft - "Cherry Bomb" (7)

Uploaded by SherclopPones on 30.06.2012

Ow! My legs!
Wow, Applejack!
Watchin' you jump and throw stuff IS cheaper and more fun than summer camp!
AND more fun than college!
You remember that.
I will, sis!
After all, you're the highest-ranking officer in Ponyville!
Why, you even attached all your war medals to the barn so I would always remember!
And when the sun hits your glistenin' flank just right, you're almost as sexy as David H. Mudock, current chairman of the Dole corporation!
Now, careful, Raincloud!
Yeah... it's a mystery.
Applejack! Applejack!
Applejack! Applejack!
Everypony! My name isn't Applejack! It's Mayor Mare!
Yes, we are all here to see off Applejack as she retrieves her two free iPod nanos!
I love music.
And, Applejack has generously offered to share one of her iPods with all of Ponyville!
To distract us from the tentacle monster that continues to ravage our laser tag arena!
The music helps me forget!
Aw, shucks, I'm just doin' my part to help ignore the disaster.
As soon as that little window popped up tellin' me I won, I knew we could finally put the town's supply of headphone splitters to good use.
I promise to make Ponyville forget!
Applejack is my hero!
I don't belong in the realm of the livin'.
Send me back before it's too late!
You betcha, Granny Smith!
And remember your TRAINing!
Just terrible, Mayor!
Don't forget your roots!
That's what I did.
But now I'm finally getting back in touch with my inner gypsy.
And my magic candy told me your trip is gonna be the bomb!
Just ignore Pinkie Pie.
Eeyup. Just like always.
The Friendship Express is headed straight for your bedroom!
Tell your parents to buy one for you!
Only thirty bucks!
See ya in a dash!
Please don't leave us forever!
Don't get dis-TRACK-ted!
Puns aren't funny, Mayor.
See ya all in a week!
With a gigantic bag of iPod nanos.
And say hi to the Nigerian prince!
What? He owes me money.
Ohh, I hope Applejack shares her iPod with me first!
Hey, I called first dibs!
I know, I just want to listen to Twilight's podcast at the gym...
...without her standing there shouting at me.
Raincloud's here!
And she brought me a letter.
Gee, shouldn't we invite Raincloud to the party?
No, she'll never be one of us!
What's it say, Twilight?
I can't read!
It's from Applejack!
My dear friends,
I've been kidnapped into slavery.
There are no nanos.
Get me out of here before it's too late.
That's all there is.
...doesn't love us?
I knew she'd abandon us once she learned to write!
She's too good for us!
Knowledge is a dangerous thing.
Like Cheerilee always warned!
She must have found a better group of friends that sprung for all the extra cable channels!
How will we ever compete with Noggin, or the Hub?
Well if we can't be her friends, no one can!
We have to find Applejack.
Otherwise, the six-pony tandem bicycle I bought will look ridiculous!
Please bring back my favorite sibling!
Don't die!
Okay girls, you know the plan.
We'll locate Applejack using the sub-dermal tracking device I've implanted in all of my friends!
Once we find her, we'll present her with this totally cool friendship bracelet I made and she'll start crying and say I'm the best friend ever and she's sorry she left and she wants to come home!
And then we'll have a party and everypony will pick me up on their shoulders and carry me around and cheer!
Twilight Sparkle! Twilight Sparkle! Yaaaay!
In the meantime, I'll be our Applejack!
Let's rainbow some'a these here dashes!
That is SO something she'd say.
I hope Applejack doesn't turn out to be dead.
I can't tell you how many times my friends ditched me, but they were just dead!
This train ride is taking forever!
I tried to watch the caboose, but the train just keeps going!
I'm getting a psychic vision!
Bwlah, this is Con Junction, girls!
Unless we find Applejack in the next five seconds, I say we give up and go home.
Oh, Applejack, we found you!
Have you gained weight?
Uh, did ya'll get my...
Yes, and we were so confused!
Why would you leave? Yes, and we were so confused!
Why would you leave?
Do you hate us?
Where are the nanos?
Please, just tell us what the problem is!
Numbah Eight, are you fraternizin' with the tourists?
Yes ma'am!
Why I'm Whiplash, the owner of this here plantation.
I feared Numbah Eight might write to some'a her Ponyville friends, but I am well prepared.
I'm sure you will have a BLAST.
Aw shucks, Whiplash, you don't have to bring them into this.
Well, you brought them here!
Really now, did you think I'd teach you write with no consequences?
Now, when I saw such a strong young pony had won my contest, I knew if I had her on my staff she'd do a BANG-up job.
She knows what happens when she tries to leave.
Well, BOMB voyage.
Bomb voyage!?
Since when do you speak Latin?
Since I came here.
Whiplash is my employer now and I have to do whatever she says or else.
Now listen closely.
Tell Big Macintosh the eagle has landed in the pond and there's a bomb strapped to the eagle.
Excuse me, princess, but I think our friendship is worth more than the life of one measly eagle!
I'll be at the cherry orchard at 1600 hours.
Don't meet me there, and do NOT bring wire cutters.
I don't know what happened!
I didn't pay attention to any of that stuff!
Plan B then!
Pinkie's annoying songs!
Annoying songs!?
You told me they were endearing!
Hey Applejack!
Did you bring any wire cutters?
No, actually!
Wanna hear the song I sing to my parents?
Oh! Sorry. The song they sing to me?
Doesn't matter which one, Pinkie.
As long as it's not one of those sad ones with the deceptively happy tune.
No!                                                                                                                                               .
Make it stop, make it stop!                                                                                                         .
She won't shut up unless you come back with us!                                                                                                           .
I can't!                                                                                                      .
Alright, I know what I have to do!                                                                                                           .
Just stop the music!                                                                                                        .
Just... wait until five after one tomorrow.
Then this'll all make sense.
Sound arbitrary.
Do you Pippington promise?
When the times comes, you'll understand.
Pippington promise.
I hope Applejack didn't move our clocks back so we miss our appointment.
SO un-rainbow!
I've messed with time before!
And there haven't been any noticeable consequences.
I hope Applejack didn't move our clocks back so we miss our appointment.
SO un-rainbow!
I've messed with time before!
And there haven't been any noticeable consequences.
Wake up Applejack, sleep is for the weak!
Saddle up fellas, it's a good day to die!
She won't get away!
A smaller, flimsier two-pony cart you can both pull me in!
What the cornball?
Rainbow Smash!!
Hey! You jerks!
I'll give you a nickel to outrun them!
I'll give you a piece of string!
I'll give you two sticks of gum and a rubber band!
She's richer than us!
Applejack, you broke your Pippington promise, how could you!?
I SAID five after one, and now you five are chasin' after me!
And soon you'll understand.
I figured seein' me get blown to smithereens would be the nicest way of breakin' this to you.
Now trust me Pinkie, ya'll should stay far back, for your own good!
You know how I get about abandonment!
I'll have to do MONTHS of trust excersizes to get over this!
Rarity, catch me!
What? Why me?
Rainbow! Did you see that?
Of course! I have incredible peripherals!
Lamb chop!
Good thing this is the world's longest train.
Barbeque sauce..!
Your hopes have just been DASHED!
There! Are ya happy?
About what?
Well, just look!
Hey, look! You won the world's largest iPod nano!
And it came with a clock app!
There were never any nanos.
Whiplash forced me into slavery!
Hey, are you gonna finish eating that ticking thing?
That thing is a bomb!
And now it's too late.
When I left the junction, the self-destruct mode activated.
But I thought if I ran far enough, I could at least spare the lives of my friends.
Applejack, WE'RE your friends!
I'm Rainbow Dash!
We don't care if you won FIFTY nanos!
You're the best Apple thing of all.
Wait, are you even listenin' to what I'm sayin'?
Don't ya'll understand?
When that clock reaches zero, we're all gonna die in a fiery explosion!
Applejack, we can always find a way to fix that hole in the roof.
But if you don't come back, we'll never be able to fix the hole in our hearts.
Dear Princess Celestia,
Today I learned how to write!
Twilight suggested that I start sendin' you letters every day too!
I learned that if you put your mind to it, you can do anything!
But beware, because these gifts come with terrible consequences!
Sometimes, it's better to just know nothin' at all!
Your faithful farmer,